Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "La Femme" Eyes

This look is dedicated to my wonderful friend who sent me the goodies! She knew this La Femme palette will work well on me <-- as I was told. And thanks for knowing these colors looks good on me. I myself wouldn't have thought! Here's my version of the La Femme eyes. All colors used are from this quad.

Here's the finished look!

Products Used ---

  • Mac Studio Fix NC35
  • Paul & Joe Eyebrow pencil no. 2
  • L'oreal HIP Paint in Secretive
  • La Femme quad
  • Thevi Matte e/s in Pink (as blush)
  • Smashbox Skin Tint (as lipstick)
  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in black

The look I have done is my usual everyday look.
I don't use much products as seen above.
How about you? Do you use a lot of products ? Or as minimal as possible?


  1. Where did you get the la femme palette? The colors look amazing on you. If this is your everyday look, you must look gorgeous everyday! Your skin looks flawless. I actually have to use a lot of product everyday. I have an uneven skin tone and unfortunately consistent blemishes.

  2. very beautiful!

  3. That eyeshadow matches perfect with your face-tone and hair color. I like it alot ;) I don't look very good with these kind of color but you do ! :)

  4. nice e/s! looking good on you! really. as for me, i dont really use a lot of products for my daily make up. jz tinted sunscreen, twincake powder and blush.. (kinda lazy girl hehe)

  5. ooh nikki! it does suits you! :) i love how it brightens your face. :)

    my everyday consists of moisturizer, sunblock, powder, blush and lip gloss. hahaha! :)

  6. I love those colors on you! I just use one quad, duo, etc. Simple looks for work.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, sis. You are rockin' it!

  8. pretty pretty! i love the colors on you nikki!

  9. That is truly amazing how the colours work for you! Thanks for posting :D

  10. it matches your pretty nails too! :)

  11. ammm... i think i use like 3x the number of products everyday haha! uy you used SF your skin looks amazing! i am breaking out these days... boo! :(

  12. The Loreal HIP paint in Secretive is okay. I think it would be better if it was matte though. I haven't used the brush for applying the paint right onto my eyelids cuz it looks so crappy. lol. The bristles of the brush is so stiff and not soft at all.

    I like you look today. It looks soft and pretty. =]

  13. very natural looking! You seriously look like this everyday? girl, you are pretty!!!

  14. Nikki, We don't have access to La femme products here, it was a gift from a friend in Malaysia, I think she got it from the US! you guys should have it there, i believe...

    Trinh, thanks dear!

    Nabi li'l sis, you sure you won't look good in those colors? I find it very nice and easy to apply, give those colors a try! who knows right?

    Maria, you must be pretty not to use extra products..or probably not as crazily make-up craze like i am :D

    Sab, darn you pretty girl! i know how you look like , you don't need make up!!!! *talk to my hand, the eyes ain't reading* LOL Aaaww, pati nails ha? you still remembered my nail post! lol

    THSG, True,duos and quads are perfect to bring! I love that you got a lot of colors in one price as well!

    B, thank you girl! nice to hear it from a "rockin' girl"

    Sis jheng, been missing you! you've been too busy the past few days, how's the hair style class? have you started?

    Parisb, thanks girl! you gave me confidence to wear colors like this with your lovely comments!

    Mhean, sorry about the breakout, maybe the excitement of your hubby coming back?? YEEEHHHEE..tighyawat sa ilong..pati na sa pisngi...LOL

    Erica, thanks..yup, I find secretive to be a bit shimmery and dries pretty quick!

    eBeautyblog, awww...*hugs* well i do wear this types of makeup everyday to work! and yes, i take time to prettify myself for work NOT because I love putting on make up on myself..but I just love playing with make up, I just need more faces! lol

  15. gorgeous as always Nikki! You have such nice skin!

  16. Those colours are lovely on your eyes :)

  17. This is very pretty. The colors look great on you!

  18. wow!! :) you are truly pretty, sis! la femme eye palette looks really good. o why o why must these brands taunt us??? :) they look lovely.. sigh! the pink e/s is really good as a blush eh? :)

  19. Nessa, thanks so much for the comment! *winks* I am still lemming all your crown brushes and your hauls !

    Teeyah, thanks girl!

    Tine, gosh darling! I am still thinking about the way you organize your stuffs!!! You won't need a make-up traincase with the way your organize your stuffs!

    Gio, thanks for dropping by girl!!!

    Shen, a lot of brands are taunting us..it just won't stop calling our names!!!! near or far! hehehe Yup, I love using the matte e/s as blush coz I think matte pink blushes are ok for me! I'm comfortable with it :)

  20. What a great moment of reading blogs.

  21. The palette is very pretty on you! love the blending too :D

  22. Where can you find this brand and is it expensive?

  23. Home equity and gambling, thanks

    Nicnic, thanks girl..isn't it obvious I am addicted to blending? LOL sometimes I blend too much I have to re apply lol

    Fabu-less beauty, I honestly don't know where it's available, my friend sent it to me and If I have the chance I'll ask her where she bought it. I believe it's mostly available online (the last time I checked) :)


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