Thursday, June 5, 2008

MAC Face Chart for a Hot Date

Spankedelic held a very good contest for make-up enthusiast like me. I honestly, NEVER would touch a MAC face chart and even DARE touch a BLANK face chart! I did tried on "drawing" make up on a paper using pens and pencils but never with real make-up. So this challenge is really challenging to me the fact that I "hate" drawing, I never get good grades with drawing class, and I always get frustrated with it.

Funny how I kept on complaining to my hubby that it'll definitely come out wrong. (yeah yeah, I'm a complainer!) hahaha And when I started? BOY! It was fun!!!! I never expected to shut my mouth for a good 30minutes and just did the make-up. I used a regular paper and boy did I waste so much make-up on this. I need to keep on packing up colors to get the desired results. But overall, I felt so "professional" and I was grinning like a kid!
I guess putting on make-up to others really makes me happy ---- including paper! LOL we go. How will I do my make-up for a "hot date"? I would definitely emphasize my eyes and choose colors that suits me and I'll definitely put on a pinkish peach blush on my cheeks. (as I know I look good on it) LOL! Yeah yeah, I've been talking too much again..can't help we go....

Products Used ---

  • MAC NC30
  • MAC Sculpt and Shape
  • Paul & Joe Blush

  • MAC Falling Star
  • MAC Bright Sunshine
  • MAC Aquadesiac
  • MAC Coquette
  • Kate by Kanebo Liquid Liner in Dark Brown
  • The Body Shop Shimmer Pink

  • In2It lipstick

Before I end this post....what is a post without the "askmewhats" craziness? Let me create a short story for you gals...for entertainment purposes... (Caution: Could be CORNY)

Nikki went out on a hot date looking like this...

It was a successful date, Keith has to propose...
(Nikki blushes, took a bit of time, didn't want to look so easy-to-get)

What a heck, I accepted, got married
And lived happily ever after

Come on! Did I hear "aaaaawwwww"????
Out loud please?
All together!
It's actually our pillow, bought the pillow case in Thailand!
At least, it was put to use...
good use!
How's my first evah MAC face chart?

Hope the day ended with a smile :D


  1. lol =] that's so cute! the story part lol i really like your face chart too, it's gorgeous lol especially having the hints of green on the bottom lashline =] i just have a thing for green eyeshadows, i guess >.< lol

  2. thank you! that looks so pretty! you did her eyebrows well. i got my fiance to do one. lol. he's so funny. i'll have to post it up later before he sees! he was like, "don't tell anyone i did it. just put ours online and see if they know who's is who's." one's gonna be able to tell yours apart from mine. lol.

  3. awwww!! that's so sweet! i'm joining too! :)

  4. I like it! Think the colours work really well together. Would love to see you transfer it onto a real face! :P

  5. least you know how to use face charts. remember the first (and prolly the last) time i posted one? kung ano ano ginawa ko. but i think it's a good way to practice putting on makeup and coming up with color combos.

    im gonna make photocopies of the blank face chart i got online. hehehheheh

    nice work sis!

  6. the story's cute!hihihi! ^_^

    hope the bf and i are also "..lived happily ever after"


  7. Hi Erica, nice to see you here dear. And thanks for a sweet comment, I hate green shadows before, makes me look tired! It's just now I realized I can pull it off :)

    Spankedelic, I can't wait to see your fiance's face chart..i'm sure he had fun as much as I did :)

    Shen, goodluck! Join ka din!!! It is fun!!!

    Liz, hahaha I honestly thought about transferring it to my face, but I'm just too lazy and my brushes got dirty after the face chart make up! hahah maybe..someday *winks*

    Jheng, yes, I can still rememer your first and last face chart and I believe you can do it again!!!! I really enjoyed it so much (surprisingly), the only thing I hate is that I've used plain paper and I've wasted so much e/s! hahaha Literally like 10 swipes per color or more!

    Pauline Denise, I'm sure you'll live happily ever after with BF...someday..soon! need to put on a "hot date?" look too? LOL

  8. wow nikki! you even manage to make a face on a paper hot! hahaha! i love how you blend the colors! i can never to that to myself... maybe i should start with crayons huh?

    and the story! too cute for words! haha! thanks again for making me smile today nikki. hehe.

  9. That looks so good! :) I love the eyebrows, the green eyeliner on the top and bottom, and the cheeks. I see competition... haha j/k~

    I love Milani as well! :) I can't wait to see the haul of the Milani products your friend is sending you!

  10. Sab dear, awwww that's sweet of you, I'm glad I can make you smile even a bit! Cheer up sis! Be happy ! :D

    Ahleesa, aaww I can't be a competition to you!!! This is honestly the best thing I've done as I learned I knew how to do a face chart :) That's one big lesson learned! I can't wait for the Milani Haul as well!

  11. i think this is a neat contest but i believe it is uber hard! not only is paper too smooth, it's also flat! acck! but i am trying my luck... although am doubtful now that i saw your entry!

  12. That's so freakin cute!!!!

    I'm not a very a good artist..and honestly, I'm not all that great at doing my own makeup lol. So I don't know if I enter Trinh's contest yet hehe~

    Good luck!!

  13. This is a such a cool and pretty face chart :) looks very pro!!

  14. Mhean, *nudge nudge* go ahead! join the contest, nothing to lose, but just make up! hahaha Though the paper is honestly smooth, I was able to work my way on it and with your skill, i'm sure you will do even better :) Go M-H-E-A-N!!!! GO!

    Tine, you crazy Wii addict! LOL

    Gee, thanks for the goodluck, I needed it! hey, again, a brief background, I AM NOT an artist, you can ask anybody and drawing is NEVER my forte...I was able to do it, I believe ANYONE can!!! Trust me! NO JOKE!

    Nic Nic, it may look like a pro but when you look at it closely, I'm sure there are some glitches, my Face chart is PHOTOGENIC! :D

  15. Awww your story is so sweet and the colour combo you use for the face chart is fab :D

  16. LOL That's such a cute story! I love that drawing, and you did a great job with the facechart!


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