Sunday, June 8, 2008

Readers' Corner: Products I Wish We Have Here

Read ye! Read ye!

"If a make-up "god" sent you an email..asking you to create a list of cosmetics in which you would want it to be easily accessible in your country, what's your list?"

Your Askmewhats didn't have a hard time making the list! (I typed it all down in less than 5 minutes!). Since I started beauty blogging and beauty reading. A lot of beauty bloggers like I am have been doing a lot of product reviews and recommendations that pushed me to the "lemming" limit --- you gals know who you are! Tsk tsk tsk. But I ain't complaining at all, I'm actually thankful as it's helpful for me to create my own make-up stash and make sure I buy the best quality product at it's best price!

Here's my list...I tried to trim it down as the "makeup GOD" might complain! LOL

1. NYX Products

NYX was well known to the Youtube world and bloggers world. High-end brand users vouch for the good quality of NYX eyeshadows and the lovely colors of NYX Round Lipstick! The good thing about NYX round lipstick is that they have a wide range of color selection for only 99 cents! Who can go wrong with it?

I am a proud user of NYX concealer in a Jar and NYX singles e/s and I can say they are indeed of good quality! I would definitely re-purchase but shipping killing me!

2. Milani Eyeshadows

Nessa of nessasarrymakeup vouched on the quality of these eyeshadows! The good thing about them ? They fit the MAC pro palette! Though their color range isn't as wide as NYX, Milani is highly pigmented and the colors are definitely intense!!!

I currently own Shock and Storm and I want MORE!

3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I've seen reviews, comparisons between the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Urban Decay Potion Primer (UDPP). The Too Faced Shadow Insurance seems to have its own group of I want to keep my hands on them and give this a try!

4. UDPP (urban decay primer potion)

I never even know there's such thing as "eye primer" since I heard about UDPP! I always hated putting on e/s because I hate creasing and I hate messy make-up. UDPP literally made me "salivate" big time! I own 2 UDPP and I'm lucky enough to have found an ebay seller who's super nice and I would say sold it in an affordable shipping rate! I plan ahead, I still have UDPP, but I want them here..before I used up my 2 genie bottle!

5. L'oreal Hip Duo Eyeshadow

We have L'oreal here but I just don't get it why they don't include the HIP Line! I would say I have tried L'oreal e/s here but it isn't pigmented at all!!!! My aunt from Canada gave me a regular L'oreal Duo e/s and it's super pigmented and colors are great! What's wrong with our L'oreal here? Anyways, HIP line, I want you...come to momma!

6. All Stila products!!!

If you're a reader of my blog, you would see that most of my EOTDs, I've used eyeliner and I've always used my Stila Smudgepots Gel in Black to do the "winged" look and it never fails me!!! I'd say a lot of readers are recommending MAC fluidline to me, I will promise! But after I finish up my Stila, just for your information, I bought Stila first instead of MAC fluidline because it is (surprisingly) cheaper compared to MAC. (for reference, I bought them online at the Strawberrynet site)

I wanted to try Stila's e/s as well. I've seen enough of videos wherein beauty gurus would use Stila and I would "want them" and can't have them!

Stila, I love you...come here! :P

Did I missed any?
Please don't be shy and help me add the list up :)
Shen, dear, I know you're nodding right now wanting to add up the Ben Nye e/s set!
You don't have to be from the Philippines,...
Askmewhats asks YOU...
"What are the products/brands you would LOVE to have in your country?"
I can't wait to know!


  1. Mmmm Stila is awesome!!! I'm constantly checking beautycrunch for updates cuz I can't splurge on paying their full price LOL xD I love your new banner :)

  2. hahah am I one of those biznatch who got you into trouble, Nik? :D

    oh well, I have to say reading blogs are extremely dangerous for a girl with weak heart and a hole in a wallet (thats me), my UDPP ran out, now I'm in search for a good base without having to spend a fortune. I'm excited to try L'oreal De-crease : )

    HiP line is pretty good, you shd get Showy and Brazen if you ever got a chance to buy the duo : )

    ..and don't get me start with NYX Round Lipstick LOL

  3. Is shipping fee expensive from US to Philippines ? Yeah HIP eyeshadow is very pigmented, I vote for NYX, I do want to try their single eyeshadow especially chrome one. I own some NYX trio eyeshadow but I would like to get some more !! We always need more makeup don't we ? :)

