Thursday, July 3, 2008

From Malaysia With Love

When I started blogging, I also started learning about make-up and I realized a lot products are available out there and a lot of them are out of my reach!

I was reading a Seventeen magazine one day and I always make sure to check what make-up the cover model is using. I've seen a cute e/s called Bourjois. Bourjois is a French drugstore brand and I've seen a lot of my fellow bloggers talking about their products and your askmewhats can't really relate and if I can't relate? ....I get curious!

A wonderful fellow beauty blogger/friend/angel emailed me to tell me she'll be sending over some of her Bourjois e/s. When she said some..I was thinking 1 or 2 the max. After more than 2 weeks! I finally got the package from her..and I was so surprised with the wonderful gifts she sent me! Now I have more e/s to play with!

Thanks my dear Malaysian Friend *hugs*
I do appreciate the gift and what touched me more
is the little note from you

You know who you are.... *BIG HUGS*

La Femme e/s Quad
2 Milani e/s (L-R Golden Bronze and Rich Chocolate)
3 Bourjois e/s (L-R Bleu Surprenant, Beige Rose, Bleu Myosotis)

Of course!
What's the use of having e/s without swatches?
(I can't wait to use them! Experiment time!)

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
these are MILANI!!!!

La Femme Quad
They look 'blah' on the quad
but when I swatched them... my mouth goes "O"

Ain't that pretty? I can see tiny specks of gold/shimmer
Love it!

I can't believe it! I had such long and tiring week and such sweet action done by this wonderful person really made my day! I forgot how tired I am and my wonderful hubby forgot how tired he is and took his camera right away to take photos of these lovely gifts!

My dear friend, you made me and my hubby happy!!!! Thanks!!!


  1. awww that was nice of her to do that! enjoy the goodies!

  2. That's nice of her to do that! :) You know I will be waiting for EOTD/FOTD with these eyeshadows. ;)

  3. She is so sweet, I didn't know that Bourjois is drugstore brand, why is it so expensive though =/ Yay you got milani also, good for you :)

  4. what a sweetheart! i love how friendly and generous everyone is here. :D hope you enjoy your new toys! can't wait to see you use them!

  5. that's very sweet of her! can't wait for your reviews =)

  6. the la femme palette looks gorgeous!

  7. Anne, yes she's super nice! can't believe it!

    Alyssa, I'll definitely play with this! lol and will show you the result!

    Nabi, I know! I was quite surprised its a drugstore is expensive for us but maybe not too expensive for those living there! I know!!! MILANI!!!! I want them all!

    Tracy, yup people are friendly and I am surprised a lot of people "do care"

    Yellow fever, will definitely do reviews on them :)

    Lily, I have read about Lafemme but never thought it would be gorgeous!

  8. I wait to see what you make of these! :D

  9. wow! it definitely will make someone's day! :) she is a sweetheart!

  10. Paris B, i can't wait to play with those goodies! Will post some looks I've created soon!!!

    Sab, yes, she is such a sweetheart, you do know how bad my week is and she made my week way better! :D

  11. wow how nice of her. i bet u have 1k colors of e/s now? :P i have never used this brand before, can't wait to see them on your eyes!

  12. What a great package! Are the Burjois e/s cream or powder? For some reason, they look like they're creams.

    p.s. thanks for the super sweet compliment, my dear! You are far too kind. :)

  13. Prettybeautiful, no no..never got into 1K! never gotten into 100! But i don't plan to get that much as it'll just be wasted :)

    Emilee, Bourjois e/s is in powder, they are baked, but they do look like cream on photos! :)
    P.S. You're welcome! I honestly meant every word I said

  14. Awww that's sweet of her. I'd love to have friends like that...send me gifts every once in a while...yep, that's all I needed in a friend HAHA. jk. Those are some gorgeous colors!!

  15. wow freebie makeup is the bomb! i envy you!

    *calling all moiheartsmakeup readers*


  16. I love Bourjois! How do you like it? I have that Beige Rose e/s. It's great as a highlighter or all over base colour. Enjoy your new toys! :P

  17. aww that was so sweet of her! Enjoy the products! Can't wait for the review

  18. eBeautyblog, you are so funny!

    Mhean, I think I should be the one calling you for free MAC makeup!!! You're like the goddess of mac! you get to have collections earlier than anyone of us here in PI!

    Liz, when I think of Bourjois, I think of you! I can't believe I have my hands on them! I have been WANTING..LEMMING to try them when I read so much good stuffs about them!!! I'm glad I got your favorite color! it looks really great as a Base as I can see :)

    Gio, I am really surprised to have such sweet person who went all the way for this!

  19. Wow! How generous friend you've got there sis Nikki! Hmmm... I can see someone spending so much time infront of her mirror... Ha ha ha!

  20. wooww lucky u.. i'm wondering.. how can she get borjouis e/s since it's not sold in here in malaysia?
    because i'm one of borjouis fans!! used to buy a lot in australia, but here, they're not available.. :(
    anyway, as usual, will be waiting for your experiment with those make up!! ^^

  21. Gracie! I am NOT spending time in front of my mirror! I WILL spend time in front of the mirror..probably later! LOL *shhhhh*

    Maria, I think maybe she asks someone to help buy her some! :) Really? You're a bourjois fan??? I guess Bourjois really have to be available in Asia as a lot of people are lemming! That's one good/bad thing about reading blogs, before, I just know products that are available in my country, but now, I learn so much products across the globe that are great and I am wanting them!!! I know your feeling Maria! *come on..let me give you a hug*

  22. Oooooh more makeup to play with. I love moments like this :p


  23. Yes tine! I love make-up to play with! I played already! and it's FUN!!!!

  24. I want to try bourjois, they said it's the drugstore brand of Chanel


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