Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Face Shop Nail Polish in RD301

** available at TFS (The Face Shop) for Php99.00 (approx USD2.50)

I originally bought this Face Shop nail polish in bloody red color for my mom! Yup, for those who didn't know. Your askmewhats aside from loving make-up and cutting other people's hair, I do pedicures and manicures as well. But not on a professional level, I'm doing this for my mom and myself so that we don't need to spend too much on manicures and pedicures.

Anyways, it's been some time now that the nail artist has done by nails. I am itching for a new color and she just doesn't have the time to come over and help me out with my nails. So, I've finally decided, (note: the lazybone loves doing nails for others but hates to do my own hehehe) I have decided to use this bloody red color which isn't even on my list of favorite nail polish color :)

Well well, I finally did and I'm loving it! I've used different nail polish brands and so far...the Face Shop (TFS) lives to my expectation. The color is super nice, easy to apply and it's super shiny!!!! Love it!!! Love it together with my favorite SANUK sandals which is black (such great contrast).

Want to check out my manicure/pedicure kit?
Wait for it as it'll be coming out soon on my next post!....
somewhere...somehow...you'll see it .... *winks*

But for now, feel free to checkout my previous nail posts!
Smile and say NAILS!

Your askmewhats,



  1. that's sweet of you to do that for your mom. even though i do all that stuff, do you know that i HATE for anyone to do my nails or touch my toes? it just feels weird when ppl file my nails or toes. hell, even when i file my nails, it feels weird. i don't like that feeling at all! lol.

  2. I love red toe nails!!! :D

  3. That reminds me, I have to add TFS nail polish to my shopping list when I go back to Malaysia for the holidays :p

    But girl! Red nails! So so hot ;)

  4. Spankedelic *high five* I hate hate hate filing nails as well!!! I seldom do that as I always have this feeling that the cuticle will be "exposed" hahaha and I hate the sound of it!!!

    Liz, I usually have really dark toe nails as it makes your feet really cute! :)

    Tine, I believe Elianto sells good nail polish as well! I have both, TFS and Elianto and both of them are great!!! :) By the way, when are you planning your vacay back to Malaysia? I am thinking about VINCCI!!! awww

  5. The red nails are simply *sssiiiizzzling* ma dear...but I'm such a clutz at applying nail polish, I think I'll have to let the pros do it! :)

    You and Tine...tsk tsk...what are you two waiting for?!? COME TO MALAYSIA!! (It'll be a smorgasboard of shopping and eating, for sure!)

  6. ohh Beetrice, you unleased the devil!!! Food!!!! aaaaaaaccckkk!!! I ate like a pig when I was in malaysia but I didn't add on any pounds as we walked from 6am til 2am! hahaha well of course..we do have stopovers you know! hahaha gosh, I can still remember the food court and the food, the noodles...yumm!!!

  7. I like to mix it up. I don't paint my finger much, so I go wild with my toes!!!

    I like to paint my toes in jewel tones in the winter, so deep purple, midnight blue, ruby red, and even emerald green! But in the summer, I tend to go for pastel colours. And of course, French tips are always a classic!

  8. ooooh bloddy red nails, love it! i also got a nail polish from TFS which is a hot pink but i only used it once haha. am too lazy to do my own mani- and pedi-, the salon gets my money on that hehe.

  9. That such a nice red, very sophisticated and chic!! I love wearing red on my toes (n fingers too) hehe

  10. liz, whoah! that's a good info about yourselves loving accessories, and loving different colors of polishes! "Feisty!" LOL

    Mhean, sometimes, well most of the time, i'm lazy to do my own nails but funny thing, I'm consistent doing my mom's nails! WEEKLY pa!

    Nic Nic, I am starting to use dark colors on my finger nails too :) I am loving bright colors so much! :)


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