Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "My First Ever!"

When I am post my nail art, a couple of my readers would request for me to do a tutorial for them. And you guys know how much I'll try my best to accommodate the requests of my readers.

Before I continue though, I want to clarify that I am no expert in any way on these, I do this because I want my mom to have a lovely nail art on her nails. There are a lot of lovely bloggers who does nail art too and they're good! Alyssa, Cinthia and Trinh and a lot more other bloggers who definitely have passion for nailsl. Please check them out!

A good nail artist have different tools to create wonderful looks! Since I am only starting up, I've only got nail polishes, nail pens, and A WHOLE LOT OF PATIENCE and CREATIVITY!

Step 1:
Always make sure the pen is not clogged, they have a free needle, use it! It's there for a purpose

Step 2:
Unclog the nail polish pen.

Step 3:
Paint any color you like, depending on what kind of nail art you plan to do.

Step 4:
Press your nail pen and create dots.

Step 5:
Create 5 dots for "petals"

Step 6:
Choose a different color to create a flower "bud". In my case, I got light pink.

Step 7:
Do your own thing, I've decided to create a stem using white dots

Step 8:
Using a dark green color, I drew a leaf shape (came out black on photos lol)

Step 9:
With a cuticle pusher, line the leaf shape in the middle, to create a 3 dimentional leaf look

Step 10:
Top it off with a clear polish to protect the nail art

Ready for Camera!

If you don't have the nail pen,
you can use your nail polishes,
and cut the polish brush to make it shorter and thinner.
Again Practice Practice Practice!

Is this tutorial helpful?
Show me some luvin'!
I have to admit, I didn't have time to complete all 10 fingers!
I have to crop the photos and prepare this
I dont' want to finish it all and ruin it at the end!


  1. your nail art is so cute! great job!

  2. Wow, you did a great job!

    This looks too complicated for me... I'm very clumsy with my hands. :( What's that nail pencil you have? Can you show us a picture of the whole thing?

  3. Ohhhhh where did you get that nail pen ? It says Nail Star in Korean :D Hehehe how cute! I just asked my korean friend to get me some yesterday, and here you are doing the tutorial, how coincidence! :D No wonder I am just like you ;)

  4. I saw those nail polish pens at multiply but I didn't bother getting them. Now I'm regretting it. Thanks for the tissues. I was sick with colds, cough, and flu. God bless. :)

  5. Gorgeous! Simple yet beautiful. Too bad I don't have the patience to wait for my polishes to dry. And my nails always chip -_-

  6. Tracy Thanks :)

    Liz, Sure I already have a couple of photos of the full "frontal nudity" of the nail polish pens! lol I'll do a review on it soon!

    Nabi, I got the nail pen for the Lady who does my nail! lol

    Vi Anne, really they sell it on multiply? I Bought it from my nail art lady pa!! If you want I can help you buy from her. You know my email :D I hope you get well soon!! Weather's weird

    Jessie, thanks girl! SImplicity indeed is beauty! LOL My nail polish chips easily too, so I've been using a couple different brands of nail coat, Sally Hansen rocks so far!

  7. Cute! :) I was wondering about the nail pen, because I saw the Korean writing as well. You already answered Nabi so you don't need to answer mine... hehe~

  8. oh wow! from makeup to nail art!

    looks like one needs a steady hand for this! haha. i can't even paint my own nails. haaha.

  9. Awesome!! I love nail art, and yours is always so cute! Thanks so much for the great tutorial; I wish the pens were easier to find around here :) Yay!

  10. great tut! I've got the same nail pen but mines all clogged up :(

  11. Alyssa, LOL

    Sab, I'll paint yours!!! :D
    Coz I understand your shakey and trembling hands! especially if you're talking to ...someone..out

    Jennbee, it ain't easy to find them here as well, I got mine straight from the lady who does nail art, but she's so busy, so I have to do my own now!

    Paint me gorgeous, thanks!

    Elizabeth, have you tried unclogging it with a needle? I'm sure you'll do a great nail art!

  12. WHOA...I've only been gone for several days and you have so many new great posts!!! I LOVE IT!!! your nails art tut. You need to do more!! HEHE

    I've been out and about these past days dear twin. Yes, I love the outdoor but apparently it doesn't love it gave me so many sun spots...and burned my butt like a roasted chicken :((

  13. aww the nail art is super cute. now im going to try it :) -ting

  14. OOH! Pretty nails! I LOVE FLOWERS!!! Great tut sis!

  15. so creative and patient! i can never paint my own nails nicely without smudging every finger

  16. pretty nails! i could NEVER do that. i have shakey hands and no patience. hahaha.

