Saturday, July 12, 2008

Revlon Limited Edition Giveaway! (Contest Closed!)

** After yesterday's teaser, a lot of you probably thought I'll be doing a version of the Revlon Print Ad. I wish, but nah....the model was too pretty, I just don't have to guts to re-create the look. A lot of you are thinking that you won't be able to pull this look as well! Well well, one of you will have the chance to pull this look without spending a single cent! Intrigued???? Read on!!!!

It's weekend here and words just can't express how much I love weekend. And words just can't express how happy I am to be able to give out prizes for my lovely readers!!! If given the chance to give each one of you gals, I would...but because I'm a working girl living in a "real world", I have to put my feet back to the ground LOL

The reason why I was super excited yesterday with the teaser is because I will be giving away 3 Revlon's limited edition Bedroom Eyes Powder Liner (For creating smokey eyes) and Revlon's Crushed Velvet Lipstick to one lucky reader!

Here's the photo of the prize!!!

**Note: Products are all brand new, never been swatched or used

How to join? Just smile and answer this question ---

"Do we really have to follow set of rules when it comes to make-up application?
Why or Why not?"

  1. Simply comment on this post with your name, email address and your answer (no spam/offensive/rude comments as this could disqualify your entry)
  2. One entry per person, a series of conversation is permitted but one person = one entry.
  3. Readers from all over the world are invited to participate.
  4. Deadline will be the July 26th 11:59pm (Philippine time)
** Winner will be randomly chosen to be announced on July 27th (again Philippine time).
The main purpose of this contest is to create a great conversation about make-up and learn from each other. I would also like to get to know more about the thoughts of my readers as I know a lot of us come from different cultures in different parts of the world. So please make this conversation nice and fun!

Goodluck! I'm looking forward to hear from all of you!


  1. trinh nguyen

    my answer to your question is, no. i think a lot of women are apprehensive about wearing makeup, because they don't think that they can pull off colors such as red lipstick and blue eyeshadows. we're told that only CERTAIN shades/colors look good on us, especially asian women. i think a lot of asian women are always told to stick to neutral colors and stay away from bright stuff, because it doesn't "go well" with our skin tone, since most of us have golden/yellow/olive undertones. i used to be scared about wearing blue or green eyeshadows until probably two years ago. i've learned that what the media says is not true. we, as women, (especially any nationality) don't have to conform to anyone's idea of beauty. i've found that EVERY person CAN wear blue or red - they just have to find the right TONE to wear. If we all followed the rules, everyone would look the same. Beauty is all about trial and error, and if you don't practice or try, you'll never know what looks good on you.

  2. Goodluck on your contest! I love the Bedroom Eyes, they make really nice smudged smokey eyes.

  3. aaaw! nikki is such a sweetheart among lots of things. don't you think so guys? :)

    but a version of the print ad sounds great tho. i'm sure you'd look amaaazing!

  4. Hey Nikki! I don't think we have to follow a set of rules when it comes to makeup application because everyone has their own way of doing things (even for things that aren't makeup related). i think it's nice to have a guide especially for newbies since I had no idea what to do when I first started getting into makeup application. It's nice to have tutorials and guides to show you effective ways of putting on makeup, but everyone adjusts their methods to fit them.

    Here's my email by the way:

  5. name: suewin

    hm...i for one never really follow most of the rules when it comes to makeup application, because it might be the right method for some people, but not for others.

    people have different skintones, skin texture, different sizes of nose eyes and mouth, i doubt you can re-create the same look on everyone with the same makeup techniques, if that's the case, where's the fun in experimenting?

    makeup techniques should be unique for each and everyone, but of course the basic fundamentals like choosing the right foundation colour and stuff are a guideline, but seriously, i think if u do a lot of testing and alot of searching, you can find something that suits you.

    makeup is all about trial and error and getting the right stuff/technique for yourself, and then transform yourself into someone who's totally herself!

    心葵 @ plue

  6. I'm a firm believer in rules in makeup. Some people say it's too confined, but I've always been fascinated by guidelines, because they are well, "guides" to application. After mastering the techniques, that's when I slowly bend and break the rules according to my artistic taste ( if ever I had that! haha! )

  7. no rules in any arts, including make up arts! we'd all be sporting the same style of make-up as our great grandmothers if people hadn't been experimental with cosmetics!

  8. Julia @

    I don't believe you have to follow a set of rules because everyone has different preferences, styles, and goals for their make-up but I do believe certain guidelines can be helpful to find what works for someone. But mostly I think it's practice makes perfect with a touch of ingenuity needed for make-up.

