Sunday, July 6, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Thevi Triple Split Shadow and Matte Shadow

A lot of readers thought the PINK shadow is a blush, I can't blame them, I myself thought it was a blush the first time I saw this.

I have used these 2 products for 2 days straight and I can say, I can do a review on this. I will definitely be using this to other people as well. So if there will be any changes, I will definitely report back!

Here's my EOTD using the Thevi Triple Split Shadow in Venice. I numbered them so you'll see how I've used them! NOTE: No base was used, I just applied the e/s directly

** No. 4 I've used the Thevi Matte Shadow in Pink

Here's the result

I've also used the Thevi Matte Shadow in Pink
as my

Here's my newly made-up eyes

And here's how it looks like after 8hours of shopping and dinner
yup, no creasing, no fading

** sorry, I didn't adjust the camera setting already so it looks yellow
in real life, it still looks the same as the original photo

Thevi Cosmetics says ---

Matte Shadow ($20.00)

For everyday seduction, nothing beats the power of an artfully made up eye. This vibrant, velvet-smooth color glides on quickly, blends easily and stays fresh and crease-free for hours. In shades that show up on darker skin. Long lasting, triple-milled powder is crease-resistant and water-proof. Formulated with skin-conditioning Vitamin C and E. Hypoallergenic. Mineral oil-free.

Triple Split Shadow ($22.00)

Color coordinated eye shadow, for a finished look, in shades that show up on darker skin. Rich, triple-milled colors with a velvety finish glide on smoothly, blend beautifully and cling for hours. Water-proof. Crease-resistant. Formulated with skin-conditioning Vitamin C and E. Hypoallergenic. Mineral oil-free.

Askmewhats says ---

  • the colors are indeed very pigmented
  • very fine and easy to blend, I seriously spent half the time doing my eye make-up
  • definitely crease-free (I did not use any UDPP or base and the photo speaks for itself)
  • the colors stayed on no matter how hot it is here in Manila
  • the packaging is really scratch resistant and very sleek!
  • expensive
  • and even more expensive if I ship internationally


I find the Thevi Triple Split Shadow and the Matte Shadow very luxurious. You can definitely feel the quality of the product as you use them. I find the colors of the Triple Split Shadow really complimented each other and you just can't go wrong. I find the matte shadow in pink works better on my cheeks than my eyes! I have checked with Thevi's Internet Marketing Manager Connie on shipments worldwide and she said Thevi does ship internationally but we have to email them to check on the shipping rates as it depends on how many you will purchase. (so that's a good news to us international readers)

I would love to buy more of their colors but I find due to the price, there will always be some dupes out there. But because of it's crease-resistance and water-proof, I would probably invest on colors that I can use for important events such as weddings.

Will I repurchase?

I think the Triple Shadow has more chance for me to repurchase as you get 3 colors in 1. It will probably boils down to how much their international shipping rate would cost.

Other Thevi products will be reviewed soon!
How'd you like this look?
You be the judge! (please don't do the Simon Cowell on me, ok?)


  1. nice review, the shadow looks really pretty on you! it is a tad expensive for an unknown brand, good job you it free lol xD

  2. wow i can't believe they didn't crease! those must be some serious good quality shadows!

  3. wow it is amazing to see e/s that stick longer than 8 hours and never ceased. bravo!

  4. NicNic, yeah, it is expensive but now I kinda got it why it is expensive!

    Lily, it indeed is seriously good. I love their texture. Lily, thanks for answering my question, I did checked their website after I typed in the question and I saw their shipping rate...too bad it gets too expensive, $0.66/ NYX round lipstick!!! :( I am still thinking right now if I'll give in or not!

    Prettybeautiful, thanks girl, do e/s creases on you most of the time? I would definitely test this to my super oily friends! lol And see how it goes, i'll let you ladies know

    The home spa goddess, thanks, I've already emailed you back :)

  5. : ) me likey the eyeshadows too...the pink looks great on you : ) I chose the green ones instead, coz I dig greens bahahahaha

    you look so pweeety, nikki

  6. those eyeshadows look nice! i like the neutral look you did! very pretty!

  7. No base? wow! the eyeshadow looks great! but yes, a tad expensive. :)

    i like venice on you. :) and yes, the pink e/s is deceiving. :) hehehe!

  8. Good review, I agree with you that the products are quite good but the price is too prohibitive. Love your eye pics!

  9. Pretty as always, and of course you have to add your cute smile! ;)

  10. no primer? wow! that is amazing! i love the colors too! i'm more into neutrals...:)

  11. no creasing without base is awesome... but it is expensive. great review sis and your look is naturally breathtaking. :)

  12. Nanzy, I know!!! the green one you chose matches you, looks great on you! Thanks!!

    Trinh, thanks girl!!! Nice to hear that you like neutrals on me as I love neutrals!

    Shen, yup it is surprisingly good, but true.. :( so expensive! LOL I use the pink matte e/s as blush na! I love it as blush!

    Shades of hue, yup, I saw you reviewing them too! thanks

    Sab, yay for neutral lovers! But I love colors too!!! I just can't go to office with wile looks, maybe I should try surprising the hell out of my officemates?

    Mhean, nice to chat with you this morning!!! Aawww breathtaking???? I only heard that from my hubby!!!! Sweet cheeks! You made me blush!

  13. hahaha! surprise your officemates then! haha. btw, i don't think anyone could dare do a simon cowell on you, you're too nice & sweet!

  14. Sab dear, naku! I can try, they will fall off their seats ! Thanks for the kind words *hugs* we survived the manic monday!

  15. Great review. wow, no creasing withoiut a base, that's great. A tad expensive, though.

  16. Gio, true, it is great! I will give this e/s a try to my oily lids friends lol and i'll report back and see how it goes!

  17. Aww, it's too bad they don't ship outside the US :-(
    Your lucky to have reviewed them (and in fullsizes too!).


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