  17. Cinthia, Yum, I love roasted chicken..but burnt butt?? Hmm..I have to rethink about that...aawww glad to see you back! I missed you !!! You had fun for sure! so it's ok! Glad you're back twin!

    Ting, great!! Can't wait to see yours!

    Nessa, thanks, oh yeah, you love nail art too!

    Prettybeautiful, I'm sure you can do it! I have the worst talent when it comes to drawing, but hey, trust me, if I can do it, you can definitely do it!

    Christiana, lol shakey hands..difficult patience, even more difficult :) I'll do yours!

  18. Your nail art is so cute!! Thanks for the tutorial

  19. its so pretty! I love that shade of red too!

  20. cute! i love nail art...i love that nail polish pen :)

  21. Gosh you are so patient with nail art! I commend ya!

  22. wow that's cool! i've never seen those nail polish pens before! i've only seen the ones with the thin brush tips. that would make painting nail art so much easier!

  23. I like that!! super cute

    for I could probably get my left hand all nice, but my right hand would be all crappy, cause i can't do anything with my left hand..hehe


  24. Hi nikki! where can i get those nail art pens? and can you please include the price? i like nail art but it is quite expensive and i tend to use my nails as tools a lot ( bad me i know ) but they look so pretty!
    thanks a lot!

  25. Thanks. I feel much better. Haay, the pains of being sickly. hehe. About the nail pens... You will? Sige, sige! Na-excite tuloy ako. hehe. Magkano ang isang pen? :)

  26. NP gio, my pleasure!

    Jamie thanks! I love red too, ONLY with nail art! lol

    Renren, thanks, you are quite a busy girl and I appreciate your comments

    Sophie, hahaha a lot of practice :) I'm sure you can do it too!

    Lily, oh this one can be used 2 ways, one is metal tip, the other one is thin brush, this pen has a brush too, I'll do a post on this pen soon!

    LadynPink, I understand ya, I did my right using my left hand 2x slower! lol

    Joyce, can you give me your email addy? I will send you the details and contact person.

    Vi Anne, I sent you an email :)

  27. Pretty nails Nikki! I am sooo lazy when it comes to nail art, though. I just paint my nails every Sunday night, NO ART okay, and it's already a pain! lol You did a good job, keep it up!

  28. Shades of u...dear! I don't paint my nails so well too!!! Trust me, nail art looks so cute but when you take a look at it closely, there are some imperfections that makes me HUMAN :D I think the nail art lady who does my nails before is an ALIEN, she does it so perfect!

  29. wow i really like this! :D i've been nail crazy haha but i don't have the pens & i've been too impatient to do the dots myself (i used to) so bout maybe a month ago i just bought those self stick rhinestones/flowers :P

  30. wow i really like this! :D i've been nail crazy haha but i don't have the pens & i've been too impatient to do the dots myself (i used to) so bout maybe a month ago i just bought those self stick rhinestones/flowers :P

  31. Hi Aireen, it is quite difficult to do especially when you're starting up, but I'm sure after several practice you'll be fine! :) But stickers are great already! So just keep doing that! :)

  32. Hey Nikki,

    I have a few questions - how often do you have your nails done? How long before you take off the polish? I like having polish on but my nails turn yellowish when I remove the polish. So sometimes I just have my nails 'cleaned'.

    :-) CG

  33. CG, I usually have it cleaned once every 2 weeks, then probably change my nail polish every week (depending on how my nails look like) if the polish hasn't chipped yet, I won't change it lol. So far, my nails didn't turn yellowish, try a polish base. If you're not on a budget, go for the Sally Hansen Nail polish base (anti yellowing and strenthening) or if you're on a budget, you can try Caronia, it's huge bottle and it's clear as water, its cheaper less than 80Php or something. Works too!

  34. Cute design! I don't have the patience (or tools!) for this, but I'll just have to try it one of these days when I have some free time.

  35. i like this!! :) great tut!! :) wow!! :) love it!! :) but i have shaky hands.. :(

  36. Emilee, I'm sure you can do this! :) Show it to us if you were able to pull it off :) Dont' worry if it doesn't look perfect, imperfection is pretty! :D

    Shen, want me to do it for you? :D

  37. Thanks for the tip Nikki! I didn't know Sally Hansen had an anti-yellowing polish base.

    :-) CG

  38. I love nail tutorials. Thanks for sharing :)

  39. Hi CG, thanks for coming back! Yeah check them out! Not all Sally Hansen stalls have it, but do check them out everytime you see them :) I've realized that different malls have different stuffs of sally hansen :)

    Ladyjane, no worries my pleasure :D


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