Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Carmex Lip Balm

** Available at PCX for approx Php85.00 ($2.00)

I know a lot of readers out there LOVE their Carmex Lip Balm. I bid goodbye to my Kiehl's No. 1 lipbalm for a couple of weeks to give this baby a "proper" review. I've used this every morning, middle of the day and night time.

What do I have to say about this ?

Well, it's so so. I wouldn't go crazy jumping up and down for this product. I road tested this on my hubby as well (for guy's point of view --- yeah! guys do use lip balm as well...well..if they have wives like me LOL)

Askmewhats says ---

  • affordable
  • very minty (for this mint version), this minty feeling lasts longer than regular minty balms
  • tastes ok, not yucky
  • soothing (as stated)

  • the balm is a bit dry
  • It dries my hubby's lips more than him not using a lip balm at all
  • Doesn't "heal" as written in their box

It could just be me, that I have super dry lips that needs extra TLC, but this product could be great for those born with lovely lips! For extra dry lips like mine, move on and give other lip balms a try!

Will I repurchase?

Sorry...but NO

I know I know! It's my fault!
I have lip products that works for me
Why do I need to try on others?
Like I said, it's the curiosity in me..
and curiosity does kill your budget!

Want to check out other lip balms I've tested?

Smile and say "Lipbalms!"


  1. ooooooooh i love regular carmex but right now i just use mac's lip conditioner. that works well for me. the mac tendertones really conditions my lips, too! i like both of those

  2. i love your lip balm reviews! i guess it works differently for different people.

    blistex lip tone works for me the best, because i don't like wearing lipstick. it's very practical too, just top it off with a little lip fusion and i'm all set! haha!

    i can't wait to try the other blistex "roll-on" haha!

  3. for a moment i tot its caramel lip balm. kekeke. i have never seen this brand in msia though. i always spend on new products and end up wasting money also :(

  4. Carmex is alright. I'm in love with my blistex and shea butter lip balm by modedevie though. Oh lip balm, how can I live w/o thee...LOL...sounds like somebody!!! HAHA

  5. It didn't work for me too. I think it it was the taste I couldn't get used to.

  6. I have the Strawberry flavored one and yes, you're right. While I do love the smell and tingly minty feel of it, it doesn't really moisturise the lips well. MAC lip conditioner is much better for me.

  7. Spankedelic, now I'm so interested to try on MAC lip conditioner! really good? We don't have MAC tendertones here yet....

    Sab, the blistex roll on one for me tastes funny, but it is manageable :) give it a try! Really better than the Waxy type ! The roll on one is liquid!

    PRettybeautiful, the color is just weird right? I was expecting a regular balm looks...weird! hahhaa but it tastes ok..just doesn't do it's purpose! :)

    eBeautyblog, hmm...glad you've found your HG lip balm! You even managed to be a ROMEO , that must be something!

    Jiejie, taste is ok, mint is ok, but it's just drying!

    Nikkiz, another MAC Lip conditioner fan! hmm..i really have to give it a try ! Ooohh I was choosing between the strawberry and minty, but I was unsure about those flavors and I hate weird flavors on lips !

  8. I use Burt's bee :P and it works fine I'm using 2nd one from Burt's bee and I like it alot. Carmex didn't work on me either. My lip is very sensitive. I am allergic to chapstick, carmex. I get blister all over on my lips if I use them, I think some kinda ingredient do that to me. :P I like Nivea lip care also (tube type) :)

  9. Great review! I've never been a fan of Carmex. It was always too stinky for me so it's great that they are adding a little scent to it.

  10. ohh i used to like carmex, except it came in a squeezable tube! i kept losing it so i stopped buying it lol.

  11. Nabi, oowww I love Burt's bees too!!! But I hate the lifeguard's choice. I can't even finish it up til now! Too drying! Sorry about your allergies! If I failed to use a lip balm for a day, would have rashes all over my lips!

    B, thanks. I am glad you appreciate the review.

    NicNic, hmm..Carmex from squeezable tube? never seen it! that'll be cool to check it out :)

  12. o my! what an experience. pasaway kasi tayo. i'm not all that with my carmex as well but it helps naman condition my lips during makeup application. it makes my lipstick smoother to aplly. but i find that my khiel's til do the best job. so i agree with you with this one. :)

  13. Never tried carmex :P but it's true, curiosity does KILL your budget!

  14. thanks for the review! i love it! curiosity kills your budget! indeed it does!

  15. ooh i've never seen this flavor before. do you know if this one has petroleum in it?

  16. Gee, I have seen a couple of people in the blog world using the Carmex (but the tin can version) so I'm wondering if it works better than this?

    Yummy411, you're very much welcome!!! Reviews really helps me manage my budget! lol (not unless I am the one doing the review)

    Lily, Yes, I've checked and Petroleum is included in their ingredients! Is there anything about petroleum that you like? or don't like?

  17. haven't heard of this product yet lol but i prolly won't try it out 'cause a) am in love with MAC lip conditioner and b) i trust Chapstick as an alternative. great review Nikki! :D

  18. Mhean, I knew it! I knew you're loving MAC lip conditioner! When I talk about MAC lip conditioner, i always think about you coz I know you swore on it!

  19. Thanks for this review! I've always been tempted to try Carmex and I still might. Here where I am at, they only have the regular flavor and Cherry.

  20. Fabu-less, do give them a try! I think it just doesn't work for me and the "air conditioned" environment I'm in :) tell me if it works for you! :)

  21. Hello Nikki,
    I hope that Carmex is not too late to change your mind, and your heart.

    I am the distributor of Carmex lip balm here in the Philippines. I hope to give you other variants of Carmex lip balm for you to road test. Hope you'll find one that will suit you.

    I think the reason you find the Mint flavor drying is because of the SPF30.

  22. Unified Wellness, thank you so much for your comment. No worries, I always give products a second chance and I don't get affected with the product brand just because one product doesn't work, I just need to try different variants as I was told the others are better. Thanks :)

  23. Maybe you can try the Carmex cherry flavored one in the pot, not the tube/stick... it is MUCH MUCH better! it smells like cherry kool-aid, though...but it doesnt bother me. I use it at night and my lips feel like magic in the morning. It is my HG lip balm, along with MAC lip conditioner :)

  24. Thank you so much Gheenia for sharing! I appreciate it, I will definitely give Carmex another try :) I'll keep that in mind :)


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