Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Paul & Joe "Freebie" Luggage

A lot of my readers are probably wondering how I got a hold on a lot of Paul & Joe goodies.
I don't work for Paul & Joe, Paul & Joe doesn't pay me to do reviews for their products...
I have my own reasons...
One of them would be --- I am in love with their products because they work for me
But why all the hauls and stocking up???
I will tell you my deep dark secret....
It started with their luggage....
I call it...Love at first Sight!

When I attended their CAS cosmetic fair, they have a wide range of products on sale and a lot of freebies! (Yes, it is a great marketing tool, a very effective one) I attended the fair armed with a list of products I need (which ain't long I assure you), but everytime I am ready to leave, they have a freebie to show me but I have to reach a certain amount. I am not a weak person, I can easily say "no" and walk away. But just this once...just this once...I got weak on my knees. I have no choice but to stock up on eyebrow pencils, foundation, mascaras, eyeliners, etc...!

Just to get this!

Here's how it looks like inside

I've used this for make-up gigs as I am such an "OC" person, I would also bring hair dryer, hair brushes, clips, gel, mousse, etc... I don't do hair professionally but I'm a "girl scout" *salutes*

I am not being defensive or anything...
but yeah...
blame it on the luggage!


  1. I did not know that they make luggage ! What kind of material is that on outside ? hope it doesn't get dirty easily. You got up so early and post this !! I forgot that it's saturday over there :) Have a great weekend ate !

  2. That's one awesome GWP! I've never seen this kind of stuff to be given for free. I can't blame you for not resisting.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's adorable! I don't think companies here give out more than makeup bags, lol.

    I'm afraid to much did you end up getting in order to get the luggage?! You don't have to answer if you don't want to. :P

  4. cute luggage!
    i might do the same if i were you.. hehe stock up on their products (since they're working well on my skin) to get this luggage.. :)
    i also did this before but to estee lauder.. so i got their pretty leather hand luggage.. :) but all of them had been handed in to my mum.. (guess for me, it was jz an impulsive buying.. ^^)

  5. what a pretty luggage nikki!

    i love the colors. and i understand the weakness. been there! haha. that luggage is so worth it!

  6. Nabi dear, it does get dirty!!!! So it'll definitely need a lot of TLC! Now that I'm not using it, i covered it with plastic so it wont' get dirty <--- that's the downside, but it's FREE! lol

    Jiejie, yup! That's like the ultimate! they've told me about freebies and I seldom gave in, only this

    Emilee, no worries! hmm..let me calculate! That was a special "fair" and for their "first anniversary" here in Manila. I have to spend Php8,000 or (approx $180) That's why I stocked! lol

    Maria, well at least that was sweet of you to give them to your mom! at least it's not wasted!

    Sab, thanks! I felt better, I thought I was too weak! lol

  7. Wow! This is extremely cool! Show it to me sis when we meet :)

  8. $180 for this freebie? OH MY...I would stock up anytime. Plus you're in love with the product too, so it's a win win situation!!! I love the flower design and color combo...they're so fab!!!

  9. That is soo pretty!! Love the color and the flower design.

  10. Gracie, what? How can I show this to you when we meet? :( That's a big big ! lol Kaw ha!

    ebeautyblog, yes, it is definitely a win win situation! I wasn't keen on spending more than $100 worth of cosmetics, but my hubby was telling me I'll buy again since I use their products religiously, so why not stock up? Which is so true.

    Gio, thanks, I love the design, and that design puts me in trouble!

  11. What a cute luggage! I especially like the blue. I love blue! :)

  12. hey! they do ship internationally. there's a list of where they ship to and their rates here

    hope that helps!

  13. Alyssa, yup! I know you like blue..and I know why, you look good in blues!

    Lily, thanks for answering the question :) *hugs* Now I'm looking at the site every now and then, thinking if i should give in or not as a lot of colors that are "in demand" are sold out!

  14. ooohhhh... prettyy... i would have been like a kid in a candy store if i saw this too! yeepp!

    i purposely look harag and poor everytime i go out to buy MU because i don't like bein bothered by a lot of SA's. :) hehehe! that way i get only the stuff i need... online shopping, now that's a whole of difference. :)

  15. I WANT THIS LUGGAGE! SO DAINTY! :) ( all caps means im getting hyper with just looking at it ! )

  16. Shen, I get bothered too at some SA's at times because they get too pushy! siguro that's one reason i love P&J too because their SA's are not pushy, if I say I have it, they don't push you to buy more! they do offer, but that's just it! :)

    Fabu-less, yeah, this cute luggage gets me in trouble Lol can have it!!!! you'll have one!!!! *positive thinking* :D glad you're back!!! You looked gorgeous!


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