Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Step-by-Step Guide on using a Hair Clip

Mirror mirror on the table...
who is the fairest of them all?
"not you"
cause your hair's a total mess!

The way you style your hair, can either make you a goddess or a witch. I truly acknowledge styling the hair is as important as putting on makeup. It can either make or break your look.

First of all, let me clarify that I'm not claiming to be a "hair expert", what you'll be hearing from me are from my own experiences and ideas as I've been through years of struggling with my own hair, so this could work for me but not to others (I do hope it works for everyone though)

I got this beautiful clip as a gift from my students when I was teaching in China. It was 4 years ago and I didn't know what to do with it so I kept it for a while. It came up to a time that I just want to conquer this and so far, I was able to use this without any rubber bands , hair pins or even clips!

Here's how it looks like...thanks again to my wonderful student from ZFU for giving me this as a gift. Scroll down and you'll see the "Askmewhats version" of the step-by-step guide.
Smile and Enjoy!

Step 1: Start off by coming your hair well

Step 2: Hold onto your hair and slowly twist it while pulling your hair clockwise

Step 3 : Twist while forming a bun

Step 4: Twist more, not letting go
(make sure to support your hair)

Step 5: Continue to twist until you form a "mini bun"

Step 5: Hold onto the last end and pull it out a bit to tighten the hair

Step 7: Clip the hair with the big clip
making sure all areas are covered

This will be how it looks like!
May look a bit messy, but it stays

Here's how the side looks like

And...the other side (yup cam-whoring even sideview) LOL

If you will be attending a more formal affair make sure to note down the following:
  • Spray on leave-on conditioner or any hair products that would soften your hair
  • Loosely tie a coated elastic band and create a low pony-tail
  • Do all the "twisting" steps
  • After everything was done, spray on hair-spray all over your hair and slightly comb your hair so that small hairs won't show up
This is such a long post right?
But just for you guys to know, I still have the bun right intact!
This will look great on those "bad hair" days and you just want your hair neatly pulled up!

Smile and be happy and be "Bun-tiful!"


  1. Hey there :D Pretty hair clip you got ! I love hair clips too haha I will have to post about my hairclip too :D We got something in common. I always used to twist hair like that and I found out how to fix it too tight, but, the thing is I got too much hair :/

  2. Yes Nabi, do post about your hairclips, I'm sure I'll drool on it :D You have lots of hair? Lucky you? A lot of people would die for thicker hair! :) You need to use a rubber band then :)

  3. hi nikki! i love the hair clip! where did you get it? :)

  4. hi! i just started my beauty blog and i added a link to your blog :) i hope you dont mind! :)

  5. Sab dear, it was a gift to me by my students. But I believe they sell it here at Greenhills or even at Glorietta (those shops that sells wonderful looking clips and earrings? the shiny crystal ones?) I believe a lot of them are Korean made, some are China made :)

    Irene, thanks for the visit, sure!

  6. oh, I have a bunch of those hair clips from my sister but never know what to do with them. Heheheh thanks to you, I know what to do with them.

  7. I had one of those clips before and never really quite knew how to use it. Now I do!

    I love hair clips. I'm always tying my hair back, whether in a chignon or a upward twist, and I almost always use a hair clip. I'm a big fan of butterfly clips as they do the trick most of the time.

  8. That's a cute clip! You should share your tips, your readers aren't all experts, ie: me. I just flat iron mine cos it's so unmanageable.

  9. your hair looks great Nik!:) ehehe i miss having to do that to my hair...

  10. Nicnic, have you ever used these types of clips?

    Ebeautyblog, I'm glad my guide helped even a bit! Lol, I know how it is to "want to use" the item so much but it just won't work on you! Let me know how it goes and you may even show us a photo of you with the hair clip :D

    Liz..oohh!!! Me too! I'm a big big fan of butterfly clips and before I even got addicted to makeup, I was originally addicted to hair accessories (I know you are too!) lol

    Jiejie, definitely! I'm on for sharing tips..I always do! Do you have any hair tips to share?

    Vannie! I want the length of your hair! But I chickened out and had my hair "trimmed" instead of cut short! hehehe

  11. That's a very pretty clip! I never know what to do with that kind of clips, now I do, thanks!

  12. Thanks for the demonstration. I'll have to try this look since I have so many hair clips like this.

  13. i wish i can grow my hair that long so i can make use of those clips that my silly sister gave me last xmas. she knows that i have really short hair and yet she insisted on giving me two of those clips to me. i bet she just ran out of ideas what to give. hahaha

  14. You're hair looks so healthy! :) I have hair clips like those. I should use it since it's the summer, hot weather... bleh~

  15. Gio, thanks for visiting and I'm glad to be of service *winks*

    Beautylane, indeed, it is a demonstration right? LOL How'd you usually use these types of hairclips? I'm sure there's a lot of other ways out there!

    Jheng! aww, that's cute of your sister! I know how hard it is to look for a perfect gift for someone who has everything she wanted..well "almost everything" lol..maybe she can't afford makeup pa!!! Kaw kc eh!!!

    Alyssa, thanks so much for saying my hair looks healthy , my hair thanks you dearly! :P Ohhh..I know how it is to have your hair down during the hot weather..ULK!!! Not good!

  16. Guys never know it is not easy to maintain the beautiful long hair as like what guys think

  17. You look like Zhang Zi Yi ready to fight crime! I love it!

  18. These will look great on my "bad hair" days. Thanks to your easy and simple step-by-step demonstration. I like your hair clip.

  19. earnpin, so true

    Vanessa, hahaha thanks! Zhang Zi Yi is so cute!

    Baby bows, so true!!!! I use this step for bad hair day!


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