Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tip for the Day: Bench Pure Mist Face Water

**available at Bench Stores for Php 153.00

I promised you guys that I'll be posting tips on whatever I learned on my make-up "quickie" lesson with Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy....and I will live up to my promises..just give me some time as I want to make sure I buy whatever product it is, use it for a couple of weeks before I say something about it :)

A lot of fellow bloggers I know, like sis Jheng of My Addictions would use Evian mist for her face. I would love to use them for "future" clients but for a start up make-up person like me, it would rob my wallet and bank! :) hehehe So..I'm looking for a good alternative and that would be the Bench Pure Mist Facial Water.

I don't need to break down this review for pros and cons as I can't seem to find any CON. It's really nice to spray this on the face of the person you're putting make-up on before you do a prep on her face. She will feel refreshed and of course, would feel good :) Which is really nice.

This is super difficult to purchase as it's always out of stock. It's actually located in a fridge area of Bench (which is cool). I had a hard time locating it as I always look for this in the perfume area. hehehe

Anyways, I love this, do you? This is definitely not a requirement for make-up artists...
it's just my preference...
and so far, people I put make-up on isn't complaining at all :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hi sis, is that also used to set the make up? =) thanks for the post

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Stylishmomy, sure, I will post the ingredients..within 5 minutes :D


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