Friday, July 4, 2008

Thevi Cosmetics

** note: HEAVY POST

I was contacted by Thevi Cosmetics to do a review on their products. First thing I do? I check their website. I was a bit hesitant at first as the first thing I check is the shipping. Do they ship internationally? And wait a minute, do they know where I am located?

I sent an email to Connie at once telling her I'm not from the US and I'm located in one of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines (lol, of course I just stated it in simpler terms --- I am from Manila, Philippines!) Connie said it's still ok and she wanted me to do a review for their products.

I am a researcher, a super curious researcher! I've read about the Thevi brand and understand their company mission. What caught my eye is this

Inner Beauty Made Visible

I said yes and I'll definitely do an in-depth review on this for consumers like me who wants to buy products that are "worth it" and products that would bring out the inner beauty in us!

And this package is one example of inner beauty --- what's beautiful are inside LOL
(gosh I am joking again!)

The Lovely Box Wonderful brochure with all product information and prices!
I also received a lovely letter from the president of Thevi Cosmetics
Ms. Thevaki Thambirajah

We have to take a photo of the back of the brochure as they obviously took time and a lot of effort in creating this wonderful brochure. I like it that they included in the brochure the different product lines with different color selections! I don't need to open the website again and again just to check out the colors/prices/products!

Here's what I got for review :

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 in Sandy Beige ($32.00)
Triple Split e/s in Venice ($22.00)

Matte e/s no. 231 ($20.00)

High Impact Lipstick in Sequin ($22.00)

and Thevi Dome Blush ($38.00)

And of course! The swatches!
(note: In-depth review will be coming out soon!)

A lot of things to do...

Thank goodness weekend's here!

Happy Friday to all Asian readers...

and weekend is coming soon to the rest of the world!!!


  1. oh yay, free makeup and brush!! the brush looks really nice ;)

  2. I can't wait for your review on the makeup! :)

  3. Yay for free products! That's awesome that they contacted you to try out their products.

  4. I mistaken that pink eyeshadow as blush! But i think i'll be using it as a blush anyway i dont do pinks on my eye lids! haha

    How do you like the liquid mineral foundation?

  5. I was contacted by them too, to do a review. But I only received 2 products, LOL!!! I got a blush and powder compact. Man, I want a brush!! LOL...they jipped me :P

  6. Wish I was contacted lol it's alright I'm a newbie =/

  7. Nicnic, first touch and feel, the brush is promising! But i have to wash it and use it for a week to be able to see if it really works!

    Alyssa, I can't wait to use them! I did use the e/s trio and matte pink (as blush) today, I'll keep mum for now as it's still too early to tell! *winks*

    Fabu-less, I know! I was surprised, it just made me feel warm that a company do trust my judgment and know that I'll definitely be straightforward about their products

    Elizabeth, I don't use that kind of pink on my lids as well..but trust me..for the sake of review, I'll do it! But I'm using it now as a blush!!! Liquid mineral..I love the feel but the color is wrong on me! I would probably chase my friends who's got darker skin tone than mine! I'll let you know how it goes

    Gee!!!! Ohhhh I want a blush, when I saw the reviews of the fellow bloggers who has done a thevi review and saw how much they love the blush! I wanted one too!!!! No worries, I'll let you know how to brush goes!

  8. Yay free stuff! And it looks really nice too! Review asap pls.

  9. wow nikki! :) we can't wait for the review!

    and they contacted you! that's a BIG thing! i can't help but feel proud! :)

  10. Ohhhh, I'll be on stand-by for the review.

  11. hi nikki!
    so happy to see u got some new stuffs! :)
    this brand is new to me, so i'm very very so looking forward to hear your reviews about this product.. :)

  12. Psychoexgf, yes, I'll review them this weekend for sure! :)

    Sab, awww you're such a sweetheart, thanks for being proud for me! *hugs*

    B, sure do! Kindly check back soon!

    Maria, yeah, this brand is definitely new! :) Please do check back from time to time for the review :)

  13. I love the lipstick color!

  14. wow!!!im so proud of you sweetie!!!! i bet that brush is great eh? looks really promising nga. ill wait for ur revieew:)

  15. I got a small package, too. :) While the things do look promising, I have to admit that the prices are rather high. But, I guess we'll find out if it's worth it in a little while. :)

  16. ooohhh!! i love freebies! and doing reviews

    can't wait to see your review on this. :) i've been in search of a gud mineral liquid foundation. :)

  17. Katy, I can't wait to use the lipstick as well, good thing it's a color that I would most likely use :)

    Dyan-ism, thanks dear, I'll do a review soon! :)

    Shen, I'll keep you updated on the mineral liquid foundation :)

  18. WOW, the design on the brochure is HOT! Can't wait for your review.

  19. why am i not contacted?! haha kidding.

    again, freebie makeup! very cool! ;)

  20. same here! paging thevi cosmetics, im available, i have loads of free time to do a review.. mwahahahaha.. just kidding! principal nikki (hekhekhek), i want their blush, is that as small as MAC's?

  21. yay free makeup! it's great that they contacted you. Can't wait for the reviews

  22. eBeautyblog, yup! I love their brochure! It's really eye catchy!

    Mhean, you'll be contacted by MAC! You should be!

    Dianatan, no, it's not a blush! It's actually a MATTE eyeshadow, it's too pink and the color looks more like a blush, so I'm happy I can use it as a blush! I did use it as a blush today! I'll do a proper review soon!

    Gio, hold on tight, I will be doing the reviews soon! :)

  23. Wow! How do you manage to get a great haul like that?... for nothing! I'm gobsmacked!

  24. the products look interesting..

    awwwwe.. you're in demand, Nikki ;-)

  25. Gracie...I don't know! I honestly felt surprised as well!

    Liz, it is interesting!!! I am NOT in demand sis! you're the busy one! You are in demand that you don't even have the time to blog!!! (BLEH!! :P) hehehe thanks liz..i appreciate you saying that! Warm feeling to my heart *winks*

  26. heyyyy finally you got them huh? I like the lippy & eyeshadow trio, the blush I got is also nice, although its way darker than yours hehehe. Can't wait for ur review nikki ; )

  27. nice.. site i always visit and read your blogs. can you please add my blog too.

  28. Nanzy, I was surprised I got them in about 2 weeks or a bit more, but it was way faster than my Cherry Culture! I will be reviewing them soon!!! I am actually using their products for 2 days straight to give it a proper review :)

    Philwebsupport, thanks

  29. wow sikat ka na nikki! lol...thanks for the review! ;)

  30. Hi everyone, thanks for the amazing enthusiasm! Check in at our new company blog at for weekly promotions, giveaways, and beauty tips!

    -Thevi Cosmetics
    ~Inner Beauty Made Visible~

  31. I can't wait for your review on the makeup..great posting



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