Thursday, June 25, 2009

Askmewhats Version: My " I Nuovi" Face

What's Inuovi?

Inuovi means "the New" in Italian. Perfect definition as it's definitely a new professional cosmetics brand invading the world inspired by fashion, technology and life!

According to I Nuovi ---

With a worldwide presence in more than 10 countries, I NUOVI Cosmetics is the world's first Asian professional beauty line that embraces a modern and eco-friendly concept, with core values of minimalism, innovation and individualism as its foundation. We believe that everyone should be empowered with the freedom to choose their own style and thus equip them with the necessary beauty tools to make their dream a reality. That is precisely why, I NUOVI is the preferred choice for leading makeup artists and celebrities worldwide. Our Products are the fruits of intensive research and development by world renown cosmetic scientists together with leading professional makeup artists. Each and every product incorporates the most advanced technology and cutting edge raw materials and manufactured in Europe and Japan. Active ingredients have also been added to provide enhanced treatment benefits and antioxidant properties to the skin.

The first time I've seen their products are from several beauty bloggers both from Singapore and Malaysia. When I went to Hong Kong last month, I've seen their "playstation" at a SaSa store and I am impressed! (sorry for the poor ninja shot)

Thanks to I Nuovi Professional Singapore
for sending a photo of their "flagship" store
in Singapore

Now I've got the chance to try on I Nuovi Professional cosmetics, I will be creating an "I Nuovi" look first and I'll a comprehensive review on each to follow! Hope you like it!

All I Nuovi Professional Products

1. Litebase Light Diffusing Liquid Foundation 3Y
2. Blush in Lollipop
3. Dust in Moonstone
4. Colours D27 Chrome
5. Ivoluxe in Flirt

Askmewhats Diagram

Step 1:
Prior to e/s application, prime the lids with MAC Shadestick in Beigeing.

Apply I Nuovi Professional Colours D27 e/s in Chrome all over lids using a medium sized blending brush.

Step 2:
Using the same brush, apply L'oreal HIP Sassy e/s, the metallic blue one on the outer crease.

Step 3:
Using a smaller crease brush, apply NYX Morocco on the outer v to create depth, also apply on the lower lashline. BLEND WELL

Step 4:
Tightline using Makeup Forever's Aqua liner in Black and apply CS Gel Liner in True Black on the upper lashline creating a small winged effect.

Apply a white eyeliner or eyeshadow liner on the waterline to create a wide awaked look.

And you think you're done! Do not forget to curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of your choice of mascara. (thanks Grace for the Clinique High Impact Mascara)

Now you're done with your eyes :D

Fill in the brows if needed!
I've used Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2

What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face:
I Nuovi Professional Litebase
Light Diffusing Liquid Foundation in 3Y

For the Cheeks:
I Nuovi Professional Colours D36
in Lollipop

For the Lips:
I Nuovi Professional Ivoluxe
in Flirt

The foundation does create a different look! My skin has a certain glow ready for the camera! But I'm not ready yet as I'm still in my pajamies! LOL

Do check out I Nuovi professional products online
Want to wait for my review?
Holler if you want an urgent review on any of the I Nuovi products
I hope you like my look for the day! :)

Take care!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I like this look! Esp your cute eyeliner :)

  2. Very pretty, Nikki! I especially love the winged liner! I can never do such precisely on my eyes! :/

  3. So pretty!!! You look so fresh and lovely!! :D

    Your skin is so flawless!!! :D Ahaha your PJs is cute!! :D

  4. cute!!! they look great! love the look as well.

  5. Wow I love the colors in this look! So cool and sexy!!

  6. aika, thanks sistah!!! :)

    my_makeup_mania, I'm glad you like the eyeliner, I love lining my eyes!

    Jess, if you do eyelining as often as I do! I'm sure you can do it perfect in no time :D

    Jenn, thank you!!!! Hahahaha ooh girl! Let's divert the attention back to the makeup lol now I'm embarrassed with the PJ post! LOL But just so you know, it's my favorite, too comfortable!

    Jasmin, thank you!

    Fuz, hahahaha you do create hot looks yourself!

  7. I love this look. I wish that Inuovi was sold in the USA... =[

  8. Nikki dear, you never fail to awe me with your eye make-up. You can pull off even the darkest hues and still look fresh & natural! (wish I can do that)

  9. you look lovely,girl!

    as always!

  10. still as adorable as ever.

    i love the eye makeup.

    i try to avoid blue, though.. because it doesn't suit my complexion. :-(

    i envy you for that.

  11. i love the photo which u looked down! u looked as though u r only 18 and waiting for yr lover at a park. gosh

  12. Y , I do believe they sell them online all over the world!!! :)

    Neurochiq, thank you, I am very touched to read your sweet comment :)

    ~tHiAmErE~ , thanks sis!

    Liza, so nice to see you!!! I've missed you! How have you been??? Nice to see your new blog opened, can't wait to read more updates from you!!!

    Prettybeautiful hahahah thanks for your super sweet comment, thanks to you I nearly deleted the photo..I'm not comfortable posting shots like that..hahaha but it's the best angle and shot to show the eye makeup! LOL you are too creative, gosh, waiting for my man at a park..wearing pajamies!!! HAHAHHA That is a big turn on!!!!

