Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Korean Village

Remember I told you guys that I will tell you about my ultimate favorite Korean Restaurant ever? Here it is!!! This is not only my favorite, but my husband's fave and also...the favorite Korean restaurant of my mom and dad in-laws! They actually dated here when they were still young (Can you just imagine how many years this restaurant has been operating?)

This is a family affair so we have more food ordered!!! Enjoy the gastronomic photos! Just typing this post made me hungry over and over again!

Here goes the food posts....I do apologize for the ugly appetizer photos!
We came in late and it was left this way LOL

The famous Korean Fried Rice, yummy!
I like it that they have loads of veggies, chicken bits

Barbeque Chicken! You can order Pork or Beef
We had 2 orders of chicken!
Boy I love chicken! (but I can't eat too much, allergies) lol

Here's the cooked bbq chicken
Can eat as it is but we ordered Lettuce(not on pix, sorry forgot)
Their lettuce are the freshest ever!

We were told this is their new dish
The Asparagus Mushroom

Beef Stew (Korean Styled) yummmm

My hubby's ever favorite Chicken & Mushroom

Cold Soba Noodle
I love the taste of cucumber, you eat this by dipping the noodles in an ice cold water
(as seen on the black bowl beside the noodle)

Can you believe this that everything we ate costs only Php 1,560.00? (approx $36.00)
We are so full and happy!
I am hoping my kids will be able to eat in this restaurant
and they'll be blogging about their "parents" and "grandparents" having a date in this resto :D


  1. They don't look like the traditional Korean dishes. It looks like they changed to fit the styles of the Philippines. If you want Korean dishes, come over here girlfriend. I will treat... heh~ Let me rephrase that I could make you some dishes. I can't promise you it will be good... lol~ :P

  2. Yeah, it looks like fusion food but still look yummy ! I like that cold soba noodle, it's called Naeng-Myun. I love that on Summer. I had carry out again yesterday for some Korean food ;) I got spicey beef stew awww it's so good. We do not have that korean food with chicken and mushcroom. Does it taste good ? I wanna try !! And, What is yakiniku ? Were they trying to say yakimandu ? that little dumpling maybe ? I wonder if the owner is Korean or not, because many food doesn't look like Korean food like alyssa said, I bet you had a good time ! :) My test sucked :(

  3. Ohhhh I just hit 26666 on your blog lol Any surprise gift ? :P I will sure capture this !

  4. Alyssa, I guess so too, i won't be able to tell because I've never been Korea to eat authentic Korean food! but the restaurant is owned by a Korean, So I guess she knows what's saleable and what's not :D I want to taste your food!! Practice as early as now! LOL

    Nabi, yes the question was answered, the owner is korean, I don't know why YAKINIKU word is there as YAKINIKU is japanese term right? LOL you hit 26666? what's so special with that number? and why should i give you a surprise gift for that? LOL i need answers sis!

  5. Uyyy Nikki! Let's have dinner there sometime, you, Jheng, Shen , etc! :)

    I agree on how affordable the food was! My fam ate there two Christmases ago and twas only like 1,800 for the total bill? And we're seven!

  6. Sophie! YES! sure!!!! I am game to meet up!!!! Just let me know when and were!!!!

    Finch, hahaha everyone's starving when they're looking at food posts :) what's your favorite dish?

  7. mm i love korean! but my first love is japanese food :P

  8. Hi Nikki!

    Is this the one near malate church?
    I was drooling while reading your post. hehe!

  9. OMG! what a great surprise, I just ate Take out Korean Food! :) Pork BBq with plain rice, sauce and lettuce. my fave!!! :) i don't eat veggies but i eat it lettuce for this!

    I love Yeddang(across sicilian near metrowalk) and Po Suk Jung(oranbo drive), all ortigas area. I'm sure you're near here. :)

    Yeah! Let's all meet up! I'm sooo game! :)

  10. Nicnic, oohh I love Japanese food too!!! yay, you'll be eating authentic japanese food when you go to Japan for your teaching job!

    Jen, I'm not sure if this is near Malate church but this is located at Nakpil Street Malate :) So I guess it's just around the Malate ChurcH :) Try it!

    Shen! You love Korean food too!!!! I am game! I am just waiting for the details of the busy ladies Sophie and Jheng :D

  11. all looks so YUMMY! Makes me want to take a trip...if only I wasn't so broke lol. Chinese food is pretty popular here in LA, but I'll definitely be on the lookout for a good Korean restaurant.


  12. love korean bbq, tofu house...yikes, you're making me hungry :(

  13. im beginning to appreciate korean food.

    i just dont like their desserts and unagi.

    pag eel, japanese cooking style pa rin! yummmm!

  14. virtuous blue, i would say Chinese food is really popular there! I can always hear in the E news celebrities always caught coming out from Mr. Chow! LOL And true, a lot of good food are expensive there right?

    ebeautyblog, i am in love with anything TOFU as well! I love tofu, looks like we do have a lot of things in common when it comes to FOOD! lol

    Iya, Unagi? is that korean? When I eat at Japanese restaurant, I'm always on the safe side, always ordering the "Usual" food, never adventurous! hehehe

  15. sad.. you made me drool.. lol.. im not into korean dishes, but any dishes will do.. my fave is indian dishes.. hmmmmm..

  16. Dianatan, really? Indian dish? What's your favorite Indian Dish?

  17. My entire family LOVES Korean food. My 4-year-old just started eating Korean BBQ and boy, can he polish off his plate! Your pictures make me drool.

  18. Shades of Hue, oohhh...isn't Korean BBQ just great??? That's so cute that your 4-yr old buy is appreciating Korean food!!!! All food photos wil make me drool too! and your make-up hauls make me drool like there's FLOOD everywhere! LOL

  19. Being Korean, of course I love Korean food :)

    Except this food doesn't look so Korean, lol, except for the noodles. And we don't dip the noodles in the cold soup, we just pour it over and eat it like ramen, hehe.

    Now I want some noodles!!

  20. Oh Gee! thanks for letting me know and confirming it! Actually the server told us to pour it over the noodles but she told us to dip it first and give it a try as some people are uneasy to eat "cold" noodles lol! I have to try it again pouring everything! LOL I'll definitely go back! there's definitely a lot of fusion happening here !!! I bet in the US too? Are Korean food there Authentic? Now i really want to try real Korean food in Korea!

  21. i like this place

  22. nice foody post. thanks for this informative post and also for commenting on my blog.

    Sandra Richardson


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