Monday, June 2, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Revlon Bare It All

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Revlon Bare It all Lustrous Powder is part of the Limited Edition Collection. I got this last year but after months, I can still see them selling this at Revlon Stands. I bought mine in Pink-a-boo which is light, very shimmery and barely Pink color.

Revlon Says ---

Accent your allure! A whisper of lightly illuminated radiance delicately accents your face or body. Feather-light, loose powder formula provides subtle illumination while letting your skin shine through. Feminine puff applicator with dainty satin bow caresses skin with seductive color. Dust over face for a light veil of soft illumination or use to subtly highlight the décolleté. Available in a range of 4 softly lit shades to complement a range of skin tones.

Askmewhats says ---

  • lustrous, shimmery, glitters are not huge
  • easy to apply
  • puff is soft and can easily apply to larger areas like your arms, neck, shoulder areas
  • lasts
  • a bit messy, when sealed, it can still be scattered around the puff and every time you pull out the puff, a lot of shimmery powders will be wasted (refer to the photo above)
  • puff is hard to wash, it doesn't dry easily
  • doesn't come cheap almost Php1,000
Askmewhats Tips
  • Use a powder brush instead of puff that comes together with this product for hygiene purpose
  • Put some on this lustrous powder on top of the Mineral Veil (for MMU users), finishing powders, or even your pressed powders before retouching to create a fresh glowy look.
  • Apply this just below your eyes to create a glowy/awake look
I personally am not a shimmery powder user.
But this would do great especially on days you have to wear a strapless dress or a spaghetti strapped gown. Gently pat it all over your body and you'll look great!

Will I repurchase?

No for now, still have a whole lot left!

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  1. Yikes that reminds me of MAC loose beauty powders,kinda messy and lots of shimmer! >_< I barely use the 2 i have got *guilt* lol.

  2. saw this on the shelf, didn't buy it too since it is expensive. but i love shimmery stuff!!

  3. i bought something by revlon a few years ago. i forgot what it was called but it was shimmery powder. i hardly used it, though! i have some other shimmery powder but it's just sitting in my drawer. i just hate that it's so messy to use and gets everywhere!!!! oh, i'm doing a contest on my page. you should join!

  4. I'm definitely not a shimmer person! That reminds me of the Urban Decay flavored body powders, except not as yummy (although I hope no one's actually tasted the Revlon one, lol).

    I looked at the exchange rate, and wow, $25 for Revlon!! That's about the price of a Chanel lipgloss here in the US.

  5. I believe not everyone is a fan of the shimmery powder! hahaha same here, but there are some events and it could be useful :) :) :) but I just don't know how to finish up this whole thing!

    Emilee,true, stuffs here even drugstore brands doesn't come cheap here..that's why if given the chance to ask someone to shop for me in the US, that'll be great! Or some online shopping in HK would be great as well :)


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