Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reader's Corner: My Hair Length

My dear reader Samantha from Singapore sent me an email asking me how long my hair is and what the style is. I think it is quite hard for me to explain my hair length as it's all layered and it goes all over places! hahaha Really, you find different lengths and layers on my hair. So I just took a picture of my back just for you to see the length :) Thanks for being part of my blog dear.

By the way, it's summer, it's hot, and I'm super itching for a haircut, really!!! I've been tempted many times, I've always shorted a short do during my highschool and college years. Aaaaacccckkkk, I am so tempted to cut my hair but it took me such a long time to reach this length....haaaayyyyyy

Your "confused about hair" askmewhats,


  1. Wow! Thats some seriously long hair! :) The longest I grew mine to was about shoulder blade length. Recently, I got into a rut and chopped it off into a bob at slightly above the shoulder. I love it! :) After all hair grows! ;)

  2. wow we both have same length of hair! lol. the longest i've let it grow is until my waistline. not easy to manage but it flatters me. i hope i can sport short bobs but i will look like a siopao! hehe. i want a haircut soon too! but prolly after my rebond end of month. ;D

  3. My hair's that length too. I'm so so SO tempted to chop it all off. And give myself bangs. What to do, what to do ...? :p

  4. I think my hair is probably a bit longer. I planned to grow it out so I can have fun curling it. However, I'm still trying to get the hang of using curling iron. I really want to use flat iron in curling but it's too hard.

  5. Paris, this is the longest I've grown :) And I am so tempted to chop it off too, i know hair grows, but when I chop my hair, I would look back to my old long hair and wish I have the long version so I can have loads of fun with styling :)

    Mhean, it is true, it's not easy to manage and uses more hair products!!! Goodluck with the rebond :) Hope to see a picture of it soon! :)

    Tine,try bangs first and enjoy the change :) I can still remember your profile pix in your website and I would say it'll look good on you :) Enjoy the bangs before chopping your hair off :)

    Ohhh that's what I love about long hair, curling it! :) It takes a lot of time and effort but it pays off :)

  6. Hello Nikki, nice to meet you!
    Me too i have got a layered hair cut. Don't cut yours they are so beautiful, you could always have a chignon or a lovely pony tail, actually it's so fashionable!
    Take care.

    Alice from Italy

  7. Alice, thanks so much for the tip :)

  8. aww you u have thick long hair <3 im trying to grow into that kind of consistency! still growing my layers! >_<

  9. ohhh Nic Nic, yes it's thick but I'm losing hair! coz my hair is just too long!!! I need to cut it, i am tempted to go short again but I will be missing the long hair :) hehehe

  10. I've been wanting to cut my hair too but I'm too attached to it!

  11. My hair's been like that for a while, and my stylist chopped it off last December. Have it layered, go get some bangs, or even have it digitally permed ( so no damage can ever happen ). It's so much fun styling the hair and being all experimental! :)

    I so want to have my hair rebond but I'm losing out on the joys of using the hair iron or even getting to try the curling iron if ever :|

  12. whoa...inggit naman ako. i wish i can grow my hair that long again. i look different when i have long hair, i look some sort of a good girl hahaha...

  13. Beautytalk, same here, i'm not like this before! aaaggghhh

    Sophie, yes, I've read your post about that...I love using curling iron and flat iron! hahahah THE JOYS! hahaha that's how you call it? hahaha A true KIKAY!

    Jheng, let your hair grow! I want to see! hahaha but the short hair you're sporting looks great on you na! :)


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