Friday, June 13, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Laura Mercier Blue Sky Eyeshadow Quad

I never own any Laura Mercier products in my make-up collection. I do admit to have stalked their counters several times but I find it a bit too pricey so I always ended up walking away empty-handed wishing I have a "fairy god-mommy".

One day, I was strolling around the Rustan's beauty area AGAIN, (note: I have my usual route) and the final stop would be the Laura Mercier counter, I don't know what has gotten into me, but the sales staff asked if I needed anything, and I said "Yeah, anything on sale!" LOL <--- that's how cheap I am ! Anyways, I was surprised that the sales staff pointed out the other side of the table and they do have a couple of products separated from the rest. I walked closer and took a good look! They do have sale! What caught my eye is the Laura Mercier Limited Edition Quads (there's only 2 of them) One quad is called "Storm Cloud" which is more into neutrals and the other one is called "blue sky" which is obviously all about the blues. The price was reduced from Php1,600 to about Php950.00! (from $38 to $22). I took a good look at the 2 quads, mentally did a quick "visit" to my make-up collection and finally decided to go for the "Blue Sky" Quad! Here's my first Laura Mercier baby....I want her to have brothers and sisters LOL

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a swatch :)

Based on the swatch test, I would say it is highly pigmented and all the colors are wearable and really lovely to look at! I haven't tested it on my eyes yet with regards to it staying power and if it's crease-resistant! So you guys can wait further for me to test drive this before I give a more in-depth review.

No. 1 Black - looks black but in person, it is black but with tiny specks of blue sparkle, lovely
No. 2 Cobalt - e/s looks so much alike as my NYX Atlantic Blue :)
No. 3 Peacock Blue - is very pretty! I would use this all over my eyes alone
No. 4 Blue Shimmer - is very shimmery, I may use this together with another complimentary color , maybe put this on the lid area only to have this lovely shimmer everytime you blink ;)

See ya around my friends!
We may not have a lot of cosmetics sale here in our country,
but do not hesitate to ask the sales staff !
There's no harm in asking right?

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  1. weee...i love the colors. do they stillhave stocks? :)

  2. Ohhh I've seen many many swatched about laura mercier brand and they are pretty. I don't own any though. I'm pretty sure you will do fine on these blueish smokey makeup :D I'll be waiting *wink*

  3. I can't wait to see the eyeshadows on you. It's so pretty and I've been so into blues (trying to find one that looks good on me).

  4. Jheng, you can ask them but I believe I got the last one! :( sorry, but I believe they still have the other color! Take a look, they have sale on their foundation too!!!! But i guess in darker color (which you may use in your class!) *winks*

    Nabi, hahah don't worry I will definitely use this!!! Soon!!!!!! Do you plan to purchase one? Me I really don't, but since it's on sale..I went ahead :)

    Alyssa, I can't wait to use it as well, but looks like I'll use it first to other rather than to myself! Lol, I'll have a busy weekend putting make up on other people! :D BTW, do you know I just found out there's a couple of those bloggers out there who haven't tried on Stila e/s like us? LOL YAY!!! We have a community now! :)

  5. 'Anything on sale!' Good on you for saying that!!! ;)

  6. I remember when these quads were released. It's cool that they went on sale. Nice buy.

  7. What a deal! Lucky you. LM does seem expensive. Other than foundation and powder, I probably wouldn't get any of those. Though their mosaic powders are gorgeous and finely milled, as well as their cake liners.

  8. Beautiful, so so beautiful .... *drool* ...

  9. me love the colors! 950?? wow! i was in rustan's makati yesterday after the wedding. R was quite shocked i didn't buy anything at all! as in i went home purchase empty. hehehe! acutally, i was more surprise than he is! lol!

  10. Liz, funny and crazy for me to say it! But after all my makeup expenses? That's all I can say! LOL

    Twinkle, I never thought they would be on sale, but I guess they just want to sell everything since it's limited edition!

    JieJie, I would NEVER even think about purchasing one!!! LOL so it's my first ever, I hope they'll have more on sale though!

    Tine, *catches drool* LOL

  11. "anything on sale" LOL. That's too funny. I do that sometimes :)

    Please do some shades on you, I'd love to see how it'll look.

  12. I love the colors. Can't wait to see the eyeshadows on you

  13. Wow! You had a great bargain on that one sis! I was looking at them too in Space NK Apothecary but I don't think they'll ever gonna be on sale :)... I've already got a couple of blue quads... Gerlain and Lancome. Have fun with your new found toy sis ;)

  14. just got a LM neutral e/s and am also excited to try it out... i have only used their l/s (my red lippie) and the color payoff and staying power is great, hope it's the same in e/s. love all colors but my fave is #3! FOTD please! :D

  15. ebeautyblog, oohhh I'll surely be using them and will note it down to everyone to know it is the Laura Mercier palette. i've been quite busy going in and out of the house, didn't have the chance to test it yet LOL

    Gio, will let you know as soon as I posted it!

    Gracie, yes, it is a great bargain! And I don't plan to add on blues on my e/s collection, but the sale really...made me wanna spend more!!! uggghhh

    Mhean!!! Nice to see you back!!! *hugs* well i'll give it a try do an FOTD as soon as I can! :)

  16. Wow, that's a beautiful quad! And I'm not even into straight blues! Love love love. And the look you posted with it looks great too. :D

  17. Thanks psychoexgirlfriend! I appreciate it! :D


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