Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping: Recipes

Me and my wonderful husband, Keith was game for a nice walk and shopping at the Robinson's Place Manila Midtown Ermita. It was dinner time and the food lover (aside from Make-up addict) in me wanted to try something again. We have had our times at the Recipes for 3 times now but we wanted to give other food a chance. Here's what we had...not much, but we went home happy :)

** Seafood Rice for Php 110.00

**Chicken Curry for Php 175.00 (boneless)

** Lechon Kawali with Kangkong leaves for Php 200.00

It's all good food. We enjoyed it and the servings are perfect for twos. We will definitely come back and give their other food choices a try.

Something to look out for if you want to drop by at this place ---

1. Gising-gising (vegetable dish with coconut milk)
2. Crispy tilapia (fried boneless fish)
3. General's chicken (an old time favorite of people who comes back, crispy boneless chicken)

How's your weekend?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hmmm... You've had a busy weekend aye!

    I was planning a quite weekend with my boyfriend but it didn't happen.

    Saturday, went shopping with my boyfriend and ended up at the Viviene Westwood boutique and yay!... felt in love with a gorgeous handbag! While I was feeling so disappointed that my bf stopped me from buying it, we went to a posh pub in the city and had tomato mozzarella with basil dressing open sandwich and my favourite rose wine.

    Sunday, I was still thinking about my Vivienne Westwood bag and been sneaky enough to buy it... sat in a pub for a quite drink and went to church then went to a Chinese buffet (Big Wok... sushis and tepanyaki are to die for) for dinner and went home.

    Monday, I went for an hour Shiseido facial where my favourite beauty therapist spoiled me rotten! Well, I ended up buying a couple of skin care product. After that, my boyfriend took me for lunch at Pizzahut (Our current favourite it Seafood lover on deep pan pizza. Yum!). Then went for a walk but had to go home as my 4 inches stilletos started to kill me (sigh).

    That was I've been up to Nikki! I hope you're having a great week :)

  2. Fabuless beauty, I LOVE curry as well!!! I don't get to eat curry as much but when I do, i really celebrate the curry day! hehehe

    Gracie, awww darling, I know how it felt like to want something so bad, I know I would think about everyday and I'll end up buying it anyways..hahah tel me how it goes. i do hope you get the Viviene Westwood bag soon!!!! hahaha...great to hear you've got a wonderful weekend, you're lucky you have to have your facial done :( me.. NONE :( Just a good massage :) hehehe thanks for telling me what's happenin on the other side of your world...take care sis!!!

  3. kaya and sarap may vacay sa phil because of all these food. meron din dito but wala yung ambiance ng phil kaya it's not kasing sarap.
    thanks for the visit. hope we can xlinks.
    have a great day.

  4. Hi Shimumsy, sure we can xlink, but clicking on your name, I can't seem to find your link :) Thanks for visiting :)

  5. oh maaan! this is making me hungry! i had a fab weekend, but i need to diet!


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