Saturday, May 17, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Whitestay UV Base

Before I bought this product, i was searching through the net for a good review on this product. But to my dismay, I can't seem to find an in depth review or even comment on this product. I've found several in HK websites or in Taiwan, but basically, it doesn't satisfy me. So I have to give this a go and buy!

The problem I find with this product is that most sales staffs from Maybelline (here) cannot even express to me what really is the use of this product. They can just tell me its a face sunblock! That's it! But they always make it a point to let me know that this is "used as a base before you put on your foundation" which could confuse buyer into thinking that this is a cheaper alternative of a make-up primer/base. I've used this product for a month, as a sunblock --- that's it!

Askmewhats says ---

  • cheap/affordable
  • absorbs to your skin easily
  • who doesn't love SPFs?
  • too watery
  • doesn't have good indication on what this is really intended for (well...i'm putting myself into someone who doesn't know anything about make-up.
Will I repurchase?
NO, I find Neutrogena's face sunblock works better on me

Anyone who tried this before? How'd you like it?

Your askmewhats,


  1. I've not used the Maybelline Whitestay UV Base, but I have used two tubes of the L'Oreal UV Perfect (Ultimate Protection Fluid with Mexoryl XL SPF 50/PA+++) for anti-dullness (the liquid was purple) about two years ago. I got them in Taiwan when I was visiting my parents with coupons they were handing out in front of the store. It was a tad expensive for an otc brand so lucky I got the coupons! Generally speaking, I liked it but I didn't repurchase because it made my face look much too pale (I'm already quite fair for Asian). It was also a bit too heavy but I guess that's inevitable as it had an SPF of 50.

    These days, my HG sunscreen is the Mentholatum Sun Play range. It's lightweight and water resistant. Great as a makeup base too!

  2. It definitely looks like a sunscreen. Actually, I skip the primer step. A lot of Shiseido sun protection lotion users at MUA use it as a matte base for their makeup. I've also used Sofina Perfect UV which makes my m/u even matter and controls my oilies better, and it's just a sunscreen. Primer is still necessary though for night m/u.

  3. Hmmm...yeah, i'd say that it's purpose is pretty much just limited to sunblock. I don't think it would fair too well in the priming department, but then again, that is usually a step that I skimp on (shhhh...don't tell anyone lol). I with you tho, i'm quite the fan of the Neutrogena face products as well. Even when I venture out, I still end up going right back.


  4. Hmm I've never used this before, but I think it's a makeup base and sunscreen?

  5. Liz, I know about the L'oreal UV Perfect, it is considered one of those "best drugstore sunscreen" Ohhh Mentholatum! My fave mentholatum product would be their lemon flavored lip balm :) Bought 4 when I went to Malaysia :) hehehe

    Jiejie, i sometimes get too lazy and skip on sunscreen, I never skip the moisturizing step, since I'm using the Clinique moisturizer (sad to say does not have sunscreen on it) ...aaarrrggghh I shouldn't skip sunscreen...

    Virtuous blue :) no worries, I won't tell hehe a lot of us skip that step :) and you're right neutrogena is a good brand for skincare :)

    Hi Tine , yes, it's sunscreen!!! and make up base..definitely NO primer ...hehehe


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