Thursday, June 5, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Lemon-y Lime" Look

Summer's almost over here in Manila, the rainy season will be coming...
So not into rainy seasons! But I'm not into summer as well hahaha
I don't like the heat,
I wasn't able to go to the beach ...
so I'm being a crybaby..
I am now prepared for the rainy days
If I can't have the sunshine..I'll bring in the sunshine!

Your's truly always have to use some props, right?
This time, I have a nice "smiley" flower for everyone
Hoping to brighten everyone's day!
I did try to have it all in yellow 'ya know LOL

Products Used
  • Bare Escentuals

  • NYX Concealer in a Jar
  • MAC e/s in Bright Sunshine - inner half of the eye
  • NYX single e/s in Kiwi - outer half of the eye
  • NYX single e/s in Mermaid Green - crease area to darken the contour
  • Kate e/s in sparkly white - for highlight
  • Stila Smudgepots in black
  • Paul & Joe Curly mascara in dark brown

  • Arezia Blush in Peach

  • Burt's Bees Lipbalm
  • Cherry Culture lipgloss
Have a bright lemon-y lime sunshiney day everyone!


  1. ultra cute as ever!

    lovin' the color combo..

    lovin' the top..

    and lovin' the sunflower! :-)

  2. laveeetttt! u know how i love the colors you used ;)

  3. awww...what a pretty look! i like the little flower bracelet. hehe. i can't wait to see your face chart! i'm gonna make my fiance do one tonight. lol. he keeps saying how he knows he can do it better than me, so i'm gonna make him do one tonight! then i'll post it up.

  4. wow! this did brighten my day. :) thanks hun! nice work!

  5. You really have such a cute smile! :) It really brightens any look you put on.

    I can't wait to see your face chart. I'll definitely keep checking to see what you do! :)

  6. Your smile and the smiley flower are Super cute ! Is it a hairband ? lol
    What color Burtsbee lip balm did you use ? It looks like having pretty good intensity !

  7. Liz, thanks , you just love me! LOL so you love all of it!

    Jheng, I know you love colors! No ned to explain hehehe I love you profile pix, I know I said it, but I want to say it again and again soo sexy!

    Sab, thanks, I hope you're feeling better and I hope I did made your day better..even a bit :D

    Ahleesa, Ooohhh..I will post it probably tomorrow! I can't wait for reactions as well coz I would really love to hear reactions as I want to improve my "craft" hahaha

    Nabi, the smiley is not a hairband, its just something you just wrap it around somewhere "like bed post..etc..". I gave it to my hubby on valentines day! hahaha YUP gave it to a man! hahaha Ohh the Burt's bees I used is just the plain lipbalm (colorless) and what gave the color is the Cherry Culture Lip Gloss, it's quite sheer with hint of red, but since my natural lipcolor is a bit dark, so it gave out intense color :D

  8. aww you're so pretty nikki.. and you have great skin what's your secret?..and yes that flower made me do this -> :D

  9. another great look! :) o my! you gotta post more of these! you're the best. the liner is applied really well!

    i do love summer, too bad its ending na.. :(

  10. Cute combination! Very wearable too. Just the colors I've been wanting to try out. I'm on the green kick lately.

  11. Spankedelic, oops just saw your post now :) Thanks, I can't wait to post it as well, I have to take a good pix of it first and post it ASAP!!! I can't wait to see your fiance's face chart as well!!! If he can do better...he get a free MAC e/s? LOL

    Nee, sweet girl, I'm starting to LOVE you for saying such positive comments :) You made my Thursday! (hahaha I hate it as it's near Friday but NOT yet Friday LOL)

    Shen, hahaha I'm glad you liked the EOTD, I kinda was hesitant to start putting on EOTD/FOTDs as I don't think I put justice to the make-up world as it always comes out very "washed out". I'm glad you liked it!! Coming from "Elle" aawww

    Jie jie, Yay! I want to see you in Greens as well! I'm sure you'll look good on it! :D

  12. oooh pretty! thanks for inspiring me. I want to do a green yellow look!

  13. i have this combo too! Simply love how the colors blend :D

  14. Definately a lemony lime look, very pretty and i love the flower accespry so cute, you definately suit yellows

  15. Very cute; I'm loving the flower! :)

    It's kind of funny because it was super hot and sunny for a few days, suddenly rained for a day, then got hot and sunny again!


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