Thursday, July 3, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Curly Waterproof Mascara

I have been using the P&J Curly mascara for months now!
I've used both in brown and black.
What can I say about this? read on!

Available at Paul & Joe Rustan's Makati for Php 1,375 (approx USD32.00)

** Here's my before and after shot, both with eyeliner
Top- Before Bottom- After
(I did not curl my lashes)

Askmewhats says ---

  • Does its job curling
  • does not clump
  • doesn't smudge (waterproof)

  • expensive
  • doesn't lenghten

I haven't found my HG mascara yet but this is one mascara I am comfortable and always reach out to. I have to say with my "type" of lashes, I can only settle down to falsies as my lashes are super short and invisible! I am honestly lazy to put on mascara as I don't like rubbing my eyes with eye makeup remover (due to my eye allergies before). I usually put on mascara on days that I feel like it.

Will I repurchase?

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These are the 3 brands I rotate, I would love to try on other brands!
Any suggestions?
I'm thinking about Cover Girl Lash Blast? Yay or Nay?


  1. Hi Nikki, remember the 'random facts' tag from a while ago? Did you ever get round to listening to my version? I was cleaning up my blog today and realised, to my horror, that the audio box in that post was missing... I don't know when it disappeared, but I've put it back in, so if you didn't see it last time, go back and listen to it now! :) (I've embedded the link here with my name.)

  2. Hey Nikki, nice review! I would recommend in investing/using a lash base/primer, it helps to thicken the lashes, and probably lengthen it too. It'll probably help to hold the curls... it does the bulk of the work :D

  3. People like us, non-existing eyelashes, need volume and length. Out of the three mascaras you showed, I like the Maybelline best on you. It shows volume which makes you look like you have some eyelashes to show off... sexy~ ;)

  4. Liz, thanks! yeah! i listened to it way back, i listened to it again!!!! I commented again! thanks for the reminder!!!

    NicNic, true true, I need to invest one right? Hmm..the primer that I've used before probably are not that good coz I ended up having really thick but "spider web" looking lashes! LOL thanks nicnic, any recommendation?

    Alyssa, thanks!! I've used Maybelline the most number of tubes! I've used a total of 5 or more! I don't know why I keep searching for others (curiosity again) but I've found people commenting on my lashes when I use the maybelline one. I guess I am still on the look out of..maybe..something better! Thanks Alyssa, this helps my decision making :D

  5. i think its very hard to find a perfect mascara for my really short lashes :(

  6. their packaging is really cute though... haha. i'm such a sucker for packaging! if it's pretty, i'll buy it. ugh! haha

  7. Hmm... I wonder how this will work on me - short sparse lashes. Pretty packaging though. Very un-mascara :)

  8. I'm another one lacking in the lashes dept..sigh..but I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging.. :p

  9. I love curling mascaras. They're perfect for those days when I'm too lazy to curl my lashes or when I can't find my curler! The Paul & Joe looks good.

  10. Prettybeautiful, true, it is hard for all of us to look for a perfect mascara for lashes like ours. I have a friend, her lashes her super long and full, I've used "any" mascara on her and it all boils down to one..."FABULOSITY"!!!

    Lily, same here! P&J caught my attention because of their packaging and their cute "shop" :D *high five!*

    Parisb, yeah, packaging is so cute! I wouldn't want to throw anything from P&J when I used up their products! BTW, I did tell you that I was so happy to learn just this weekend that they have refills for their compact!!! yay!!!!

    Beetrice, join the club! "the Packaging WHORE!" lol

    Psychoexgf, I was surprised! I always thought when you say curling, you have to curl your lashes still and the mascara will "hold" the curl, I never thought there will be such mascara that would curl my lashes! I guess because my lashes are too "sparse" and "thin" and short that it's easy to do anything you want! BRUSH it..and you'll lose your lashes!!! oopss! <--- not that

  11. i miss your posts, Nikki!

    i did not even have time to visit the blogs of my sisses the past few days. :-(

    by the way, i found P&J here. you're featuring more than a few of their products so I might as well give 'em a try. :-)

  12. My Fellow Nikki!!

    May I recommend the Shiseido Mascara Base? That thing makes ANY mascara GOLD!! I love it. If you didn't want to use a base, I'd definitely recommend Maybelline's Colossal for Volume or L'Oreal Telescopic for lengthening. I have yet to find a mascara that does both but those are the mascaras that I switch back and forth.

  13. this is love!! but i could never ever make myself buy an expensive mascara.. ooohh! finally, something you can't influenced me! lol!!

    kelan tayo meet? :) let's set up a date na. :)

  14. Liz, thanks for dropping by! don't worry I do understand you're very busy!!! So having you dropping by my blog makes me feel so special! thanks, do check out P&J especially their eyebrow pencils!!!

    Dear Nikki (you have such wonderful name! LOL) Thanks for the recommendation, I will give shiseido a try and I have seen L'oreal telescopic here but not the Maybelline Colossal! (not sure if Colossal will be available here). Yay, thanks for the recommendation, that's big help

    Shen, you're the one studying! so you do let me know when you have free time!!! And we can work out the schedule from there! I'm game! Kahit dinner! Or lunch! You're at ortigas area right?

  15. Whoaaa! What an expensive mascara! State-side, you can get a chanel with that price. But I do love P&J packaging.

  16. if there is a product i won't try out if it's too expensive is a mascara. even on MAC i am passing on their mascara. :D but the packaging is uber cute!

  17. May I recommend Fiberwig? LOL, after seeing cocojay's review I don't know if you would want to risk it. But seriously I'm loving the mascara so much now. Although I'm only using it for a little over 2 weeks, I'm already thinking of converting! If you're searching for a base. Do look into lancome cils booster. It gives you crazy length and thickness plus it contains vitamin e!!!

  18. JieJie, yeah, this is super expensive! But I have to let you know that I got mine on sale! less 20% so I bought this around Php900 (approx $25.00) hmm..still expensive, but this honestly is the most expensive mascara I have!

    Mhean, you don't need expensive mascara coz you've got great looking lashes! heheeh I honestly don't know why I bought this coz I dont' usually spend much on mascara or a single make up as well! OOOooohhh I remember, I was eyeing for their free luggage! LOL Their luggage is so cute! So there! Lol

    Ebeautyblog, Ohh I would love to try fiberwig, but I have to either wait til I go to HK or I have to order from sasa. I am actually wondering why we don't have those products here! Thanks for all the tips! thanks too as you're helping me spend more! LOL *hugs* I'm just joking girl!

  19. That's an expensive mascara! Love the packaging, though.

  20. Ouch! That's more than the price of Diorshow!

    Lash Blast actually isn't bad, especially for the price. Max Factor 2000 calories is a great volumizing one, too.

    You should definitely try layering mascara to get your desired length and volume. Make sure to layer a waterproof one last to hold the curl!

  21. it's sinking into me...I have bought such an expensive mascara!!! *groans*

    Emilee, I know!!! I didn't even think about that! I was just pushing myself to reach a target amount to get freebies! LOL now I'm guilty!!!! :( Thanks for the suggestion, I've tried layering mascara! it does work but I find it a bit hard to remove lol so I'm too lazy to do that, just on special occasions I guess :) thanks dear


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