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Askmewhats Reviews: WetStraight Pro Flat Iron

My hair isn't sleek straight but it's straight enough. Why do I need to iron? Well, I bought this because I cut other people's hair and I've found some would prefer to have a sleek straight hair rather than the normal blow-dried hair. I have searched for a good flat iron that I could invest in and easy to bring along. I have found the one.

JBL is actually a home tv shopping company in the US. I haven't checked if they do home tv shopping down here in the Philippines. But I saw all those hair demonstration inside the malls. I just gave in and asked them to do my hair.

I was amazed, I love the outcome! I asked a couple of questions, then I bought it!

** Php2,399.75 (approx $54.00) at SM Malls

WetStraightPro says ---

  • Ionic technology retains moisture, protects your hair and reduces frizz
  • Variable heat control 140, 160, 180, 200, 210 degree celcius
  • Use on towel dried hair
  • Titanium plates for fast results - heats in just 120 seconds
  • heats to salon temperature of 210 degree celcius
  • 2m salon length swivel power lead
Askmewhats says ---

  • lightweight
  • heats easily
  • has temperature control so it won't get too harsh on my hair
  • does its job in straightening and it stays for the whole day, or until you wash your hair
  • the swivel cord definitely helps especially if you iron your own hair
  • I find it drying, so I suggest not to use this everyday
    (well all heating tools are bad if used too frequently)


This is surprisingly a good product. I've originally wanted a ceramic flat iron, but I have seen a lot of branded irons that have ceramic but just "the exterior", and I was told that if you dropped the iron, the ceramic will break. I suggest to use a heat protective shampoo and conditioner like Thermasilk and do not apply any leave on conditioner as these have "oil" as part of the ingredients which can "burn" your hair. Use smoothening serum AFTER ironing.


Test on the temperature setting and see which temperature works best for you. Start with the lowest. I was advised by the salesman to use the highest setting, I did and it hurts my scalp and head. I tried from the bottom and at the end found out 180 degrees works fine for my hair!

Will I repurchase?

If this broke less than 3 yrs, I won't repurchase!

This is a photo of how a newly ironed hair looks like as done by the sales staff
(Don't worry, I don't normally have this kind of hair,
this is just too straight, I prefer a bit of wave!)

I'd love to invest in a good curling iron for now!
I want the big curling irons!
Are you into curling or straightening?
I am into BOTH!


  1. I actually got a newer flat iron just for the purpose of curling... but I can't seem to get the hang of it. Maybe my hair's too long. It seems like the waves from a flat iron stay longer than the ones from the curling iron.

  2. your hair looks good straight! my hair doesn't dry completely straight either so i have to iron it because if i don't, it comes out wavy AND poofy!

  3. nice irons!

    i have both curling tongs and straighteners, i think my straighteners are more versatile though since i can both straighten and curl with it!

    i dont really get the tools out much as I want, probably too lazy lol.

  4. I have a curling iron, but I don't use it often. My hair is naturally wavy, so with layers, I can create a natural bounce. :)

    You know you can use that flat iron as a curling iron!

  5. That works pretty good on your hair ! But be careful with it. 210 degree seems too dangerous for your hair :P I don't even use blow dryer or flat iron anything like that on my hair. I think it's ok to use sometimes to change your hair style :)

  6. oh wow! i love your hair talaga nikki! mine is dry at the ends eh. i don't do much with them, shampoo, brush then dry. that's it. ack!

  7. I love flat irons, but I do find that a lot of flat irons lead to a lot of split ends! You definitely have to apply some type of hair protectant to protect your ends.

  8. JieJie, me too! I bought it for the purpose of straightening and curling! I can't wait to try it as a curler!!! I love curling my hair using just regular clips, rolling my hair and just leave it there for a couple of hours and VOILA! I love the soft wavy look!

    Lily, thanks, but at times, I get so tired of it! LOL people just can't get enough ! LOL

    NicNic, would you believe? I'm too lazy to use tools on myself but I love using them for others! I am so lazy too!!!

    Liz, yup :) thanks!

