Thursday, July 10, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Thevi High Impact Lipstick in Sequin

**used without any lip balm or gloss

Thevi Says ---

High Impact Lipstick ($22.00)

Sensual lip color. Advanced formula lipstick with unique chroma-shine technology provides rich color intensity with a super glossy finish that's virtually weightless, yet won't wear off. Plus it's packed with Vitamins A, E and C for anti-oxidant protection and conditioning. In an array of gloriously colorful shades. Hypoallergenic.

Askmewhats says ---

  • moisturizing
  • gives out glossy finish and you don't have the sticky feeling of a lip gloss
  • lovely packaging, sleek and modern
  • like any other lipstick, it doesn't last long


The Thevi High Impact lipstick is a great product with great selection of colors. They've got 8 shades for the time being and all the colors would look great on any skin color! What I love from their lipstick is the added vitamins (especially E) as my lips tend to darken as I use lipstick, so this will not only prettify my lips but it makes my lips healthier!

Will I repurchase?

Yes, it's not drying for a lipstick.

Are you a lipstick girl?

or a gloss girl?

Tell askmewhats!

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  1. I'm a gloss girl (:

    This lipstick looks so beautiful on you. I love that look...can't describe it, but love it!!!

    My weekend was pretty much relaxing at the beach, sunbathed, little shopping here and there. How was your mom's bd? She must be very happy that you're thinking of her all the time!

  2. gloss girl too! i find lipstick too heavy on my lips. but this looks good on you! :)

    i hope you successfully ignored online shopping/browsing today! :)

  3. Girl, you got some lips on you! ;)

  4. that is a gorgeous shade on you! im personally a lipstick girl. i LOVE them. i'm kind of weird and actually wear them as a stain. i'll wear some lip balm (soft lips) and then lightly dab on a couple of strokes of my favorite lippie L'oreal Colour Riche in Plum Brulee aaaaaand i swear by it, it gives me the prettiest stain. and the best part is that it stays on for hours!

  5. i am a lip gloss fan. i thought the color looks darker on your hand but it looks nice on your lips.

  6. ebeautyblog..aww..thanks girl! I originally didn't like it much but after several uses, it looks ok for me now :) lol had a great weekend, a lot of rest huh! i am waiting for this weekend again!

    Sab, I'm a gloss girl too ..due to my dry lips, but since I've got thick lips, I should use lipstick more often! as glossy will magnify the size of my lips! lol I saw your haul! you didn't do online shopping but you shopped by walking!!! LOL

    Alyssa, thanks girlfriend! sweetness, the lips is actually one of the biggest problem, due to its dryness, costs me a lot of money too lol

    NIkki, I understand fully about the lipstain thingy, I always wear my lipstick with balm before the lipstick! Coz of my dry lips, that's why I'm quite surprised with how moisturizing the lippy is..coz you would definitely see earthquake cracks on my lips if i wore it alone

    Prettybeautiful, I guess Lipgloss is WINNING! yup, it is a bit dark, but my lips are originally dark, so it kinda made it matched :) Why? Don't you like dark colored lipstick?

  7. That is a gorgeous shade on you!
    I'm a lip gloss fan, too, LOVE them!

  8. I love the shade of that lipstick. I love red lipsticks and that one looked really well moisturized on you. You're right, lipstick tends to make our lips dry that's why I keep pocket size of vaseline pertroleum jelly in my my bags and pocket. Have you tried applying lipliner all over your lips before applying your lipstick? I find that helpful to keep my lipstick last longer. My friends have noticed that too. They've commented how immaculate my lips looks all the time ;)

  9. Hey Nikki! the lipstick looks lovely on you, a very wearable everyday color!

  10. I like that it applies so much lighter than it looks in the tube! It looks great on you; it really is an everyday shade. :)


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