Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Thevi Dome Blush Brush

When I got my 28 pcs Suesh brush set and the Smashbox Brush Set I thought I wouldn't need another brush no more! That's why no matter what good reviewed brushes I've read, I have never gave in as I always thought I got enough!

One thing I've realized when you're doing make-up to other people (and I mean a lot at the same time), you can NEVER have enough brushes. Especially when you're in a hurry and you don't have time to clean your brushes in between, an extra brush or 2 really takes the stress out!

I am happy to have the chance to review a brush, especially a new brand, at least it's time that I give out information rather than me "leeching" for information from fellow bloggers! LOL (I invented Webster dictionary, don't sue me)

Thevi Dome Blush Brush

This is how it looks like after "it" took a rough shower

This is how it looks like after it dries, and used for 1 week straight!

Thevi Says ---

Blush Brush $38.00

The best tools for the best results: Perfectly balanced, natural bristle brushes for the cheeks. The silky Blush Brush lays down smooth, seamless color.

Askmewhats says ---

  • Smell - doesn't smell too bad, have a hint of "glue-y" smell, but that's just it
  • Feel - very very soft
  • Brush hair - as seen in the first photo, it was packed and firm
  • After washing - I washed it by being rough, washed this with JnJ baby shampoo, and there's no hair fall!
  • After it dries - it came back to it's original shape, no more glue-y smell
  • After several usage - it is fluffy but still firm! I found myself reaching for this every morning
  • again, this is quite expensive for a short handled brush
  • they only have 2 brushes, eyeshadow brush and the blush brush! (I have a feeling they will be making more in the future)


My review could be premature but I'll wash this often and will note down for any major changes. For now, I am impressed with their blush brush, it is firm yet soft, it packs on blush pigment and perfectly transfer it to my cheeks without any streaks!

Will I repurchase?

No, not the blush brush, maybe I'll give the eyeshadow brush a try! I have a feeling this will stay with me as I do take care of my brushes with TLC.

I am doomed!
I am lurking around ebay the past few days!

I am strong! I am strong!
I've survived not checking Cherry Culture, Strawberrynet, Sasa...
I will manage! I am strong *chants*


  1. Hey Nikki, how was your weekend?

    I don't know about switching to another brand of brush yet, I'm just too much in love with my smashbox.

    So you've been lurking around ebay too? be strong dear...telling both myself and YOU!!! LOL

  2. hahahha, goodluck sis. be strong! ;)

  3. ooooh blusher brush! I am newly addicted blush freak, I prefer wearing cheek stain though)

    I have quite a few blusher brushes as well. (While I have only one powder brush, purely for collection) ...I think I like the ones with flat top, (I don't like duo-fiber that much) since they give a more natural and stained look.

    38 bucks sounds a bit steep, but I guess it would be well worth it though (my HG stila #21 sorta broke my piggy bank...but then again my second favorite is only 8 bucks, synthetic hair, but super soft...)

    I think i should buy a bottle of baby shampoo, last time I was playing with my peppermint & rosemary shampoo bar, I turned my Anna Sui Cheek brush into an Afro...but in my heart Burt's Bee> Anna Sui, it's far more functional


  4. oh no! ebay! hahaha. good luck hun!

    and yeah the brush is a bit expensive... do we have it here?

  5. oh my gosh, im feeling you about the "doomed" part. at least you have some will power. i can't help but looking at Cherry Culture and Silk Naturals and im soooo broke. love the brush. $38 better be well worth it!

  6. you better join my new contest!!!!

  7. There isn't enough brushes. You could always buy more... hehe~ :X

  8. HI ebeautyblog, which smashbox are you buying? The red handled? Or those limited edition? you are right though, smashbox brushes are good too!!! I am eyeing for mac brushes, my first purchase would definitely be the stippling brush for foundation :) But I love alternatives especially cheaper ones. Gosh, my weekend went well, a lot of rest happening! LOL YES, be strong to both of us, DO NOT PURCHASE AT EBAY, it's evil! lol

    Jheng, hope to talk to you soon! :) take care

    Citrine, oh no! i can imagine a brush turning into AFRO..not a good change! LOL anyways..i'm glad cheek stains work for you, it doesn't work too well for me..or maybe i'm just lazy! I love using blush powders! I love the blush brush! feels so nice!!!!

    Sab, no we don't have the brush here, but they ship internationally..that's how I got mine!

    Nikki, girl! DOn't look at cherry culture. Always give yourself a reason, I always tell myself..."wait for their sale..if it's not on sale, it's not worth it!"

    Lydia, me too! Brushes are my ultimate tools!!! I made sure to invest on it and take care of them!

    Spankedelic, I'll try!!!! I hope i don't get too busy this whole week! Will let you know!!!! :D

    Alyssa, You are one big enabler! telling me I can always buy more! LOL that's not a good way to treat a "doomed" person! hahaha

  9. I suppose the price of the blush brush is not extremely expensive. I've got MAC blush brush (I forgot how much it cost me... When I shop for my stuff, it's very rare that I look at the price. I just take them to the counter and pay for them). The way I look at things, if they're worth it, I'd pay the money otherwise it's a waste of time. Sorry, I don't mean to sound snob before I get slated here he he he! However, having said that, I'm also up for inexpensive stuff to try (my boyfriend always say never to knock anything off until you've tried them ;)), infact I admit to buying make up from ebay (2 sets of brushes and 120 eye shadow palette and will be featuring them on my page... Ha ha ha! Am I allowed to advertise on your page sis Nikki?)

  10. Gracie, I got your point, if its super worth it definitely! no questions asked! But yeah, if you can find good deals, why not right? as long as quality is not sacrificed :) It's ok ...i would love to see your brushes and eyeshadow palettes you ordered from ebay!!!

  11. I love brushes, you can never have enough. This one is a bit expensive but I guess it is worth it.
    I've been lurking around ebay a lot too lately. Be strong! Both of us.

  12. Nikki! I've missed you! Just dropping by for a quick hello. :) Thank you for the comment you sent about my lola. You're an angel. God bless.

  13. I agree- you can NEVER have too many brushes! They are a great investment!

  14. Gio...are you still strong? LOL I am a good girl, I was surprisingly strong and didn't clicked the BUY now button

    VI !!! HEY!!! Missing you girl!!! Glad you're back and hope to see more of you soon! *hugs*

    Yellow fever, another brush addict!!! yay! let's stand together and be proud! *winks*


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