Friday, July 11, 2008

A Teaser

**photos from

What's this 2007 limited edition doing on the year 2008?
Do you like the looks above?
Would you be able to pull this off?

I have something exciting for my readers
Details...will be coming out ....

Like the suspense?
LOL I DO! (Man, I'm enjoying this!)


  1. i THINK i saw this at CVS or Walgreens the other day??

  2. Hmm... I dont recall seeing this here. Tell us! I don't like suspense :P hehe

  3. I've never seen these ads before so I think it's for US release. Love the look but I never in a million years that I'd ever be able to pull this off... Not my DIY make up anyway ;)... Show us your version then sis as I've got a feeling you're planning on something ;)

  4. lol... i even bought the e/l on sale because it was LE. I can't make it work for me though. Too powdery.. too messy.

    ryc: if you need help getting items here... i can help. just lemme know. ^_^

  5. ohhh i'd love to see this look on you ;)

  6. I didn't see this here. tell us!
    I like the look but I don't think I'd be able to pull it off.

  7. I remember seeing the advertisements. I actually bought the bedroom eyes. I'm really not sure how I feel about it STILL to this day. I feel like I have to put eyeliner under it so the powder can stick to my skin. Anyway, I hope you do a review on it too. I still have mine and maybe I can revamp it!

  8. Ooo I want that eyeliner! I love these looks!

  9. How gorgeous are the makeup; the full juicy lips, smokey bedroom eyes, and the glowy come get me face! :)

  10. Anne, you guys still have it there? We still have the collection here funny..although it should be LIMITED edition! hahaha

    Parisb, you impatient li'l girl! hahaha I did tell you guys what I'm hiding! lol I am very nice, I didn't prolong the suspense!

    Gracie, come on! You?? I'm sure you'll be able to pull this off, anyone who looks great in RED lipstick can pull this off!

    Jiejie, oh yeah, I heard lots of feedback about the messy eye powder, but I found a video that I will post soon and see how it can aid us in using this MINUS the messiness :)

    NicNic, I'd love to look like that too!!!! i'd rather be holding a contest rather than doing this look! hahaha

    Gio, check out my most recent post! I am such a blabbermouth, I told you guys what's my excitement all about!

    Nikki, you can give this a try again, it is a bit messy I believe as I read a couple of reviews about this, but I've read a couple of tips too on how to use this! I'll be posting the winner with the TIPS on how to use this so the winner will enjoy this!!!

    Lydia, sure!!! Want it? Join the contest! goodluck!

    Alyssa, hahahah I feel the same too!! Come to momma lovely lady!

  11. this is a very nice night look! i may need to tan my face to pull this look and i hate looking tanned. :( but i love the glossy lips!!!


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