Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sanuk Sandals Revisited


Why are you making me spend more?

I bought you in black,
I got so comfortable
I got hooked on you.

Because of you...
I shop more,

You know why?

Because with you... I don't get tired at all.

It's your fault, and now, Mr. Black Sanuk,

I have to buy you your wife...

Mr. Black Sanuk meets...

Ms. Brown Payday Sanuk

Now, they are HAPPY TOGETHER!
well, not literally, I always separate them by wearing one of them! :P

Going back to earth, yes my dear readers, I bought the exact same Sanuk Payday sandals in brown! And the kind staffs remembered me and gave me a key chain! They gave me 2 as they know I'm a returning customer. Well..what color should I choose? Of course Keith's favorite color BLUE and my favorite color PINK! Do I have to say it again and again? hehehe

Here's a photo of my lovely keychain...

Don't worry, I won't shop on this no more as they only have browns and black available! hehehe

I know I know!
I look crazy right?
But it is HONESTLY so comfortable!
Can't blame me! hehehe

How about you dearest? Are you more into fashion or comfort?


  1. The flip flops look so comfortable!!! :) I wish I could wear them to work... lol~

  2. you guys don't have an urban decay? ugh.....that sucks. how do you buy most of your makeup? do you have to buy it online, like for mac? oh i had a dream about that stalker guy. i had a dream i was with brother and i saw that guy sitting down and i was like, "look, there's chris. he's following me" and then i turned around and ran off. lol. but i've had my share of weirdos! i guess i'm used to it.

  3. Tha t was a funny post. have a great weekend. Go out and do something fun.TC

  4. oh, that sucks! i kinda know what you mean. i don't have a place to buy my makeup, so i'm always stuck online shopping and shipping gets expensive, but not as much as for you, though! my town sucks! i never have time to drive 2 hours away and go to a REAL mall. so i always have to buy online and pay shipping for everything! we have some milani eyeshadows but not too much! i have a few. i think some places just carry more than others. i also don't have nyx cosmetics here =( i think about ordering it online sometimes but it's hard for me to see what the colors really look like. sometimes the online swatches look way different than the real thing.

  5. i won't complain, though. seems like you have it worse off than me since your shipping is sooooooo high!!!!! mac is my favorite. i like pigments but i think i'm just too lazy to foil them!!!!!

  6. how long does it normally take for you to get something if you order it through mail, like makeup? i sent off a package to the philippines but my friend didn't get it till about a month or so later. do packages in envelopes come faster than those in boxes? i had sent mine in a box and think that's what took it longer.

  7. well now i know. lol. i didn't know how shipping there was. i was getting a little worried cause she hadn't gotten my package and i thought it might've gotten lost, cause my little brother is in the navy and he's stationed in japan. i send his food off in a box and he usually gets it a week later, so i wasn't sure how shipping to the philipines was.

  8. oooh those are cute! i have a hard time finding cute AND comfy flip flops! for some reason, the really pretty ones usually hurt like hell! lol. but these are really cute :D

  9. I love Sanuk sandals!! They are incredibly comfy~

    What a cute keychain ;)

  10. Lily, you got it right! I have found a lot of great looking sandals/shoes, and when I tried it on, it hurts like hell! I'm always complaining that I can't find a good one!!! That's why my shoe collection isn't huge! Because of the comfort test!

    Gee, I am so happy they gave me a free keychain! hahha and a sticker! Maybe they are including me into their "sanuk addicts circle" :P

    Great weekend everyone!


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