Monday, June 2, 2008

This Blog's Readability Test

Thanks to Vannie for this, I grabbed this from your site and gave it a try..Interesting!

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Are you a blogger? Give this a try then!

Your askmewhats,


  1. That test makes no sense at all!!!

    My main blog page has a readability level of 'elementary school', but my profile page and album page are at a 'genius' reading level. How could that be?? There's almost no text on the album and profile pages..... :-/

  2. sorry Liz if it frustrates you!!!! *hugs* least you've got a genius level! I never had one! hehehe

  3. haha mine's Genius too, this is funny lol...

  4. Ha, thanks Nikki, but no, it didn't frustrate me! :P I was simply bewildered how a simple page with lots of pictures and no text can be classified as 'genius 'reading level.... hahaha, no idea!

  5. haha i got junior high school! *cringe* maybe i need to use more sophisticated language haha

  6. Actually, according to the website usability and all that tests, the lower the readability level, the better. This means that it's simple enough for people to understand.

    But I do agree with Liz, I think the test is rubbish :p

  7. Mhean, you liked it? I think a lot of people got bewildered with it! hahaha

    Liz, you know what? I was quite surprised how fast they can give out an answer on your "WHOLE" site for just less than a minute! hahaha Well well, computers! hahaha

    Tine, rubbish or least..we all had fun being frustrated! hahah sorry gals! hahhaa

  8. It says mine is at 'Genius' level. How does it determine with just a random scanning check? o_O; It must be just some randomized program. It's sorta funny though, I was anticipating, reading level at 'Duh Max' level lol I'm gonna post this up for laughs and giggles. Thanks.

  9. hey lurve, I'm glad you're doing better after the post on your friend :( ***hugs***

    Lurve, i want to be on GENIUS level too!!! that is UNFAIR!!!!


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