  13. Lovely stuff they have eh? :) You look lovely too btw and I 2nd prettybeautiful's comment LOL

  14. I love it! And yes, I noticed that your skin looks different on the photo. It looks much glowing. Could it be the foundation or...??? ^^

  15. Wow- this foundation does have a very different look but I like it!! You look flawless. The blush suits you so well too. =)

  16. It really amazes me how you apply your eyeshadows. I for one don't know how. By the way, I've been reading your blog for a long time now and this is just my second time to leave a comment. ^_^

  17. this is way out, but somehow your hair look so nice! and u look like the girl next door kinda lady!

    me likey!!!!

  18. i agree. :) this face can launch a thousand ships. :) ganda!! :)

  19. i like your nyx morocco!! it's wierd that now im looking alot into blue e/s because i never used blue e/s before ^^" i guess now im curious to try. nice fotd nikki!and im looking fwd to the review :)

  20. pretty look! man you are so good with your liners!!!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE MAKE UP, NIKKI!!!! gorgeous eye make up and flawless skin! i'm loving it to the max!

  22. Paris B, hahahaha now now! You 2nd Prettybeautiful's comment? I think I needed to put a big X mark on my face! LOL I am waiting for you gals to come down Manila!!!! That's what I'm doing! LOL

    Tish, it is the foundation! :)

    Golden,thank you!!!

  23. Catherine,, than you! I didn't know there's much difference with the foundation unless taken a photo, seeing it myself, I can't tell! as it looks like I'm wearing nothing! LOL

    Golden, thank you! hahahah I'm glad you left a 2nd comment and glad to know a reader of mine! THANK YOU!!!

    Plue, you are one hell of a smart woman!!! The reason why my hair looks different is because I had a hair cut!!! LOL It's super layered and super different on what I'm used too!! You go girl for having such a good eye! :D

  24. Shen, sis!!!! You are just being so nice no! hahahhaa Kaw talaga, you know naman na I cannot launch a thousand ships! 1 nga hindi kaya eh! hehehe but thanks for brightening my Thursday!

    Yokebed, same here, I am scared of blues in the past!!! I always look like I've been punched so many times!!!! Thanks for looking forward for the reviews, will do it soon! :)

    Lulu, hahahaa I hope I can be a queen of eyelining, but there's so many good liner expert out there! but thanks for the compliment!

    Ai, you love me to the max too??? :D

  25. Gorgeous look! Your skin looks super great (:

  26. ^5 ParisB. ok nikki, if we ever go manila, make sure u wait for us at the park with tht pose ok :P

  27. e.motion in motion, now everyone's commenting on my skin! wow..this foundation really is good! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, you are challenging the wrong person! hahaha I will do the pose and wear the same pajamies and both of you PB and Xin, you're both going to be embarrassed to be seen with me!!! hahaha Don't say I didn't warn you!

  28. love it!
    everyone seems to be talking abt inovi lately hee

  29. You look lovely!! That store is huge!! :)

  30. so you did have a haircut! :D :D :D

    i need one too! my hair is so awful right now! still so short! >_<

  31. pretty look!

    I LOVE I Nuovi. They're so underrated but they have such fabulous products.

  32. You've done it again! You've managed a metallic look that is both cool and sweet!

  33. This is so pretty! Your skin looks glowy and flawless!

  34. Yumeko, hahaha really? I only saw a couple of my blogger friends blogging about it in Singapore and Malaysia! :)

    Iyah, thank you, and yes, I thought the counter I saw was huge, but in Singapore it's super HUGE!

    Plue, yes i did! let me know when you plan to have yours and what style!

    Connie, awww yes! I am seeing such wonderful makeup looks from you using their brands!

    Jamilla Camel, thank you for the compliment! Love metallic look!

    Gio, yay!! Glowy skin?? wow, I seldom manage to look good on glowy skin, I look oily! hahaha

    Linda, thank you!

  35. Very pretty. Love the silver!

  36. LOVE it! love the colors! and u blended 'em all so nicely.

  37. wow a flagship store??? we have this brand in SASA only if not mistaken. and i love the last picture!

  38. Nikki, I love love loooove that photo of you with your eyes closed. Just beautiful. And gorgeous FOTD. You have crazy liner skills!

  39. your liner looks awesome! i wish I could try these products!

  40. gahhh i love that pic of you at the end. you look so gorgeous and glowy!

  41. i love this look nikki! the blending is so nice. it's one of my faves :)

  42. i like it so wearable smokey look neat!

    luv your smile :)

  43. i love this look on you! it's very soft and pretty :D

  44. I love love love this look on you!=]

  45. Dee , thanks :)

    Aquaracer, I'm glad you like the blending! :)

    Jojoba, yes, I believe they sell it in Sasa and I didn't know they have a flagship store too! :)

    B, hahahah crazy liner skills...I am glad! hahahhaa

  46. Whit, who knows right? we may have the brand come down here!

    M, thank you! I guess the foundation does give me the glow!

    Crystal, wow, a fave??? thanks!

    Louie,yes, I can wear this during the day! And thanks for loving my smile, my mom and dad loves my smile too! hehehe

    NicNic,thanks sweetie!

    Miss Katin, thanks!

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