Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paul & Joe Event on June 28 and 29

**photo of the old P&J Dual Foundation Powder

I got a text message from Paul & Joe

"We would like to invite you on June 28th and 29th 4:00pm for the launching of our new Protective Dual powder Foundation and Primer with SPF40. Please bring your other brand of foundation to compare the difference with the P&J's newest foundation"

"There will be some gift certificates to be sold at discounted price consumable only for the date of purchase and all gift certificates are limited. Some limited offer of freebies as well for those 2 days!"

I will be bringing my MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation to see the difference
I wonder if their packaging will still be the same?
I will be there! I am too nosy! LOL
See me? Don't forget to smile and say "Hi"!


  1. I've never used P&J before. How's the quality of their products? I think my bf would be so happy if I use this...cuz it has his name "Joe" on it. HAHA. Well, actually not cuz it goes together with Paul. LOL

  2. Wow how exciting! I love powder foundations...cream to powder especially! can't wait to see how it turns out for you!

  3. That sounds like fun! If I was there, I'll tag along even if you didn't want me too... hehe~ :P

  4. woo i'd love to try out Paul and Joe!! can't wait to see the pics of the launch ;)

  5. ooohhh! i might go to rustans makati. hahaha. you frequent p&j there?

  6. ebeautyblog, ohhh let's not get me start talking about P&J, I LOVE their foundation! I have all their foundation, the cream, the cream compact and the moisturizing foundation! they are to die for! Well especially for asian skin! Their powder really makes you look flawless! I can't say anything else because it is even more expensive than MAC here, that's why you'll see me running around like a headless chicken if they have promotions or sale! A lot of the makeover I've done, I've used the P&J foundation as a finishing powder :)

    Yellow fever, I'll do a report on that :) thanks

    Alyssa, awww, you're sweet, I'll let you tag along! I want you to!!! So what are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets NOW! LOL

    NicNic, sureeee...I'll take photos :)

    Sab, I don't frequent, I do before, but since I bought a lot from the P&J make-up sale, I didn't go there much, but since they have a launch and some freebies, I may take a look and see if I need to stock up!!!!! UH OH, credit card is getting nervous! LOL If you see me say hi ha?

  7. Yeah, you're right, I just checked online and their prices are a bit pricey. I'd love to try it out but their locations are limited around my area. kept saying we're lucky w/all the coupons over here but when comparing to urs, our are just a bunch of junkies :(

  8. nikki! i read this too late! i was supposed to go to rustans in gloritta, but end up in powerplant. sniff. sayang! if i only knew! awww.

  9. eBeautyBlog, I will argue with you this time..LOL you guys have free shipping!!!! we seldom do online shopping here!!!! You guys can order stuffs and have it shipped for free at a certain amount!!!! You guys have NYX, Milani! Urban Decay..STILA!!! the list can go on and on *pouts* lol

    Sab, it's ok, I understand, I was actually looking around for you, it was a great launch, I was actually late because of traffic and it was hard to look for a parking space! I made a "mini" haul, but I"m happy with it because those are what I wanted to buy and I didn't overspend! LOL well, it was still expensive but it was worth it! As I needed to stock up for make-up sessions! :D What did you buy at the Powerplant?

  10. can't wait for your haul photos! i bought 3 pair of pants at zara. haha. ohno. :)

    sayang pa rin! i would've loved seeing you. :) next time. hehe.


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