    Nabi, thanks li'l sis for the concern, no worries, I don't use it often, just on special days and if I did use it, I only use it at a certain area, like my fringes, or a part wherein it goes totally hardheaded and against my will! lol

    Sab, thanks dear!!! Same here, just shampoo, conditioning is ok!!! well you have good hair! I'm sure you don't need to do anything to it! Lucky girl tsk tsk tsk

  9. you've got gorgeous hair, sis..

    anyway, I bought about 3 straightening iron since last year and I still am not contented. Perhaps I will go look for this one. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. nice straight hair. did the staff apply anyting on your hair prior to ironing it? and i wonder how to get around with the iron when u r using the iron on your hair. i tried it and i always miss the back part

  11. Lizzie, how are you feeling? LOL sorry that i'm calling you lizzie! hehehe anyways...I'm not sure if this will be available in Singapore. But if you manage to visit here, this is all around SM malls! Go get em, well have them use it on you first and see how it goes.

    Prettybeautiful, hey girl! No, the staff didn't apply anything, about your query, dont' worry, I'll be answering this with a visual, check back soon! I have been having a hard time myself but practice reall y helps! practice makes your hair BURN (JOKING!)

  12. You always update in daily basis. I love you for that!... hehe~ :D Did you know you can curl people's hair with a straight/flat iron? ;)

  13. I have both curling iron and flat iron, although I only used the flat iron once to curl my hair. But I gotta say curling hair/straightening them on your own hair is such a hassle and time consuming process!

  14. great review! i recently bought a flat iron myself. the only thing it's missing is the swivel for the cord, but other than that, it's pretty good. i don't have or use a curling iron since my hair is so short, but maybe i'll get one when my hair gets long again (hopefully i won't get tempted to keep cutting it short!). thanks for the tip about the conditioners, too. after i finish up my bottle, i'll only be conditioning my hair once a week. i also have all these hair serums that i haven't been using.

  15. Alyssa, thanks! Ohh writing makes me happy! Whatever stress I have for the day will just be gone when I start typing! :) Girl! Yup!!! the sales guy taught me how to use the flat iron as a curling tool! :) thanks

    Ebeautyblog, yo yo yo, you have such lovely photo!!!! When was that taken? It is definitely time consuming, I'd love to just let my hair dry and just leave! hahaha

    Tracy, the swivel cord surprisingly helps a lot!!! that's one big factor I bought this flat iron!!! I have a lot of hair serum that I've used before and to be honest? with the weather here? It just weighed down my hair!!

  16. wow! your hair looks soooo straight =O I have never straightened my hair before, but I don't have sleek straight hair lol

  17. I've bought a few straighteners in the past but I eventually using stopped using them they damaged my hair quite badly. Having said that, I'm wanting to invest on GHD (my friends got them) but I keep thinking... Will it be worth doing it as I know the damage they'll cause my hair. I blow dry my hair everyday so I guess I put my hair through enough ;)...

    Hair straighteners are also great for curling hair

  18. Erica, I don't think sleek straight hair is still fashionable! So i think your hair is fine. I honestly make my hair wavy with a flat iron, that's why I bought this! lol

    Gracie, true, it can damage your hair so badly we have to spend again to buy treatments! and yeah, your blow dryed hair looks fine, you honestly dont' need a straightener! (comments based on looking at your photos)

  19. Oh, Nikki! I had a creepy experience on hair straightener sales reps. I was wondering around town with my bf when I saw a stall doing their products' demo so I've been silly enough to have a look. The sales reps (2 Italian young guys) tried to sell me their set of straighteners and curling tongs and they annoyed me as they really were in my face... even touching my hair and all that. I know what you're thinking... Yeah I felt like screaming at them 'Hey! You're invading my personal space!'... So creepy... Honestly, they sounded like they were trying to sell me a Ferrarri. I thought... 'Lighten up man! It's only hair appliances your selling!' Even my bf didn't like their approach. Sorry, I can't help myself sharing you my experiences ha ha ha!

  20. OH NO!!! That is indeed creepy Gracie! I am like that! If they get too clingy and obviously doesn't care much about what you think about the product but just wants to sell you stuffs, I'll be super "turned off" and I wouldn't even buy it no matter how much I like the product!!! Sorry to hear should just slap them and say "oopsss..sorry, i was just...ahm..Surprised" hahaha

  21. Oh! Why didn't I think of that? I should've done and I'm not even a violent person ha ha ha!

  22. Don't worry, I won't even have the guts to do it! LOL I am so good at giving ideas but please..don't absorb everything I say or you'll be in trouble *winks*

  23. salesladies always try to sell this to me even if i already have straight hair lol. i actually bought a Vidal Sassoon blowdryer and i am rarely using it! tamad ako mag style ng hair ko haha, i leave that to the salon same thing with my mani/pedi lol.

