Saturday, June 14, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Fire Starter" Look

The "Fire Starter" look started when I was playing with colors I'm not used to using. I played around with it before I wash up so I'm sorry for not taking FOTD shot as I look like crap!

Here's my version, enjoy!

Products Used (eyes only)

  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
  • Lancome e/s Matte White - all over the lids
  • Mac Carbon - outer v and outer half of lashline
  • NYX single e/s in Cherry - outer 3/4 of the eye
  • Mac Bright Sunshine - lower half of lashline
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
Make-up is like a box of firecracker
If you lit one up....
You're in TROUBLE! lol
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Your eyes are on FIRE !!!!! You are so creative, I love it ,ate !! I don't know if I'm using tagalog right way lol ;)

  2. Gorgeous!!! Lit me up beibehhhh LOL

  3. hey honey. thank you for your msg. a while back i was feeling weak. i don't know if you ever read the post a few weeks ago where i was sick, dizzy, and had lost my balance. i was sick and had an earache. i was taking care of a sick baby and was in and out of the hospital, so i assumed i picked up a virus. i attributed my lost of balance and dizziness to my earache since i heard those are the symptoms. well i went to the doctor and the doctor just told me i had a respiratory infection and ear infection. they were supposed to run blood tests but didn't. so a few days after that, i went back. they took my blood and told me the results would be in after a few days. well, i live about 30 min away from my doctor (out of town) so they called my mom and told her i had anemia. my mom has it too, so all they told me was to take multi-vitamins, iron pills, and vitamin b 12 vitamins for energy. they said to eat lots of greens, fruits, and protein, like red meat. i don't know if my anemia is serious to the point where i needs REAL meds. right now i'm pretty much taking the iron pills they gave her to give me. some days i feel fine but others, i feel weak. now i'm started to bleed and i'm not on my period either =/ that's another side effect. sorry if that's too much info. hehe. but this sucks!!!!!!!

  4. wow this is really a brave color, nice attempt babe!

  5. Love the look, it's very pretty

  6. Very pretty Nikki, great blending :)

  7. nice! i can never do blending that good!! wahhh...

    by the way, tagged you here but if you don't do non-makeup tags that ok. TC

  8. Nabi sis, thanks so much!!! I am hoping my eyes would be ON FIRE! lol thanks for letting me know I served the purpose :P

    Nanzy...i'm glad it passes your standard :P

    Alyssa darling, thanks girl! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Trinh, i sent you back a reply to your site ... *hugs*

    Prettybeautiful, yes, it was a HUGE attempt on my part..never ever tried this color combination before!

    Gio, thanks girl!

    Nicnic, I'm glad i did the blending well..but to be honest? never went out! lol

    Vannie..yes you can! Practice does makes perfect! :) Thanks for the tag..i will look at it..non beauty or beauty I'm game !

  9. wow! nikki! kaw tlga super magaling na. this look is up in par with your wild look since its really near a fashion look. :) i'm soo impressed!

  10. ooh nice blending! cherry looks really good on you!

  11. great hot warm look! i envy your brows! (i still haven't had mine threaded haha)

  12. Lovin the look! makes you eyes look sexy =P

  13. The colors are blended so well! Is bright sunshine supposed to be LE?

  14. Shen, grabe! Na impressed ka? I'm sooo touched! Coming from you...the wild colors queen :P

    Lily, thanks! I didn't even know Cherry would be ok for me! I bought it but seldom uses it! Have you used it before? The NYX cherry?

    Mhean, you have a wonderful rebonded hair naman! I envy your hair so we're even :P

    Trangster, glad you're back and you're feeling better *hugs*. Thanks dear

    Jiejie, so sorry what does LE means? :(

  15. theres no standard, hun : ) you're awesome as it is! ^_^

  16. That looks so great, your liner is perfect.


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