Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Effects of Falsies

I never thought putting falsies to other people would be part of "my" make-up routine. But after several practice to other people and I've got a lot of "Chinese" friends, a lot of them are monolids so I am always challenged to do make-up on them that would show like they have lids :)

It takes a whole lot of practice and one sample would be Grace (yup the same Grace whom I did a major makeover to).

After her lids "kinda" showed up through make-up, I tested a falsies on her (excuse me for not curling her lashes, as this is just a trial, she's always freaked out with falsies or anything that has to do with eyes). I was super A-Amazed with the result and the difference that I took a pix of it! :)

I know a lot of people don't use do I!
But for special occasions, it really helps and can brighten up the whole look.
I love it on Grace! She loved it as well!
too bad she's on her pajamas and ready to go to bed...
She should have partied with her lovely falsies :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Grace looks gorgeous with falsies. You did an amazing job Nikki!

  2. Falsies most certainly make a difference....

    .... and that's why I don't wear them unless there's a special occasion.

    I don't want to get used to looking like something I'm not! :P

  3. Oooh they are stunning. I wish I had lashes like that normally. My boyf has amazing lashes if i had them I would exploit them every single day!

    I have only recently been able to apply them properly :) but it makes such a difference esp to the Asian eye?

  4. falsies do make a big difference! it gives the eyes extra oomph and sultry effect.

  5. me want falsies! :)

    i must agree that falsies are a dream. aileen, nessa and renren keeps me in awe how such a small object can make diff in your look. it seems you'll be one to really look out for. :) though i'm still scared to use falises (such big does eyes i have), afraid i'll look like a drag queen or a disfigured china doll. :)

    when i do get a time off, i will definitely visit you for a makeover!! :)

  6. Thanks Mafie.

    Liz, you are so righ, at times, falsies can make you look totally different :) That's why if I used a falsy on special occasion, i would use the uber soft and natural ones :)

    Row...i know what you mean....some guys have the best lashes and they don't know what women do to have the same! :)

    Moi, totally agree with you :D

    Shen, no way, drag queen look would probably be happ'nin if you're using those over exaggerating lashes, but before you come visit, let me know..i may share some good natural falsies i have and put them up to you! :) Don't worry, i'm very gentle, all my colleagues are "falsies virgin" and so far....they managed to pull the look :)

  7. I can attest to how falsies can change ones look! I'm just so lazy at putting them. :)

  8. why do mean have better lashes? *pouts* hubby has longer and thicker lashes than me
    Might try falsies when a special event is on my way. Thanks for the post dear, your model looks pretty.. falsies made her eyes stand out.

  9. The falsies really open up her eyes. Question? How many times can you use falsies before throwing them out?

  10. vi anne, same here!

    stylish mommy, i felt the same...guys really have better lashes :(

    Fabuless, you know what? When I was practicing on my friends' eyes before the photoshoot, i've used the lashes so many times and I would say, first, you really have to clean the glue, 2nd, you have to make sure not to pull the lashes as it tends to straighten and looks un-natural. So it depends...of course, if you put it on and see that it looks different on both sides, you have to throw it away :) mine would be max of 3x

  11. I think falsies mkes a gret difference.. but my bf found an article on falsies being bad for the eye and he's told me not use it since >_<


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