Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Collection Launch

I am seriously a P&J addict, and this is not a good addiction!
You know why? P&J is honestly very expensive!

But don't get me wrong, I am buying what I know works for me and works for most of the people I put make-up on. I swear on Paul & Joe foundations as they are indeed made for Asian Skin.
I have used their Creamy Foundation to the Moisturizing Cream Compact Foundation to their Powder Foundation and I love them all! They have coverage but you looked so fresh and natural afterwards. I can't seem to stop saying good stuffs about them.

When they messaged me regarding this launch/event, my hubby knew how much I wanted to stock on their foundies so he drove me all the way to Rustan's Makati for this event. The event started at 4PM but we were late, due to traffic and it took us almost 30 minutes to look for a parking space! Anyways, I am still happy I was there and nice to see the lovely Brand Manager of P&J Raizelle and the lovely staffs of P&J who made me feel at home! I wish I have the whole P&J counter at HOME! *wish wish wish*

We have tables, we have mini cupcakes served and we have the new P&J Protective Foundation and Primer on the table for people to test on. What I love about this new collection is that it has more moisturizing properties and they still have sunscreen!

We had this BINGO game, Ms. Raizelle (the one in Pink) was the one who hosted the game.
I ALMOST won!!! Darn! I didn't !!!! lol

** on the side note, those who want to see my hair? LOL
that's me in green nearest to the camera

Let me show you my super mini haul!
Like I said, I am focused on buying what I need
as I still have whatever I bought from P&J from the past.
Here's my mini haul (yes, I am a good girl, I stopped myself from buying a lot!)

** L-R Eau de Toilette (Freebie)
P&J Dual Foundation UV Php2,150.00 (approx $49.00)
P&J Protective Foundation Primer UV Php1,650.00 (approx $38.00)

They also gave us discount coupons for us to have some freebies/discounts when we return

After shopping, I had to have something to drink! lol It's been sometime since I last had a shake. I ordered Mango, Banana and Apple shake from the Juice Avenue.
Look at what's written on the cup, so cute!

**Yup, I'm wearing the new P&J Protective Foundation! I love it!

I swear on P&J foundation
I also love my MAC Studio Fix

What's your HG foundation?

Happy weekend!

Want to check out where I got my P&J addiction?
Start by smiling and say
"P&J Haul and Makeover"
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Smile again and say "CAS event!"


  1. aww lovely haul! i have never got around trying P&J but the packaging looks really pretty!

  2. Looks like you had fun!

    I don't have an HG foundation yet, mostly because I'm not really a foundation girl. I use MAC Studio Fix (compact), and it's okay, but I do feel it's a bit too thick, even though it's powder. I do like their Mineralize SPF15 Loose Powder!

    I see you bought the P&J Dual Foundation. Dual in what sense? I'd like to hear your thoughts about this product after you've used it for a while. Thanks! :)

  3. aaawwwwe.. you and keith look so adorable together.

  4. It looks like you had a blast! :) I think it would had been better for you if I was there... lol~ ;)

  5. I had a P&J lrange blush that broke a week after I bought it :( I still lust after it.

  6. NicNic! I know i am in love with their packaging! and after several buys, I just learned that they sell foundation powder REFILLS! yay! i never thought they have refills, and I'm glad they do coz I wouldnt' want to throw their compact lovely!

    Liz, yes, I had fun :) And yes, I remembered you told me you're a tint I'm a powder /powder foundation girl coz I want easy touch ups! :) I will give more thoughts on this DUAL means, MOISTURIZING and SPF powder ...they have both in one Powder foundation and you have a good finish as well! :D

    Lizterati girl! Thanks so much!

    Alyssa, i know, if you're there, we would be WINNERS! I NEARLY won the goodie bag from the bingo game! i needed a partner! lol The wonderful SA Sunday was rooting for me to win!

    Beautytalk, ohhh their blushes are great too! how did it broke? you dropped it? i'm sorry about that... :(

  7. aww! too bad i missed it! it looks fun! and cupcakes? they're my fave!

    i don't have anything p&j bec they're pretty expensive... but i guess like all the other expensive brands, they're worth it. i "invest" in shu uemura tho. :)

    you guys look lovely together and i love the color of your shirts. hehe.

    oh, and i looove the hair! thanks for the photo!

  8. Sab, it's ok there will still be more chances for us to meet someday! :D True, they are pretty expensive but if it works, I'll invest on it. My first SHU investment is their cleansing oil, it was darn expensive but my hubby was telling me at that time that "you'll use it for almost a year, you divide it and that's only how much you spend per month" aaww sweet! :D Thanks so much..hhaa I love the shirt color on him as well..he looks good on the shirt color :D How's ur weekend?

  9. the coverage looks uber nice on yah... but i am a MAC addict lol so i am impartial to it. but i swear it looks fab on yah! ;)

  10. awww..thanks Mhean, that's a sweet thing for you to say. I do love the coverage on me. I love MAC too don't get me wrong! But the foundie, really..this works better on me :D

  11. Sounds like you had a great time. And nice haul!

  12. My HG

    Seriously, I've found out that so far every foundation I've tried made my skin rough plus looking like mask...(I've tried Anna Sui, Lancome and Shiseido then just decided to gave up and expose my freckles and acne mark...)It was quite funny that i was at the shiseido counter literally trying on every single shade and no one blended in...

    the package of paul & joe is pretty nice...sometime I fancy having the folding mirror with pouch, then I realized that I have way too many mirrors (from anna sui) already as a collection. That's perfume bottle is pretty too! ( I am also allergic to quite a few all of my fragrance are there for display only...)

    I got a PJ lip gloss in that's supposed to be coral, it shows up pink since my lips are so red...

    And yes, paul and joe is heck expensive.


  13. I've heard a lot of about P&J's foundation but I've never tried any P&J for some reason. We have a counter here and I should check it out! And is that your elusive photographer? You make such a cute couple! :D

  14. Gio, I did have a great time :D and I am glad to stock up on the foundation :)

    Citrine, oh i'm sorry that you haven't found your HG foundation yet...I am already 29 and it took me well more than 10yrs to look for a HG so you know how long it'll take to find yours LOL joking aside. Right on on P&J being expensive, I just don't get it! why sooo expensive? lol maybe I need to ask them directly! LOl

    Parisb, give those foundations a try! I've only given them a try before and look at what's happening with me now? LOL Yes yes, he is my ever famous photographer who's so supportive~ thanks, we look so much alike now eh? lol

  15. The foundation looks amazing on you! Not saying you have bad skin (!), but the foundation looks so natural on you.

    I heard about P&J from their Disney collection, and their packaging is so cute!

  16. Awww Emilee, thanks for saying that! I am honestly not the type who would spend so much on one thing, but when I first applied the P&J foundation, I know it's the ONE! lol Yes, they have their disney collection but I never saw them here in manila..too bad :)

  17. Your husband drove you to buy makeup? Boy, you're so lucky!! And yes, your skin looks flawless in that last pic. I really wanna try this now!

  18. you have the best husband in the world!

    P&J addicts unite! I love P&J skin care, lipsticks, foundation, primer, eyebrow pencils, eye gloss, and brushes!

  19. eBeautyblog, yes! My hubby drove me to wherever I have to go! he's such a sweetie! I can't say anything else but he's super supportive of my love for makeup!

    Bambi...thanks!!! you met him I'm sure, he's with me at the CAS fair as well! lol... I KNOW I KNOW!!!! I love P&J!!!! And I can still remember you vouching for their eyebrow pencils too!!! Gosh!!!! Whatever you named, I LOVE THEM ALL!!! addict! hahaha


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