Saturday, May 31, 2008

My "Nessasarymakeup" Haul Arrived!!!!

Dear Nessa,

Thank you so much for helping make-up addicts like us who don't have full access to cosmetic shopping! Thanks so much for being such a sweetheart and patiently answers my queries though I know how time-consuming it is. You just don't know how much happiness and excitement I had when I opened this package. It's a mini haul! It broke my wallet, but I'm darn happy!!!!

I do appreciate this and I will be hauling from your online shop soon!! Can't wait and more powers to you!!!

1. Mac Pro Palette (15pcs e/s)
2. Mac Aquadisiac
3. Mac Sushi Flower
4. Mac Carbon
5. Mac Amber Lights
6. Mac Bright Sunshine
7. Milani Storm
8. Milani Shock

Sooooo Happy!!!! I don't need to depot as they are all from the Pro Stores and are sold in refills!!!! Love it!!! Mac Philippines, please have these refills here!!!! Please!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Your askmewhats,


  1. I'm happy for you :)

    Recently I've also purchased some beauty haul, I'll post it on my blog later on ok! :D

  2. so kakainggit! (i admit!)

    love it!! you are mega lucky!! :)
    i love all the colors.. yes, braking the bank when you purchase MAC. but what the H*ll, right? :)

  3. i love mac eyeshadows! they are my favorite. i buy the pigments but never use them. i'm not too fond of foiling my stuff!

  4. Vanessa is such a sweetheart, isn't she? I hope you're enjoying your goodies!

  5. Devi, thanks, I can't wait to see your haul post! :) Thanks for being happy for me!!! hahaha

    Shen, yes, it broke the bank but it burst my heart on happiness! hahaha

    Spankedelic, I never tried MAC Pigments, I just tried NYX and it is indeed very pigmented and colors are all great BUT! It is too messy for me and difficult..heheh and I'm lazy to foil too! *high five*

    Nilla Cookie, did you buy from Vanessa as well? She's really nice and easy to deal with :) I definitely will purchase from her soon!!! Can't wait for her online shop! *credit card says UH OH!*

  6. Hi Nikki! OMG I am so happy you got it so quickly AND in good condition! I tried to pack it as safely as I could so I was worried something might crack, but thank goodness everything arrived safe!

    Thanks again for your purchase! I am happy you like them stay sweet gorgeous and have an awesome weekend, and gosh you and your husband are CUTE!

  7. woooooooow *wipes drool* now you are hauling MAC and making me want 'em haha! yey we got Amber Lights! i am totally going to try Aquadisiac next time. me want refills too!!! i don't want to break another e/s... very traumatic! :(

  8. Nessa! I was waiting for it!!!!! And I was sooo happy when my hubby gave me a call at the office and told me that he got the notice card, and he's sooo sweet he went to the postal office right away! And you know what? They just won't give it to him as there's no authorization letter, so he has to go back home, get my ID, create his own letter and FORGED my signature (shhhhhh , hope no one from the postal office is reading this hahaha). And he got it for me!!!! I am sooooooo happy! and he helped me took shots of it and we put the colors in the palette together!!!! so sweet, thanks so much and it arrived super safe!

    Mhean, hehe I KNOW!!! Depotting is quite difficult and this is a breeze, it's all ready with magnets!!!! :D

  9. Nice Mac haul!! I have Sushi Flower, cant wait to see how you use it ^^ i bet it'll be really pretty :D

  10. I haven't used Sushi Flower yet! hahaha Actually I haven't played with it yet, i will soon! :) :) :)

  11. Are you going to do swatches on these?

  12. Hey fabuless, sure! If you want to, give me some time and I'll do the swatches for you if you wanted to :)

  13. Oooh MAC haul. Too expensive for me though. sigh :(

    Quick, reviews!!

  14. Tine, it is expensive! that's why I had to order it's cheaper compared to buying it here in Manila. Given a chance, i wouldnt' spend too much on eyeshadows..but if I want to get in the make-up industry, I have to own branded stuffs too!!! sad to say, as most clients would look into the brands rather than just talent :) I would do a review soon but I have to use it more for me to be able to do an in depth review on that! :)

  15. How did you order the MAC e/s refills? I want to order, can you please help me? How much are they compared to the MAC stores here in Manila? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Ladybug, I know what you mean, I do wish they sell the refills down here too right? But they don't...refills are sold at MAC PRO stores, and I have ms Nessa helped me purchase it and at that time, she was still selling them for her readers..but I think she stopped it already. So my advise is, if you have any friends or relatives in the US to help you purchase..that's the key! And yes it is way cheaper :)


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