Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Sparkly Black" Look

One "small-eye" shot a day....
Drives the "big eye" away! LOL

I tried another dark eye look and I came up using silvery shadows as base
Putting on very dark e/s on the lid and blending it well...
Then top it off with a sparkly e/s and the whole look would be... "Sparkly Black"

Party on ladies!Go wild 'n crazy!
It's your time to shine!

Dance like there's no tomorrow!

Sing like no one's around!

Want to check out a "regular/non sparkly" black look?
Smile and say Octopus Ink!


  1. The smokey eye look looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful!!! :)

  2. wow...nagdadark-e/s na sha..i want to see more! ;)
    nice work sis...kipitup! kipitup!

  3. That's a beautiful look! And I spy a new header :) Very pretty.

  4. Woot ! I have a hairpin that looks alike yours :D We got some common huh ?

  5. Ahleesa, thanks girl!!! that's a good boost for me to really be comfortable with stronger colors

    Jheng, yup, kelangan, I can't always be on the safe side especially in the "makeup world" LOL

    Parisb, thanks girl for visiting, yes, your spying effort is correct! I've changed my banner and thanks to my hubby for that :P

    Nabi, we definitely have a lot of things in common, we can always start with the earrings LOL

  6. I just came across your page and I really like this look. It looks gorgeous on you!

  7. wow nikki!! this is nice! the look is great for a party.. which i think i'm going to be borrowing. hahaha! problem is i don't have black e/s.. guess i hafta buy one now huh?

  8. Sab, thanks for the comment, what about black eyeliner? Do you have it? Pencil eyeliner? You can smudge it til you create a smokey effect :) Or any dark eyeshadow, dark blue, dark green, you can create the same look with different colors :) YAY!!! Take a picture of yourself Sab if you are doing this look!

  9. this smokey look really compliments your eyes. :) super pretty! is hubby using his 400D na? the pic looks great! :) i love the witty/quirky poems you have on your posts. :)

  10. Ms. Gorgeous Hair Shen, yes, hubby is using the Canon40d na but I had to reduce the quality so it's not as vibrant as "raw file" but its ok na din!!! :D Thanks gorgeous for the compliment! And I don't think of it as a "poem" at all, real poets may sue me (please don't)...this is just for fun..i don't want to be in jaaaaiiilll...nooooooo!!!!!! LOL

  11. this is really pretty Nikki! i love how you made it so soft-looking and not too dramatic, so you can wear this any time :)

  12. This is a beautiful look. And it looks gorgeous on you!

  13. you are too cute!! daily beauty motivational quotes! i like this look ;)

  14. NicNic, yeah, I don't look good really on VERY loud and strong colors unlike our fellow bloggers *envious* I really can't pull it off I guess it has to do with my personality and my skin color! I dunno! LOL but i'm glad to be able to use dark colors still on a more subtle way :D thanks nicnic for the compliment do appreciate it!

    Gio, thanks girl! Nice of you to come to my blog and I'm happy to have found yours :)

    Yummy411!Girl!!! You know that my daily quotes are just C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I'm glad someone appreciate it..someone..equally crazy?? LOL Joking my dear!

  15. love it.. !

    you look like an adorable rockstar! :-)

  16. thanks for the heads up! I'm always looking for a true black eyeshadow. Most black eyeshadows have strong blue undertones that I don't like. But this would be after my no-buy period!

  17. so beautiful! your blog is fantastic!

  18. Beautylane, thanks so much for dropping by my blog..hope to see more of you soon!

    Liz, aaww..me a rockstar??? I would NEVER think i could pass as a rockstar! LOL, but I'm so happy!!! Coming from you! "Nikki the Rockstar YEAH!"

    Fabuless, yes...after your no-buy period! :) I'm sure you have enough to be able to create your own looks! :)

    Beautytalk, Thanks dear.

    Yellow Fever, ditto! I enjoyed your blog too! Thanks for visiting see you around.

  19. This is a lovely smokey-eye look. Not too dramatic, but still hot :p


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