  24. Mhean, really? I hate it when they do that! I would definitely say "NO" if they are pushy. Me too, on lazy days, I just air dry my hair! I would probably use these flat irons when I'm going for a party or something

  25. hey nikki,

    can i ask? how's this product? im actually thinking of buying a flat iron n curling iron. but il purchase the flat iron first since it can already be used for curling as well.

    anyways, im thinking if i should buy this or revlon's ceramic iron. i like revlon's because it has a smaller plate, better for curling. but i like that this product can be used for towel dried hair, from what i remember revlon's should be dry hair.

    how is this product for curling? does it hold the curls too? and are the curls good din?

    its been a month or so after u bought this, do u still recommend it? is it still good? earlier when i tried it, parang nakakain nya ung hair ko, im not sure if hindi lng ba marunong ung sales rep or the prodct is really not good.

    hope to hear from u soon. i plan to use this for straightening n curling sana.


  26. Hi Char, sure no worries about the question. Here's my feedback, I've been using it but not everyday, let's say 3x a week. I've used it with curling, but not the big curls, just wavy curls :) So far, it's not drying for me (as I take care of my hair weekly with treatments) and I use the middle temperature. Do you know that the staffs in the mall are using the Highest setting? They said it SHOULD be that way but I researched and read the instructions, it shouldn't be the highest setting to start with, always start with the lowest, then slowly go up and see which one fits your hair texture the better. I found mind the best in the MIDDLE setting. And it doesn't make my hair as drying as the first time they straightened my hair.

    I know about the Revlon and I nearly bought it. The reason why I bought this one is because....

    1. This can be used for wet hair
    2. This isn't ceramic (covered) but titanium.

    Ceramic is great for the hair BUT in most cases like Revlon or Conair, it's just coated with CERAMIC and if you can take a look at their testers, some of them have chipped already (which ain't good). You can still purchase the revlon one as long as you take really good care of it and not drop it or hit it with anything as the coating might chip.

    So far, I am happy with this purchase naman :) I hope I was able to help you a bit hehehe

    And yeah, flat irons are great for both straightening and curling, and it does it's job naman :)

  27. Thanks Nikki for being patient with my questions. Haha! :) How were your curls? Ang takot ko kasi is that hindi rin sya magamit for curls. I mean baka waves lang? And I want a multi purpose product sana that I can use for both straightening and curling.

  28. Alam mo Char, what you need to do, is before you buy any flat irons, ask the lady to help you out with Curls! So that you can see how its done! the gay guy did the curls on me and it was "WHOAH" kind of curl, and I asked him to make it straight again! hahaha it definitely does its job curling..and me kc personally, I'd like just wavy curls, so I've used it only for regular wavy curls! the 'wavy curls' stayed put the whole day on me..but that's my hair! hehehe so I suggest before you buy, ask them to do a makeover on curls and you walk around the mall, or even go home and see before you purchase it! Just make sure to buy flat irons with temperature control, coz if you want your curls to stay put..sad to say, a higher temp is needed :) tell me what your plans with it! Goodluck!

  29. Awesome product. Such a nice information you have given us through this article. thanks.

  30. Hi Nikki, In taiwan just exist those cheapy bad irons and those Vidal season, not even Revlon or remington that looks very good, Have you ever tried those vidal season one?? and do you know in southern taiwan some store, (in Kaohsiung may be) that sells CHI flat irons???? they are very good!, thanks my email is greetings!

  31. Chi hair Straightener, thanks for liking this post

    Elena1910, so true, there are so many cheapy irons, i've seen Vidal sasoon around but I haven't tried them. I don't think in Kaoshiung there will be some CHI as I find it quite difficult to find the brand here too :) Usually its online selling :)

  32. Random question.. does it come with a converter? :) like a three-to-one prong converter.

  33. Hi I'm Mila. You rveview is very helpful. I will buy it tomorrow. :) can you give advice on how to take care hair before using flat irons? What to apply? Can you recommend brand?

    1. try using this product prior to using flat iron :D

  34. Hi sis! Nice review! Ngagamit mo pa rin ba ngaun yan or sira na?im Just curious kung ilang taon bago masira. Hehe

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  38. Hello! Very disappointed aketch. Wala dto sa pangasinan yan :( meron kaya yan sa sm rosales or sm tarlac :(
    Btw, i love your reviews talaga gurl!


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