Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: DURI

Duri is a lovely Korean Restaurant located at the first floor of the Robinson's Galleria Mall. My husband and I last ate here when we were bf and gf then! What we love about this restaurant is their affordability and their quality of food. I wouldn't say it's the BEST Korean restaurant, but if you're in a mall, and you're craving for good, "non fastfood" Korean dish? This is a lovely place to be!!!

Just take a look how nice the ambience is...for most of the times we ate here, there's not a whole lot of customers, I guess one reason is because they are closely located to those great Filipino, Italian and Mexican restaurant and not a lot of people would even take a second look at this restaurant as you would think the dishes here are expensive! SO NOT TRUE!

Let's start with how it looks like....

What I love here is their decors, I love how their cooking area is elevated, the food staffs are all great and food are served quite fast...well..considering we're the only customer at that their defense, 30 minutes after we sat down, a couple of customers are coming in.

My hubby's favorite, the BENTO Box,
(sorry I can't remember the name and I lost the receipt!)
this cost Php180.00 (approx $4.00)

This is my order, the Seafood Ramen
Cost Php130.00 (approx $3.00)
To be honest, their noodles is like from a pack of instant noodle, texture wise, but I'm not fretting at all because the noodles is packed with shrimps, squid and some other seafood I don't know...LOL Yummoooo!!!

And their Kimchee.....the right kind of kimchee taste, not too strong and not too salty, JUST RIGHT!!!! For the first time in a Korean restaurant, I finished this free Kimchee serving!

May I also add that their house tea tastes great as well! We had our full meal for less than Php500 (Less than $11.00). Who said dining has to be expensive???

I still have my best Korean Restaurant in my taste in mind.... But it's located quite far... When I have the chance to go back there, you'll see it here for sure! How's everyone? Had any tasty dish lately?


  1. I'm not kidding at all, when I saw the sign it says "Duri", I had this idea in my head that it might be korean restaurant. Damn, it's so cheap over there. You made me drool lol actually I had korean food take-out yesterday. I had kimchi-stew and my bf had spicy pork bulgogi and it was total $19.75 after tax. It comes with rice and like 6 different kinds of side dish. I never seen that kind of noodle though it must be fusion food. :) It looks yummy !!

  2. aww that so sweet to go back to a place when you and your husband were dating! it def not about the money, but more of the atmosphere :)

  3. For $11, it's not bad at all!

    I made kimchi stew with rice cake for dinner tonight. Yum!

  4. again, you are a major danger to my diet! :) Duri indeed spells y-u-m-m-o! i'm getting hungier! i love korean food!

  5. this is what i miss about the phils. cheap good food!

  6. aarrgggh nikki! this is torture! now i'm hungry! hahahah.

  7. Nabi, what does Duri mean in Korean Language? Is there a meaning at all? Hmm hmm.. I love korean food!!!

    Nicnic, you are so right, when it comes to food, I'm not a "fine dining" gal, I would go for any place that makes me feel good and food is great!

    Liz, I hate it when you make something!!! I am so jealous! I just wanted to be your neighbor...LOL --- don't worry, i'm the NON-noisy one! lol

    Shen, hehehe I am not a danger to your diet, you are a danger to my wallet! lol..

    Anne, true, food here in the Philippines are cheap and yummy! I can name one...JOLLIBEE! lol

    Sab, so sorry, you can just close the browser right away, lol..or i should go.."attention: food posts, don't open if you get hungry easily" will that helps? lol

  8. Duri means like, two, together. It depends on how you use ;) I'm glad you recalled your memory with your hubby :D

  9. aww, that's sweet, so that hubby and i dined "Duri" lol together! LOL i am sure Koreans who can read this will kill me for ruining their language!! *sorry* I LOVE LOVE LOVE korean food, now i'm craving! But I'll be going home to my mom's home tonight!!! To eat some warm "momma's dish" can't wait! LOL How's your day? Monday here is super tiring for me!

  10. It's like 4:20 am here. I just finished my projects, homework, quiz, internet homework awwwww It's weekend but I couldn't really relax like I wanted. Always one after another. Now, I'm about to go to bed and ready for another week. ewwwww Have a great day , ate !

  11. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how cheap the food are! Great idea for December, don't you think?


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