  9. I kind of agree with Ms. Sophie :) I'm a makeup newb, lol, for me these rules act as a foundation, the do's and dont's have always helped me but of course just like what everyone here said eventually and naturally you'll have your own technique and style which will work best for you :)

  10. the rules are there to serve as guidelines but i believe in breaking the rules and creating new styles and finding better ways in doing things. but makeup is fun, whether you follow the rules or not. :)


  11. Oh wow another contest... woo hoo~


    I didn't read other people's comment, because I want to answer from my heart. ;) I don't believe we need to follow a set of rules, because we are all unique. We do things differently from talking ("Yo dude" to "Hello) to farting (silent but deadly... loud but no smell). Why do we have to do the same when it comes to makeup eh? Some may start with their face and others with their eyes. Whatever bloats your boat I say. :D

  12. Mary Emmanuelle Ponce

    i think make-up artistry is not bounded by rules but just "guides".. this means one technique may be different from the other, but both can have the same beautiful outcome! in doing make-up anyone can have their own set of rules. the only rule that is absolutely right in make-up artistry is that PRACTICE makes perfect :)

  13. All right! Something finally open to international readers :p

    My answer to your question is - It depends. When you're young (and I mean young in age, not young at heart), it's fine to experiment with whatever sorts of makeup styles you like. Bright yellow nail polish, neon green and pink on your eyes, bubblegum pink on your lips and cheeks ... the possibilities are endless. There are no rules; in fact, your purpose is to break 'em. To be as unique as you can be, because you're trying to define who you are.

    When you grow older, such ideals change. Suddenly you find that the bright yellow nail polish that the younger generation is wearing is still hot, but it just looks weird on you. Like you're trying too hard. This is where the "preset" set of rules come in. With maturity comes a more conservative style of makeup. It doesn't mean it's boring, but just more understated. You want to be taken seriously, that's when your makeup will follow that set of rules. Some may disagree with me, but bottom line is, whatever you call it, it IS a set of makeup rules.

  14. I don't think you have to follow set rules in makeup application but learning them cannot hurt.

    I think we need to learn how experts do the applications and then me can adapt and make them work for us.

  15. Hi Nikki!! I'd love to win this one, because I've been wanting to try those shadows forever! Aaaah. :)

    barebudgetbeauty [at] gmail dot com

    While I agree that certain guidelines are important for practical makeup application, the imagination should never be confined by them. And if people always stuck to the rules, we'd never have the amazing amount of creativity with cosmetics and application we have today! Bright colors, textures, patterns, new techniques... none of that would exist, and we'd never invent new and interesting ways of using makeup. Just think about how boring that would be!!

    So I guess my answer is, mostly, no. :) A set of rules should be just a suggestion, not a law!

  16. For me no, because makeup is about exploring mixing & matching colors, can be trial & error sometimes but its how you enjoy makeup, its not trying to look like everybody because that's the way they do it, but trying to be creative it your own way, not such thing as right & wrong as long as you love & enjoy putting on makeup as a hobby or a profesion doesn't matter as you love what your doing, makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide or cover it up...& besides you know your own skin the best than others...

  17. oooh goodluck to people who enter!!

  18. No, because sometimes you have to experiment with makeup to see what works best for you, because what may work for one person may not be the best look for you.

    LilacButterfly [at]

  19. YAY to contest!!! LOL.

    I think it's important to follow the basic rules such as applying skincare, then foundation, then blush...etc. But once we got those steps down, it's more important to go with the styles and techniques that work for us. Basically, experimenting with makeup and have fun while at it.

  20. Yay! Freebies! So sweet of you to do this, Nikki.

    good luck to all the participants! :-)

  21. Oh cool! I love the lippie... the packaging is very similar to Shu Uemura... I've got about... 3 of them to date

  22. How cool! How sweet of you to offer these freebies. :)

  23. Hi Nikki! Glad you're doing a contest for everyone! Weeee! =)

    Whether I win or not, I'd like to share my opinion.

    I have always considered make up as an art. It's like painting, with your face as the canvass. I firmly believe that rules need not be followed in make up application. Sure there are tons of rules that when followed, really make you gorgeous. But then again, if you actually try to experiment and do something that your heart tells you, pour your heart into it, it will surely come out looking good.

    Tara /

  24. Devi - Jakarta, Indonesia

    My answer will be "NO, we don't have to."

    Because make up is not a science, there are no one perfect formula for everybody all over the world.

    I always try to encourage my girlfriends experimenting on their own simply because we are unique in our very own way.

    Have fun experimenting, ladies! ;)

  25. Hi Nikki!

    I'm your daily lurker now coming out of the shell for a chance to win these babies.

    Anywhoo, to answer, i've always felt that makeup rules must not be rigid enough that they thwart your creativity. makeup for me is an expression of one's self, so that if something works for you, never mind the rules. go ahead do them because that will make you be you!

    Kat (

  26. There are basic rules that newbies to makeup must learn first so they'll know how to apply it properly. Once you've got the basics down pat then go ahead and break them anyway you want LOL!

  27. Oops, my info:

  28. hey Nikki! wow, a contest! lol. i am not really counting on winning but i love talking about makeup so here you go! :D

    i believe in everything there are rules but it doesn't mean we have to confine ourselves with it ALL THE TIME. when i first started out with makeup, i had to know the basics first before slowly venturing out of the "conventional" way of putting makeup. but when individuality sets in, like in color preferences i believe there are no limits -- as long as you are comfortable with what you put on your face. i have come to incorporate makeup into my everyday life as a way of expressing myself and inspiring people to look at makeup as an art rather than just an added expense or "kaartehan". lol.