  4. thanks for sharing..:-)

    i wish we had Urban Decay here in Singapore too. :-(

  5. Ohhh Lurve, I've been checking BeautyCrunch too!!!! But that's just all --- Checking! Thanks for the compliment on my banner, hubby did it for me!!! LOL Can't believe he's more woman than I am (ssshhhhh, I hope he doesn't read this)...if he did..."LOVE YOU HONEY!" LOL

    Nanzy, yes yes yes! You're one big troublemaker!!! All of you! who are on my list!!!! Let me know Nanzy how L'oreal De-crease is, I may write to the distributors of L'oreal in Manila and show them what real "hell" is! LOL Yeah nanzy, you don't have to start with the NYX Round lipstick!!! I've seen enough of your wonderful lips and you can just "zip it!" *Growls*

    Nabi, shipping is indeed expensive, a lot of us buyers don't care at first because we just WANT a certain product so badly! But in fairness, there are some nice ebay sellers who gives good shipping rate, and Nessa gives good shipping rates too!!! But I'll give you one example of a shipping rate...if I plan to buy the 88pcs e/s set of coastal scents, it's $19.99 right? and the shipping would be around $19.99 too!!!! Imagine??? I can just buy 2!!! LOL

    Liz, yeah, if you don't have UDPP in Singapore? I do know you use the NYX Concealer in a Jar, but doesn't school require eye primer? Do they sell it?

  6. Other than Stila and Too Faced stuff, I'd say ALL of the stuff you mentioned :p Oh, and Sephora :p

  7. i want them all too!!! nikki, we are soooo discriminated! lol! just kidding. :) i wish MAC phil could have those out of the plastic container MAC eyeshadows so we can get the e/s cheaper. :)

  8. Bleh! I only live 5 minutes from an Urban Decay counters ha ha ha! I also found Stila beauty counter in the city and was amazed that eye shadows were not that expensive (or is it only me?). I'm still waiting for my NYX eyeshadows to come (thanks to makeupfairy :)). L'Oreal has launched new eyeshadows and they seem to be highly pigmented. I was rushing that I didn't had to check. I'm not really into L'Oreal make up but it's never too late to start if I see anything that would tickle my fancy ;)

  9. nope.. we don't have Urban Decay here. :-(

    eye primer in school? nah. we use weird stuff. stuff that is not really accessible to public, but is certainly good enough.

    in school, i have learned that professional makeup artists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. haha! i am even more excited because of that.

  10. ahh they used to have a Stila stand in my department store's beauty dept... but now its gone -_-; can now only order online for it.. but yeah ive never tried Stila before lol

  11. Tine, oh yeah! you reminded me! SEPHORA!!! I want sephora too!!!

    Shen, I know I went up to MAC asking for the Pro palette (good thing they have it for 730 or something) then we asked for the refills, and they don't have it! I guess they just want us to spend more on the single e/s! We are discriminated *sniffff* lol

    Gracie, you're a mean girl for saying "BLEH" to us who had a hard time getting all those stuffs!!!! HMPH!!!! Have a great weekend though you made me sad, still..i love you :(

    Liz, true, if there are some tricks for'll be ok! I learned quite a lot as well and it wasn't even from School! Imagine if I learned in school, they'll be more tricks!!! Happy for you!!!

    NicNic, we used to have Urban Decay here as well, but it's gone! I think they just came the wrong timing, people aren't willing to spend a whole lot for Makeup before...but now...

  12. hey sis! I HEART STILA!!! i so can't wait :D will have my long overdue stila pans for my palette. hehe :D 2 weeks to go and i'm gonna fly na! i'll take some pics in sephora for you. hehe :D

  13. You poor thing! I LOVE HiP! It's all I buy!

    I ust got my first Milani shadows last week:)

  14. I have to say that we definitely take those brands for granted!

    I would love to have Asian brands available here!

  15. Beatrilicious! I know you'll be going to the States soon! Lucky you..sephora sephora! Watch out for Bea!!! She's gonna shop like there's no tomorrow! LOL

    Homespagoddess, darn!! YOu do have to tell me you just bought Milani last week? You're a mean person! LOL Well.true..we have L'oreal and L'oreal is selling quite good here and I just don't get it why they can't have HIP line over here!

    Emilee, true...I take asian brands for granted as well! :D

  16. i keep nodding while reading at your post about the product i wish i had here.. :) i'm in malaysia, and most of the products are so expensive and hard to find.. :(
    i want to try NYX and UDPP too... :(

  17. Maria, thanks so much for visiting my blog :) I'm glad you agreed on it..i just wish someone out there could read this! LOL

    Just to make you feel good, at least your shoes/sandals are cheaper there! I love Vincci!!! I told everybody that, I love their sandals and I just can't buy enough! :D


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