Friday, May 2, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Blue Fusion"

I don't feel blue, actually, I'm quite relaxed and happy...
I want to try on something blue,
something dark and light blended together...
complementary colors...
that's why I named it "blue fusion"....

Products Used ---
  • MAC Studio Fix NC35
  • Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil in No. 4
  • MAC Croquette for brows
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium (for undereye and eyeshadow base)
  • NYX single e/s in Atlantic
  • Maybelline e/s in light blue
  • Arezia e/s white (as highlighter)
  • Revlon Blush in Wine
  • Paul & Joe Facecolor 46 (as all over highlighter)
  • Smashbox Lip Tint in Peach
You lovin' the blues?
I do...
Have a great day everyone!

Your askmewhats,


  1. Pretty!

    MAC released their Naughty Nautical just yesterday. You have this look timed perfectly! ;)

  2. is hard to pull off, but you look gorgeous :)

    nice job!

  3. Her peachieness, awww...i heart you for leaving a comment :) Thanks

    Liz, :( we don't have Naughty Nautical yet...(as usual) but I'm glad i'm on a right timing :) thanks chef! *winks*

    Nanzy, thanks so much..i do appreciate it :) It is quite hard to apply as I look like I got hit by a truck (again! same with purples) but after so many trials and I look like i got hit by a MINI van..hahah that's an improvement eh? hahahah

  4. wowsie!! Anong got hit by a mini van ka jan lol. you look gorgeous sis =) that shade of blue is really nice on you. NYX e/s has nice color pay off no? hows the staying power?

  5. ROFL @ your truck comment !

    you made my day...but I have to disagree, I've seen someone after he was hit by a mini definitely don't look like that LOL

    hmm I did a blue eye back then and my friend felt sorry for me coz she thought I was suffering from a domestic violence.

    it was embarassing....

    -_-' lmao

  6. You look great with fresh eyes in that pictures! ;)

  7. Stylishmommy, yes, NYX colors are great with their color payoffs and it stays! It really does!!! I just used Concealer as base, but if I use UDPP pa, I'm sure it'll last and stay way way longer :)

    Nanzy..NO WAY!!! I have seen all your EOTDs and I LOVE it!! No truck coming right at ya there! Well, I guess it pays to really put on e/s and look at how people comment, before I got married, I got a brother who would literally laugh when there's something wrong, hahaha he's like my best comment-er :)

    Devi, thanks girl! :)

  8. This is very pretty!! great blending! the blue is just gorgeous on you :D

  9. You look very pretty in blues and i also like the lip tint on you :D.

  10. Nic Nic and Bliss my darlings, thanks so much!!! :)

  11. blue is definitely IN! *whistles In the Navy* lol! it looks fab on yah gurl! plus i love the winged liner. ;)

  12. Pretty! How do you like concealer in a jar?

  13. Moi girl, thanks (i can't whistle though so I can't join you..snifff)

    Fabuless, I am actually getting ready to post my review for NYX concealer in a jar... I"ll let you know as soon as I posted it, but for now..i would say it's FAB!!!!

  14. lovely blue look! I'm planning to get atlantic e/s in the future. how do u like it?

  15. Christiana, thanks so much for visitin :')

    Ladystarr, it is a great color, especially great if you're looking for blue smokey eyes look :) It gives out great dark bluish color and yet, easy to blend to make it go lighter :)

  16. you're rockin' the blues.. :-)

  17. blue fusion.. hmm.. parang cocktail! :) yum! :)

    i love this!! :)


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