Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: La Maison

My high school friend Carol will be leaving for a job in Singapore for good. We just had to meet up for a mini reunion to bid her "Bon Voyage". What's a good reunion but to have a good meal?

This is a restaurant we never tried and it's great to try out something new. We arrived a bit late..hehehe so it shows with our food pictures as most of them are either half-eaten or was touched! So sorry for the bad food presentation. *blushes*

Here's a photo of their really interesting bread. A normal bread and the black bread is made of "Squid Ink". Hahaha don't worry, it sounds and looks gross but it tastes like regular bread :)

Next is the Aglio Olio Barkada (Php290.18 approx $7.00) (this is white spaghetti made with Olive Oil)

The next picture is called the Seafood marinara Barkada, (Php325.89, approx $7.50) by the way, to non Tagalog speakers out there, Barkada means PEER, group of friends, when you see Barkada in any menu, it just means good for sharing

Oooh I'm embarrassed with this next picture..hahaha this is supposed to be the Paradise Fish Barkada, (php482.14 or approx $11.00) fried fish with yummy tartar sauce.

Last but not the least, this is their yummy Baby Back Barkada. (Php696.43 or approx $16.00) I am not a rib eater but this one is so juicy and the serving is quite big and it's cheap!

Overall, we had a lovely dinner and all the food in this restaurant is affordable and their staffs are super friendly and helpful!!! We will definitely come back.

Here's a photo of the girls after a hearty meal! :)

L-R Gwen (just had a baby, she still looks great!), Zara (wearing Zara shirt), Me and my dear friend Carol who's leaving for Singapore.

La Maison
Home of the Best Ribs, Steaks & Seafood
Located at North Ave. Trinoma Mall

Your askmewhats,


  1. waaah all this food is make me go hungry, lol!

  2. i know nic nic!! it looks so delish! and the bad thing was i was in trinoma just this friday.. but i was so caught up at Landmark, we took out some Tater's for the Double feature.

    i do love catching up with friends! i feel so bad not seeing them so much esp my dear college friends (who's also my nieces) that just lives a tryc ride from my place.. haii.. :(

    glad to had fun. let's meet up sometimes and have great food and some cocktails! :) pag di na busy si jheng! lol!

  3. hehe sorry nic, i really do love eating!!! So that'll be a big important part of my blog as well :)

    Shen, SURE! yay, we can meet up!!! I'm game!!! Jheng is always busy! hahaha ikaw din kaya?

  4. Hey! Can I come along girls? It's always great to catch up with soem old friends. That's what I try to do when I visit the PI.

  5. di na noh! i can meet up with you and bea anytime before school starts. :) then i'll be in law school zone.. waaahh!! gracie, sama ka!! i'm sure we'll have loads of fun! nikki, ask keith to be there as our official photographer.. i'm sure, pwede tayong pang print ads na if keith takes the pic! lol. :)

    i'm sooo busy talaga.. watching tv series online. (i'm so bad). hirap magblog at manood at the same time. :) i wish i have two monitors.. pwede kaya un?

  6. Sure Sis Shen!!! san?? I'm game! kahit for coffee lang or something!!! You're within Ortigas area you say? hehehe You are bad bad bad!! Series over blogging! HMPH *we felt so unloved snniiffff*

  7. what i love abt this place is the big servings.. not only good for barkadas, but good for big families as well


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