  29. Thanks for the input girls! I dont wear much make-up and if I do, its usually made by someone else from the salon, because I trust them more that they know the 'rules' on putting make up more than I do. This post helped me realize I should not be afraid to try putting on make-up myself and that I should give myself the same trust I give to my make-up artists since there are actually no 'rules' or at least nowadays you can bend those rules as long as you know you look good on your color combination and textures. Thanks so much girls!

    Cathrina Lim

  30. We should not stick to all rules but we should not break all of them either. There are basic rules that we have to follow like choosing the right color of foundation and also how to achieve a certain look or peg. That's what they are for - they are guidelines in applying making flawlessly. There are golden rules to follow too, like blending, skin care, and choosing the eyebrow color

    However, when it comes to colors, feel free to go beyond the "no blue eyeshadow" or "no red lipstick" rules and experiment with colors you love. makeup is art and if you don't like it, you can always wash it off. The rule-breaking also applies to high fashion and avante garde makeup that where the rule is - there are no rules. that aspect of rule-breaking will give the makeup artist his or her individuality and exercise creativity. So experiment and experiment. Find out not just what color suits you but what tone, tint, or shades suit you. Have fun!

    ---Thought I'd answer this as well. Good luck to all participants!

  31. Hmm.. This is a hard question, because it can be perceived both ways. Im very flexible with makeup,I stick to basic makeup most of the time especially when i attend my classes or just go to the mall , i just mineral foundation, blusher/glows, curled lashes,chapstick or mineral lippie, and sometimes liner and mascara. But there are days that i feel like singing " Im coming out, i want the world to know , lalalala " =P and i add a bit of color in my makeup, maybe a teal liner or a silver one. Then there are also occasions ( such as weddings, parties ) that i know it is my chance to shine a little, so i add something fabuloso to the routine such as a bold color lipstick, or a bit of a fun color. I guess there is a "pattern" that you need to know, such as what works for you best, and what does not work at all, and then from there, experiment. And if you have free time in the comforts of your home, you can experiment with a color you never thought you would wear, and maybe, you can pull it off pala..Makeup should be fun and one should derive enjoyment from it, not stress.

  32. oopsies. i forgot to add
    mary joyce co

  33. Hey nikki! I don't think we need to follow rules on makeup application -- I think those that we read in magazines and watch in shows are more of guidelines or suggestions on HOW to apply makeup, so we have an idea HOW to do it the first time. Of course, over time and with practice, we get to know which techniques or hues or shades or product types complement us. Each one of us are unique in terms of skin type, color, texture and chemistry so in the end, it's about adapting certain 'rules' that would suit us most when applying makeup. Well hope that helps! Cheers.

    Genedine Santos

  34. HI!

    Makeup is an artform. Therefore should not be restricted and constrained by rules. We should be innovative because it is an art that is evolving all the time. Why do we have new collections every now and then? different looks, with different techniques and different approach. If them innovators or creators were limited to a set of rules... collections released will be all but the same.. translated to BORINg!!

    Cretivity should never be restricted lest it should be encouraged.

    a face is like a canvas wherein you can maximize its potential. You can experiment, play with it... make it fabulous and bring out the beauty of ones individual. We can never all look the same, and therefore no rules should empower us.

    As the saying goes... rules are meant to be broken! :)

    Ria Redor
    Project 2 Quezon City

  35. Name: Vi Anne
    email: viannee [at]

    What works for the individual is what should be followed. Guidelines and tips but no rules. Rules are too restricting and boring. Makeup can be considered as an art form and art should have no rules because it's a form of expression. It should be fun. :)

  36. as for me, i learned a lot from fashion magazine, fashion blog and any websites in applying make up. then i tried and experimented until i found my own rules that is good and suitable for me and my skin. so i will answer yes and also no to your question, nikki.. it depends!!!


  37. at first, i believe that you must follow certain basic rules,like which product goes to this part of your face and so on..but the main rule is to follow what YOU think is good for know how your skin is--the color,the texture,etc.--so you know which colors,product types blend well with your skin to achieve your desired look.

  38. Sis, the lawstudent in me will always say that rules matter.. even in makeup. but like any rules it can either be worthless(needs amendment) or can be bent(that's why there are lawyers).

    but in my short journey of playing and learning makeup i think that there are important rules that need to be considered. However, experimentation is also a big part in formualting your own techniques and own set of rules.

    i guess all of can relate that the basic of technique doesn't work with a lot of us. example of that is that round eyes like mine doesn't need to apply eyeliner or Smokey eyes will look terrible on me. result is that i was wrong.

    so i guess, it pays to pay attention to rules but still know what works and doesn't.

  39. My answer is no. We're all individuals with different tastes and ideas of beauty. I think it's fine for everyone to take the same thing and use it in a different way. As long as the individual is happy with the results, I don't see any problem. While it may end up that someone's choice of how to apply a product is not that flattering, it's still their decision to wear it that way. Rules=too strict, guidelines=helpful!