Friday, June 26, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Kose Collagen Essence Mask

I am in love with my dear blogger friend Yumeko's ninja photos (photos secretly shot on beauty stores)! As she's living in one of the cutest city in the world --- TOKYO!!!

I've seen a couple of a bulk paper face mask from Kose on one of her post and I mentally told myself to purchase it when given the chance. The chance was a couple of weeks ago, when I went to HongKong. I was browsing through one of a Sasa Store, much to my delight, I've seen these bulk masks.

After reading a bit of Kanji! lol I've decided to choose the Collagen one for my dry skin!

The packaging looks like wet tissue box! :) Love it!

As you remove the carton

You'll see a nice resealable packaging

all in PINK! :)

Kose Collagen Essence Mask says ---

Content: 22 sheets (260ml lotion)
Made in Japan

Askmewhats says ---

  • very nice packaging, they are color coordinated (I believe there's a yellow one with Q10, this Pink one is Collagen and there's a whitening one, I think in blue?)
  • the mask fits the face, not too big or small
  • does moisturize my face
  • has a lovely scent
  • the sheet does not tear up easily
  • because it's on a resealable package, the rest of the masks get dried easily, the mask is not as wet as those individually wrapped
  • come to think of it, you need to use this daily to see an effect, it may look cheap but overall, you pay more as this is good for less than a month
  • not available locally

I am not that addicted to face masks because I am quite lazy! But when my dry skin is bothering me, I find paper masks are a great way to "comfort" my skin. It's temporary but I find it soothing and relaxing!

The Kose mask is great for starters because they are not messy at all! The sheets are damp and not "irritatingly" wet.

I have used so many sheets in the past and based on my experience, this product doesn't leave me a strong impression, but it is nice to have around on days I want to feel special! This is definitely part of my "me" time routine every weekend. Including my home style hair spa! LOL Will tell you all about it in the future!

  • these mask are made for daily use, so try to use this daily after washing your face
  • leave for 5-10 minutes, better to close your eyes and relax
  • after removing the mask, do not wash your face but gently massage the remaining liquid on the face to penetrate
  • use moisturizer after using the mask, it'll lock in the moisture
Will I repurchase?

No, would go on finding other masks available in the market

Where can you purchase and how much?

I purchased this at Sasa Store in HongKong for less than $10.00 (approx Php400.00)
Available on ebay, just search on the name and a lot of sellers sell it for $14.00 (approx Php650) <--- free shipping

Close up on the resealable packaging

Here's a close up shot
on the mask sheet

I honestly haven't used any mask that's THE ONE!
Are there really any?
Enlighten me facial masks experts out there :P
I'm all EENT! (Eyes Ears Nose Throat) :D

Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep that smile coming and
Stay Happy!


  1. oooh.. i should've gotten this when i went to HK.. how come i didnt see this in Sasa..the packaging is so cute.. and im such a sucker for face masks..:)

    hope u can drop by my blog.. i posted my first real entry.. teehee..

  2. thanks for the awesome review- using masks daily can get super duper expensive!

  3. I feel a tenderness to sheet masks too! Love 'em :)

  4. Well, it looks totally cool. And I'm diggin' the packaging. But if it doesn't work, what's the point? *sigh* I'm still looking for a decent mask too.

  5. same thing here! i keep on forgetting to use them!

  6. oo thanks for the review, i've always been curious about this mask. It seems so economical since it's not individually packed. I agree with you, I haven't found my "the one" sheet mask either since I've got so many more to try out!

  7. This looks so cute!! :D But then again yeah, like you say methinks that the mask will dry up too soon too!! :)

    I totally adore the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating sheet masks!! They're cheap and they work beautifully!! :D

  8. Not sure if you've tried this already but putting them in the fridge will keep them moist :) And of course it'll feel awesome and refreshing when you use it.

  9. If you store your makeup wipe/mask sheets upside down, the gravity will help keep the top layer moist for the next use. Hope that helps!

  10. put a photo of YOU using it, Nikki! lol oh i'm too lazy to wear any masks at all but i might try this one if i see one. thnx for the great reviews always! and yes, of course i love you to the max, dear! :D

  11. i have tried so many and havent found THE ONE either. i wanna hear abt your hair spa story!!!

  12. I found that masks that work for me are those messy ones lolz it worths the messyness haha..
    I saw this mask in japan and so wanted to buy but I have bought so many makeups and hubby gave me one of his NO looks so yeah...I passed XD

  13. I found that masks that work for me are those messy ones lolz it worths the messyness haha..
    I saw this mask in japan and so wanted to buy but I have bought so many makeups and hubby gave me one of his NO looks so yeah...I passed XD

  14. It's on my face now... Haha.. thanks for reminding me to use it! Mm... Fuz likes Silk Whitia from Sasa.

  15. i like these masks!!
    i am glad u tried them!!

    there are a few other brands of these bulk pack kind but this one works best for me i feel

    once i get better dear..i will take more ninja photos for u!

    btw i owe u an email..i'll send it soon!!

  16. I'm a crazy whitening/brightening mask freak... my favourite is Silk Whitia and the Nivea Sparkling White ones!

    Silk Whitia makes some collagen ones which are seriously deeply hydrating. I gave them to my mother and her wrinkles looked plumped and rejuvenated! The fine lines around her nose disappeared :) You can find it at Sasa, it's not too steep

    I got a Legere White BB Aqua Mask which I've yet to try because I'm saving it for something special. It's a piece of face-shaped gel to put on my face and supposedly gets all absorbed, disappearing on the skin! I'll keep you updated :D

  17. Oooh I love these masks!! I won something similar from Chomfifi and it was fantasticcc!!! So soft on your skin :)

  18. Thank you for the detailed review! ^_^ I have never tried face masks so maybe this one is a good starter~

  19. I find the Face Shop masks very nice. Love the smell, but at $2 per mask they can get a little pricey. I have very dry, sensitive skin and the masks that I have used so far have been great and I didn't even need to use moisturizer after. But these masks are the 'wet' type. I saved the leftover liquid and reapplied with cotton swabs on another day. So it's kinda like having 2 masks for the price of one. In any case thanks for your review.

  20. a great review, i just saw them in the shops earlier, thinking about it :P

  21. They could have designed the lid resealable at least, it will sustain the moisture in the box. I kinda like the whole box thing but since seems handy than the individual sheet mask packets.

  22. Yey! we got the same Kose Mask ^^ I have been looking for a review of this but it seems like the other 2 are the more popular ones. I'm not sure of using it everyday though. I use this once a wk...and I think I'm ok up to thrice a week. Is it really OK using sheet mask every day?

    you may like my review on this too: not as awesome as yours though :P


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