Friday, May 16, 2008

Reader's Corner: On Hair Fall

to Pretty Me, hope this helps :)

Hi Nikki! i have this hair fall problem. any suggestions? My hair is too fine and I've been wishing to have it thicker. Hope you can help me regarding this matter. =)

First of all, I want to clarify I'm not a hair expert. But I can only vouch on some products I've used and I can also give a tip based on my experiences or my friends.

First of all, I want to check with you Pretty Me if your hair fall is average or not. Is it more than the usual 100-150 strands a day? (yup, i researched this is a normal hair loss rate) As I can say that as we get older, our skin, the body's largest organ loses its elasticity, so we compensate that by using creams, lotions etc.. Same with our scalp, it needed attention and most of us don't give the right amount of attention to our scalp.

There are several reasons for hair loss, aging, stress, environment can all cause to hair loss. I believe you have to pinpoint the start of your hair loss and what causes it.

I believe a lot of people will ask you to use a hair fall control shampoo. Yes that could probably help but let's go beyond that, I've read from one magazine that I've been reading several years ago about hair loss, and here are some tips that I can think of and remember:

1. Massage your scalp - I believe this can help bring greater blood flow to your scalp. Massage it on circular motion and pull some of your hair (gently). I always have this type of massage in a spa and I always ask what's the use of it, and I always get to have this explanation, a massage for your scalp for healthier scalp :)

2. Use a large tooth comb when your hair is still wet - I've been doing this for more than a decade now, I still lose like 5-10 strands of hair, but not as much as using brushes!!!! And when I say LARGE tooth, I mean as large as possible :)

3. Eat healthy - this is very important! As our diet is one huge factor for a woman to be pretty. Just think of a woman so into diet, you can see their skin gone bad and also their hair lacks luster. So drink lots of water and go have a balance diet :)

4. Do not put conditioner directly into your scalp - or any treatment as this will build up onto your scalp.

5. Use any hair strengthening shampoo or conditioner - yup, you don't have to use both together to, to aid hair strengthening. I have used both Rejoice and Pantene, both of them works for me. Buy them in sachet and give them a try before you buy the whole bottle.

My dear askmewhats readers, I'm sure you guys have your own tips!
Let's help out Pretty me and tell me what your advises and tips are :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Thanks Nikki for the effort of researching and for sharing your tips as well as from your friends. Lately, I've been applying the 1st four of your posted tips 'coz I've read them already from magazines and also advices from salon experts during my hair spas. As for your 5th tip... I'll try that. Maybe shampooing everyday is the main cause of my thinning hair and hair fall??? But I'm trying my best lately to minimize shampooing my hair. Thanks Nikki! May you continue helping others too for their concerns! =) By the way, I've added a link to your site already as Nikki for Askmewhats under my FAVE BLOGGERS. Hope you don't mind adding me too as Pretty Me. Have a blessed day ahead!

  2. no worries, i am glad you asked :) and thanks for linking me, you're already linked! Do let me know on your updates ok? thanks girl!

  3. i think you covered everything important! i was told that dying your hair and bleaching it adds volume since it blows your cuticle open on your hair strands. i had clients come and tell me, "my hair used to be so flat until i started highlighting it" i can see where they're coming from, but i wouldn't tell people to just dye/highlight their hair just for volume. but i do think that is true, since it changes the texture of your hair when you do a chemcial service! i would tell nikki to use lots of treatments and maybe invest in a volumizing spray and use a round brush for volume, especially at her roots.

  4. some good points there! im always changing my shampoo and this scalp shampoo from neutrogena, i realised i have been losing that much hair when washing compared to other shampoos!

  5. oops i mean i havent* been losing much hair compared to other shampoos.. sorry, a typo lol

  6. Spankedelic, the hair expert :) Thanks for adding up, it helps :)

    Nic Nic :) I hope this post help a lot of readers out there :) thanks


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