Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Hubby's New Baby

Finally!!! My dear hubby Keith who is a "die hard" photography fan FINALLY!!! After years of research bought himself a new SLR camera! Woohoo!!! The supportive husband finally had his time to shine!!! I am so happy for him!!! I was the li'l angel (or devil) who was pushing him to buy the new camera for him to fulfill his dreams of being a pro-photographer!

Here's the new Canon 40D...

Here's how his baby looks like up close..awww..isn't he handsome?

Side by side with an oldie "film" camera. (not sure the series)
but the good part?

Both lenses can be used to each other!!!!

See? Cameras do know how to "cam whore" too!!!

I am so happy for him!
He's been super supportive to me on my dream on being a make-up artist.
Now, I have the chance to be supportive to him!!! Yay!!!!
I seldom see him want something so badly..
well.except for..Laptop..mobile phone...accckk!!! His likings are sooo expensive!

Now..we have to save up for those accessories!
Darn! it's not only Make-up that's expensive!

Have a great day everyone!

Your askmewhats,


  1. wow i love the camera! just a passerby, nice blog!!

  2. das ist teuer eh ? :) lol

  3. Fat & Thin Girl, thanks for passing by, hope to see you more soon!

    Finch, it took me some time to get it..but yes, to answer your question, it is a bit pricey but worth the investment :)

  4. congrats to the hubby! i can totally related that men are more expensive with their hobbies (cough toys cough)... hmn, maybe that's why my hubby tolerates my makeup addiction haha. he's afraid i will cut his. :D

  5. i mean relate* haha am such a dork. >:(

  6. woah nice camera! I want an SLR cam one day.. they are really expensive >_<

  7. mhean, guys' hobbies are so expensive no? hahha , well as long as they're not into make up *winks* kundi..."uh-oh!"

    Nic Nic, they are expensive, and prof cam companies always come out with newer model and you'll go.."damn! y didn't i wait?" hahaha

  8. great camera.. i am going to make sure Mr. A doesn't see this post (he reads my blog) because he is into photography as well and plans to buy a new camera, despite the fact that he has a nice, relatively new camera that he seldom uses. :-p

  9. Congrats to the hubby!! Nikki, you did a great job pushing him to get this! I'm not sure you know but once upon a time, i was a gadget freak and still woulddie to have one this.. maybe even two!0

    should i consider myself lucky that my bf doesn't have a "toy/hobby"?

  10. this is the new cam?! waaah! inggit ako! keith, after your lessons give me pointers ha?! wehehe! i should save up fast na talaga para makabili na ko cam.

  11. my boyfriend keeps on complaining about how i spend my money with makeup/skincare and that i buy a lot etc etc without finishing the other ones, then i ask him, oh yah you just buy one every 2 months but its like thrice the price of what i buy?! and he's like but what i buy are not consumables these would be with me for keeps! --- well he did have a point but blaaaah boy will always be boys. ♥


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