Saturday, May 17, 2008

Askmewhats Food Trippin' at : KXP Restaurant

The KXP New Pasta & Rice Experience is located at the Robinson's Place Ermita Mall New Wing. We walked passed by this restaurant a couple of times and we gave in, we really wanted to try something new. And here are what I ordered....

** Bacon and Mushroom Alfredo approx Php210.00

This is an okay dish, it's not a type you would go back again and again. It tastes too buttery and not too creamy for my taste. I would say it's OK. Nothing phenomenal.

** Chix n' Fries approx Php185.00

This is a disappointment for me, I love chicken and I've been a chicken eater for the longest time. The regular fry-on-your own packs from the supermarket tastes way much better. The fries are "blah" and the gravy..oh..the gravy...tastes like instant gravy. Sorry Chicken, I wanted to love you, but my taste buds says no.

Have you guys ate something that you wanted to love?
But just can't?
Happy weekend, no diet weekend to everyone ok?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Aw, sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your dining experience. I love food just as much as make up, so I like to get my money's worth in that area. Thankfully I haven't had too many bad experiences as of lately. Or maybe i'm not as picky as I thought lol


  2. sorry you didn't like the food there >_< hope you find a better restaurant this weekend :)

  3. Virtuous blue, OHHH don't get me wrong, I'm not a picky eater as well, but this one really..heheheh didn't passed our tastes :) But it's "ok" and "soso" not the YUCK one :)

    Nic Nic, no worries, I always am game for new food to try, I accept the fact that not everything we eat would satisfy us :) Have a great weekend to you dear! :)

  4. i really want to get use to ampalaya, because of all its nutrients, but i really can't. ick.

  5. aww... i'm sorry the food didn't taste good. it certainly LOOKS good. beh. LOL. also, seeing all of this made me hungry. LOL. :P

  6. Oh! I miss the food at the Robinson's Ermita! I always go for Filipino food though whenever I get the chance to do that. I'm feeling hungry now which is not a great idea as it's my bedtime already ha ha ha!

  7. Sab, I know what you mean, i feel the same for ampalaya, I just can't eat it :)

    Christiana, I'm sorry it didn't work for me too :) But it does look yummy :) There's always more food next time :) I'm sorry for making you hungry, looking at food pictures and watching food channel can give me the same effect! HUNGER!

    Gracie, ohhh Robinson's Place looks even better now with more Food Choices! Come back :)

  8. Oh, Nikki! Stop teasing me! Waaaahhhh!!! We have to go out for a meal in December! Would be nice if we could do it with Jheng and other addicts here he he he...

    I miss sinigang na hipon the most! Yummmm!

  9. OH gracie! I'm game!!!! And gracie, if you missed sinigang na hipon, wait for sinigang na CORN BEEF!!! At Sentro :) YUMMY!!! Just had it yesterday !!!! Can't wait, let us know when you'll be back, I'm game to meet up!!!Yay!

  10. Fabulous! I'll email you to arrange something. I can't wait!

    Waaahhh!!!! I'm hungry again! It's your fault sister! :P


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