Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pinkbox Hair Clip Sale!

It is a very tiring and challenging week for me and I'm dead tired and I just can't believe it! I'm happy it's FINALLY weekend!!! I can't wait to sleep in, I can't wait to spend time with my hubby and family.. I can't believe to play with my make-up again and more make-up? LOL

Here's a mini haul I did. As seen in my previous post, I am into hair accessories and i was just walking around the mall and I saw Pinkbox is having a sale on some of their hair wanna know how much????

5 clips for Php 100.00!!!! (approx $2.50)

Note: they are in a huge container and you have to really dig in and look for some great looking one....I call this...TREASURE HUNTING!

Yeah yeah, it probably looks childish on me, but I don't care! I love it, I'm happy with it, I am USING IT! I will be sharing some of this to my neighbor as well, the kids are lovely and they love cute stuffs <--- Just like me That's what I call "SHARING YOUR HAPPINESS"

Go on, share some happiness too!
Doesn't have to be material stuffs...
Start SMILING right NOW :D
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. i LOVE hair clips! these are adorable! i went to a vintage store the other day and there were a bunch clips with old pin-up girls printed on them. i REALLY wanted to get them but they were super expensive for just one! But for 5 clips for 2.50? that's pretty dang good!

  2. They are very cute, are these for adult ? It kinda looks like for baby...Not sure hehe, So, more makeup shopping on weekend ? Go treasure hunting ! Yeah !! I'm glad you like them ;)

  3. Oh I want to see! I love cute accessories! :)

  4. wow! this is too cute! grabe! dami sale this weekend. my wallet suffered because of ZARA! :)

  5. I love hairclips too Nikki girl! :) Especially I have bangs, it really helps on those days you don't feel like having them on your forehead :D And yes it is affordable! That's why I bought them right away :D

    NABI sis!!! Grrrrr, they are not for babies!!! LOL but i can't blame you, they looked so childish! But hey, i don't's cute! LOL And I usually use just one of them, never together, I usually clip it on my growing bangs :) and it works!

    Alyssa, I think I've used it when I was doing my Laura Mercier Quad Look, I tried on the pink clip that day! LOL

    Sab, really? A lot of sale? I will go to Glorietta today, so goodluck to us girl!!! lol Imagine if we have Sephora here? *HEADLESS CHICKEN RUNNING AROUND* ALERT!!!!lol

  6. OMG I love love hair accessories. Are you serious? $2.50 for 5 clips? I went to my local accessory store two days ago, and got some hair clips for the price of $4 for 2 clips. And I thought it was decent!!!

  7. Nikki babeh! Hehehe sry for being rude and not leaving you some luvs on ur blog, those are very cute looking clip, I'm more into headbands, but I have tons of clips for my rebellious bangs..they all plain looking tho LOL I'm so boring.

    Sleeping in sounds guuuud, but buying more makeup is a MUST! Hehehe jk

  8. eBeautyBlog, come down here in Manila! Everything is cheaper in the Philippines if you're NOT working and earning Philippine money! LOL :) I'm sure you're going to LOVE shopping here! A lot of my friends who came here are shopping like there's no tomorrow here!

    Nanzy, it's ok mi dahling!!! I understand the busy bee is busy perfecting her LOVELY swatches! LOL I honestly love the way you swatch lol!!! anyways, swatching I had a great time sleeping in...i woke up like almost 11am! I am like a pig! It was super tiring week for me and I am hoping to recharge for the coming week! You have a great weekend and please don't buy so much stuffs that would enable me to buy too! LOL

  9. I love them, they are so cute :)

  10. LOL yesss pls say more abt my lovely swatches bahahahaha! hey 11 AM ain't bad, i woke up at 1 PM today! if my mom knew she'd go ballistic LOL what a shameful daughter I've become hehehehe

    hey the foundie convention looks awesome, esp the discounts coupon!!!

  11. i got my girl a few headbands and clips from Pink Box too. :D and she made me buy her a personalized bracelet! oh, i think i am bad influence to my daughter -- making her see how i spend! :P

  12. Gio, thanks for liking them, I love them too! but of course, I believe most people would find them childish *winks*

    Nanzy, hahaha I am not saying more about your lovely swatches, I'm way commenting on your lovely lips too!!!! So don't get your head big ok? ohhh you woke up 1pm? ohmigoodness, never tried that! lol I had fun at the launch as well and the coupons are just great :D

    Mhean, uh oh, you got your girl headbands and clips and I...GOT MYSELF those clips uh oh!!!! I know I's for KIDS! darn, but what a girl can do? I don't have kids yet, so I'll use em first LOL


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