Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Pretty Bag

My bestfriend, Hennie, who is my bestfriend since high school....
(you can see her photo by smiling and say HENNIE!)
who was also my maid-of-honor on my wedding day...
Celebrates her birthday...
She has everything! Trust me...
And it's really difficult to buy a gift for someone who just have everything...
I can't give her cosmetics, as she bought 'em all for her make-up class...
I can't buy her clothes, as she's got her closet full of clothes,
I can't buy her shoes, as it is very difficult to choose a perfect size for shoes...
So what a girl to do?
Buy 'em bag!
A girl can't have too many bags right? LOL

Here's the "bag" gift for my bestfriend, I do hope she likes much as I do...if she doesn't, I can always adopt this! LOL (joke)

How much right? Well....ff course...I am not posting the price here as she could read my post and she'll know how much this cost! LOL If interested, you can ask and I can PM you the price LOL

This bag is available at the Shangri-la mall. Spacious, lovely and affordable! LOL

This is a short post...I'll be off putting on make-up to other people today! Wish me luck!!!!

Have a great weekend again everyone!
I had a greatSaturday!
Got some Milani, Ulta and L'oreal Hip cosmetics from a friend who came back from the States! Will post them all soon!
Don't forget to smile!


  1. You always give people smile. :) I love the color of that purse. It's perfect for the summer ! I do Love big purse because I can put all the crap lol, Oh ate ! I will put my hair accessories collection pretty soon. And I'm asking you to post yours also :P

  2. Cute bag will look great for the summer. I know she will love it! =]. Tell me the price on ABB XD, lol

  3. What a cute bag! That's so sweet of you. I'm sure she'll love it

  4. aww, ur such a good friend. I'm sure she'll like it. I'm liking some of the L'oreal Hip; can't wait to see urs. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

  5. Nabi!! I'm so happy to make everyone smile everyday!!!! Sis, aawww..I will post my hair accessories soon!!! But I really have to arrange them and it takes a whole lot of time..LOL been collecting a whole lot, Maybe I need to post those that I use

    Trangster, nice to see you back :) I will put on the price to you probably on your

    Jiejie, thanks dear do you like bags/purse as well? far..I'm liking my l'oreal Hip..used it today, didn't use any base at all, so far, it stayed :) will do a more in depth review soon! :)

  6. oohh!! l'oreal hip liner! do we have it already?

    the bag screams gorgeous! i love it! :)i'm sure hennie will love it!

  7. I love the color blue!!! :) Blue is my favorite color (room is blue, car is blue, most of my clothes are blue,etc), but you wouldn't be able to tell with all my pink layouts from my blog... lol~ I'm sure your best friend will like it! :)

  8. That is such a cute bag, I'm sure she'll love it!

  9. Nice bag, Nikki! I'm sure you BFF will love it. very summery!

  10. I agree, very very cute! I love the colors, too, because I love blue :D I bet she'll love it... and if not she's crazy, you can have it! LOL. :)

  11. Shen, I am sorry, sad to say we don't have L'oreal HIP line here in the Philippines! You have to do "PABILI!"

    Alyssa, blue car..awww..that's cute! are you into dark blues or any blues?

    Gio, thanks! I'm glad you liked it!!! it helps to know people love it as much as I do, increases the chance that my bestfriend will like it too!

    Nic Nic, thanks, I have a taste in bag too right? LOL..I just need confirmation LOL and assurance...that i've got a taste..LOL

    Jennbee, i guess a lot of blue lovers here!

  12. I'm a very late bloomer. I didn't get into purses until a year ago. I only have a handful though and no HE ones.


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