Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sumosam

Sumosam is a Japanese restaurant owned by the actor Mr. Marvin Agustin and partners. I would say this is one of the BEST Japanese restaurant (in my taste) for good quality Japanese food and it's affordable price!

I've had my dinner here for more than 10x I would say because this restaurant is located at the Shangri-La mall which is near my workplace. The hubby and I would have our dinner here at times after work. You would say I'm not the only one enjoying the food as you can see lines of people waiting and you can sometimes see some actors and actresses dining here as well.

Here's what I had (take note, I always order different dish each time I visit this place)

Tuna Salad Role (Php169.00/approx $4.00)
The tuna is indeed super fresh and the combination of fresh tuna and mayonnaise really makes my mouth water!!!!

Tofu Chop Chop! (Php198.00/approx $5.00)
I LOVE tofu!!! Really, any restaurant I go that serves tofu, I'll definitely order. What I love about these tofu is that they are not the usual "soft" tofu kind that would break when you use a chopstick. They used hard tofu with crunchy exterior and a sauce that is oh so yummy! It's just perfect!

Pork & Chili Soba (Php228.00/approx $5.50)
I've tried all their noodle dish and this one is my favorite! First, because it says "chili" and second because they have enough pork, seafood and vegetables and mixed together with 2 eggs? Heaven!

And may I say I am always into TEA? This restaurant serves the best house tea!!! It has this raspberry taste. And I can down the whole POT! Promise! lol and look at just how cute the teapot is? Who can resist?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a great one! Celebrated early for Father's Day as I will have a busy weekend next week with make-up! (YAY) Be beautiful and eat well!


  1. nikki! you making me hungry! hahaha. i wish there's a branch here in makati! i love japanese food!

  2. what a coincidence! i had tonnes of jap food over the weekend too! :D

  3. I'm so full, but the pictures of the foods are making me water. :)~

  4. sorry about the photos making you gals hungry..I am hungry too! LOL

  5. yummm.... it makes me hungry but i LOVE food pron. ^_^

  6. waahh!! you are sooo bad! i'm hungier na tuloy. i did not eat since my rebonding started except for a few bites. i wanted to sleep na kaso tong blog mo.. making me crave for tempura! huhuhu!

  7. Sumosam is the best for me! They committed to high quality and provide great value for money! Aside from Sumosam Shangri-La, there is also the Rockwell branch which has great ambiance!

  8. Sumosam is the my benchmark for young and awesome Japanese concept in the country!!!

  9. Sorry sis shen, didn't mean to make you hungry!!!! But at least..hungry or not you look beautiful with your newly rebonded hair :)

    Anonymous..looks like I've found a Sumosam addict as well :)

  10. i LOVE seeing your food posts. they always make me so hungry. LOL. :)


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