Thursday, June 12, 2008

Romantic Pink Nails and Tip

Every princess has her own story....

Mine is plain and simple...

I painted my nails pink,

I got a wink ;)

from the man of my dreams!

Products Used ---
  • L'oreal Jet-Set Pink
  • The Face Shop in PK104
I seldom have my nails professionally done, first, I want to save up and second, I do ENJOY doing my own nails! (Surprisingly! lol)

When you plan to use a "Shimmery" nail polish, you always wonder why the polish looks really good on bottle but when used, the color isn't that vibrant? Well read on! Simple answer for you.

"Shimmery" nail polish are just like our shimmery e/s. We need a base for the e/s to show up. Same concept with the nail polish!

1. Choose a similar colored polish that can serve as a base (the color Platinum is the best!)
2. After putting on the base, swipe one coat of the Platinum color.
3. Swipe a coat of the "shimmery" nail polish (you can swipe 2x)
4. You can finish up with a top coat!

Smile and say YAY!!! Nice looking nails that are vibrant and lasts!
Do you like "pink" nail polish? If not? What color do you think looks best on your nails?

Want to see what I go through to have my nails done?
Smile and say Mani/Pedi!


  1. to answer your question, anything will crease on me if i dont use a primer first! haha, but the TBS eyeshadows aren't too bad with creasing. thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have some nail polish from The Face Shop. I like it alot. Are they cheap over there also ? I think it was only 1 dollar each in Korea.

  3. Thanks Nuts4makeup for answering the question.

    Nabi,'s about $2.00 here in Manila for TFS Nail Polish....darn $1 in Korea??? I want to go to Korea!!!

  4. wow that is really beautiful! i need to do my nails!

  5. i love the the face shop too! i have tons! my fave are the red ones. :)

  6. Yellow fever, can't wait to see your nails! I love doing nails! What's your favorite nail polish color?

    Sab, you're right, everytime I go in the face shop, I can't help but roam around the nail polish area and try on all colors! :)

  7. I think just cause it's made in Korea that's why =) They are making alot of good products as cheaper price now..I think it's kinda competition in the industry ;)

  8. i am not good with nail polish, and i always do a clumsy job. and my nails feel suffocated under the coating :(

  9. I love pink nail polishes! :) At least you've gone to see a professional... lol~ Do you believe I have never gone to a professional to do my nails? :O

    I think I'm the only Korean who doesn't own a product from The Face Shop... hehe~

  10. You're right, wherever it's made, it's going to be cheaper :) So MAC must be cheaper in Canada?

    Prettybeautiful, oohhh don't get me wrong, I'm no expert as well, if seen closely, the polish isn't even perfect LOL So you never wanted to use nail polish even clear ones?

    Alyssa, LOL only Korean who doesn't own TFS products? I think I'm the only blogger who never tried Stila Eyeshadow! LOL

  11. Actually, I might be with you on about never trying Stila eyeshadow... lol~ :X

  12. Yay! I'm not alone!!! *high five*

  13. I honestly cannot get my nails done outside. I have a phobia with bacteria. I cannot trust whoever will take care of me will really clean their tools the way I'd clean mine.

  14. Zhang zi yi is gorgeous!! I like her better than Lucy liu! But your more beautiful than both of them! :)

  15. Jijie, so sorry that you've got phobia wit bacteria. I know what you mean though, they used it to so many people's toenails and finger nails! LOL I'm just lucky the lady who does mine sanitizes her tools before using it on me :)

    Nessa!!! The Lucy Liu and Zhang Zi Yi fans will kill me for what you've said! LOL

  16. That is beautiful! I love pink nail polishes!

  17. hey nikki! where do you go to get your nails done? :)

  18. weeeh i love pink nails.but i like reds better! hehehehe..

    sis, i havent tried stila e/s too..high five!

  19. aww i love pink nails! ^^ very cute!

  20. I'm loving the pinks and other bright colours this summer and since I'm off tomorrow, I've decided to do both my manicure and pedicure (arrrgghhh!) and I'm thinking of nicking your idea and post about it as well ha ha ha!

    Catch you soon, sis!

  21. we both just got our nails done!! but i paid for mine! huhuhu! but it's ok. :) i can't do nails as good as you kasi. :) love the pink color , goes well with your fair skin. :) i got mine in black! lol!

  22. Sab *high five again* I love anything PINK!!!! What's your next favorite color?

    Jheng, ohhh red nails! I just sported red nails recently coz I'm more "mature" lol, I would never in my lifetime thought I could sport a red nail look!!! Guess I'm just getting older! LOL

    Nicnic, I guess there's a whole lot of us wanting the pink nails! But are there any nail polish color you wouldn't be CAUGHT wearing?

    Gracie girl!!! YAY! Post your nail pix!!! I would love to see it..yay i will be seeing it FINALLY! LOL and NOTE FOR YOU: I don't have nail fetish ok?

    Black nail polish? THAT..I NEVER TRIED! I may..but ....i dunno, hahaha Never really tried it LOL Well I would love to have my nails done professionally!!!! But at times, I always think of saving up the money to! LOL

  23. My favourite color for nails is Rouge noir from Chanel (Le Vernis n°18), actually i love the blue satin too.
    I use pink nail polish usually for french manicure, when strong pigmented nails aren't ok for the occasion, or if i apply some stickers on my nail (usually small flowers in white, so trendy in Italy).


  24. Alice, yes, pink is great for french manicure!!! Ooohh I can imagine the small flowers you're saying!!! It looks wonderful!!! I love love love Nail art! I usually have someone come over once a week and she literally PAINTS my nails, NO stickers and it looks perfect! She's sooo talented!!! I wanted to be like her! lol


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