Monday, June 16, 2008

The Haul that I've been Waiting For....

My friend Jals from high school knew about my love for make-up as a profession.
She knows I needed a lot of make-up (good quality at its affordable price)
She offered to go to ULTA to help me buy some stuffs I would love...
Her mom arrived and I got these!!!!
Too bad not much Milani eyeshadows are available that time, she had to go to Walgreens for that.
She bought me a couple of Ulta eyeshadows, it's way bigger than Milani and the pigmentation is as good!!!
L'oreal HIP, come to mama....

Here's my lovely loot! 4 Ulta eyeshadows, 2 L'oreal Hip eyeshadow duo 1 L'oreal Hip Cream, 2 Milani Eyeshadows

At a closer look 1. Deep Sea 2. Aquamarine 3. Lilac Mist 4. Luna

My lovely Milani!!! (I really wish they have more colors)

the 2 L'oreal Hip e/s duo. I chose the shades that I don't have

I've read a lot of this in comparison to MAC

I know I know,


Coming up soon!!!
Just smile and wait!.....patiently! lol


  1. Oooooh the HIP :p Too bad we don't have that here :(

  2. YAY! Another haul! You will fall in love Sun Goddess! I love mine to bits! I got mine as a little gift from Aileen (ShadesOfU) :)

  3. oh wow.....WHAT A HAUL, woman !


    enjoy your HiP :) I've never tried those shade but they look so pretty from the pic.

  4. LOL but sadly there's no ULTA in Hawai'i. HA !!!

    so don't hate me that much hahaahahahah jk maybe if I go to mainland I'll check them out ^^

  5. yesss I depotted my NYX and other single eyeshadow, arrange them according to the color family so I can carry them around without any hassle hehehe

    the one on the pic is actually the 'candy' color palettes ^__^ Elf quad is so cheap, might as well, ay?

  6. yeah it's one dollar in here, but I had to order online since Elf is not available on stores... :( see? Hawaii is not that great LOL jk DONT HATE MEEEEEH

  7. hahaha blush queen! thanx Nik :) no they don't ship free to Hawai'i :( booooo in fact sometimes we got the more expensive shipping cost if the company don't provide the usual flat rate. talking abt islands lol

  8. bahahaahaha oh oh i have a story, one time I was stopped by airport security during the bag scanning time, he was lyk "Mam, you are carrying a scissor! Didn't you see the picture down at the alley that scissors are prohibited?"

    I was pretty sure I had no scissors anywhere in my bag but the guy was so persistent, very he opened my suit case and grab a small bag where he saw the 'scissor' on his screen.

    And he went "There it is!" while he opened the bag. I swore I must have heard some "A-ha !!!" inside him LOL and guess what???

    it is an eyelash curler.


    I've never seen a guy face so red.

  9. ewww he did??? oh well, hahahah I hate having to deal with them, i mean i know there are rules but sometimes they can be very rude, ya know?
    btw people here might think I'm crazy, having a monologue or too @ my blog LOL

  10. Tine, before we start, we don't have it here! so it's such a bummer as well and now that I've tried it and loving it!!!!

    PHoebe ann, oohhh sun goddess is great! but I felt bad buying Mac's Amber lights! gosh! it's almost identical, I'll show it in my next swatch post!!! aacck I love it and its way cheaper than MAC ! LOL

    Nanzy, you are crazy! LOL guys, I'm NOT chatting with nanzy, she's just crazy talking to herself! LOL (joke girl!) the blush queen might explode! LOL PEACE girl!

  11. I have Amber Lights too! I use Sun Goddess on a daily basis and Amber Lights on date nights ;)

  12. Phoebe ann, that is a great idea! thanks so much!!!! The first time I saw the similarity, I was like.."awwww, I should just save up and buy Milani" but when I've used it on my make-up gig, amber lights really ROCKED on! :) thanks girl!

  13. The colors of the L'oreal Hip eyeshadows are pretty! :) I have never seen Foxy sold where I am at. I've also wanted the Sun Goddess eyeshadow from Milani but I could never find it. I can't wait to see your FOTD or EOTD. :)

  14. Ha ha ha! Is this what you call a 'no buy period' sis Nikki? I'd like to see when you're in buying mood! :)... Jheng had been telling me about Milani. Are they really good?

  15. Great haul! Let us know how L'Oreal Paints work! I'm been debating between buying that or L'Oreal Decreaser.

  16. nice haul, i'd love to try on some L'oreal Hip collection!

  17. Alyssa, I'll definitely use them soon! just not enough time these past few days! :) I'm sure you guys have foxy, i think they just call it sometimes using different names, confusing!

    Gracie, no buying mode me now! pramis!!!! I ordered them before the no buying mode :) Yes MILANI is super good! Really good!

    Fabu-less, I'll definitely do an in-depth review on the L'oreal Hip paint, I am test driving it for a week or so! :)

    NicNic, I am loving L'oreal Hip collection and hating that we don't have it available locally!


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