Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get Your Olay Total Effects Trial NOW!

** Thanks to the Beautynomist Sophie for this heads up...

Thank goodness one company do understand the importance of trial/sample!
I swear! Almost all my HG products I've found by using their samples or trial packs! my Philippine readers? Yay to all of us!

Olay is giving away one free Total Effects 8g sample and one P100 voucher to each person who registers over at the Olay Official Website.
You get to choose which Watson's branch you're going to take this freebie!
I chose mine at the SM Megamall!
I got mine! Now it's your turn!
What are you waiting for?

Smile and


  1. hi honey! i'm doing great! i feel really good. when i went to the doctor about my spotting, she looked up my file and said that i was REALLY anemic, but i had no idea because no one told me! my mom said they called her and the girls at the office told her i was anemic, so she just assumed i was slightly anemic, like her. but the doctor told me i'm really anemic and need to make sure i'm taking my pills and eating what i need to eat, which i am. i stopped spotting! yay!!! i stopped like 2 days ago. it must've been stress. i'm a little overwhelmed cause both my dogs are sick w/diarrhea! i'm telling you all that nasty dog crap outside must be infectious! now both my babies are having diarrhea and guess who gets to clean it up? it's just been hard for me to study and clean it up! ugh..but other than that, i've been great! how about you?

  2. Aww.. I love samples! It's such a waste buying stuff just based on the company's claim... reviews are helpful, but a sample is way better. Hey, I'm doing a tag game from my recent post. Hope you could share your favorites, then and now.

  3. Jiejie, thanks, I would check it out :) It would really take time to think about what I'm loving then! LOL

  4. i love korean food! esp those really authentic one, totally adore their kimchi :D

  5. Prettybeautiful, what's your favorite korean dish? Mine would be bibimbop! eventhough i'm not a rice eater, i can eat up a whole bowl of bibimbop :D

  6. thanks for posting this! im also getting mine from megamall. :p

  7. Iya, you're very much welcome! :) Get em na! it's worth to get testers talaga! :D Tell me how you like it when you have the chance to give it a try!


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