Friday, August 1, 2008

What's in My Make-up Bag?

Lovely Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous wanted to know "What's in my Make-up Bag". I have posted it several months ago and things have changed. Stuffs had changed but the quantity didn't change much!

Yup, a beauty addict like myself carries few make-up as much as possible. I hate lugging all the make-up around (I only do that when friends would request for me to do a makeover for them). That's why I have to make sure I do my make-up well each morning and all it would only be Powder and Lipstick re-touch. That's all I'm willing to do. That's how lazy I am :P

Now it's time for my make-up bag to Shine!

I do change my make-up bag every now and then
and give them a nice wash.
Make-up bags need TLC you know!

Here are the contents

What's inside ---
  • Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation No. 3 - my HG powder Foundation
  • Band Aids - I tend to be very careless and hurt myself :(
  • Mirror (from japan, it has the regular and magnifying one) - perfect if I want to take a peek without people knowing :P
  • Paul & Joe blush - perfect mix of peachy orange, very glowy effect
  • Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil no. 2 - if I need to refill my brows again
  • Maybelline eyeliner in Black - I don't bring this always, depends on my mood
  • Tweezers - for my newly grown eyebrows
  • Lancome Lipstick in Rose- this is a perfect pinkish nude color flattering for everybody
  • Artdeco Lip gloss - perfect glittery pout, anytime!
  • Kiehl's No. 1 Lip balm - for my uber dry lips
  • Lip brush - for my Kiehl's Lip balm, I hate using my fingers!
  • Lancome mini quad eyeshadow - if friends wanted an instant makeover

To my darling Tine, here you go! :P Hope you like how it looks. Thanks so much for wanting to see what's on my make-up bag. It's honestly boring! But I hope you like it!!!

So, anyone willing to share "What's in Your make-up bag?" I'm all EENT (Eyes, ears, nose, throat)!

Want to check out what's in my bag 6 months ago?
Easy, just smile and say: "Make-up Bag!"


  1. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your make-up bag. I'd do a post like this myself, but even though I have a fairly large make-up bag that I keep in my purse, I hardly put anything in it!

  2. ooohhh nice. I see so many Paul & Joe...your most die for items..LOL. So you're all eyes, ears, nose and throat eh? This is such a good idea. I might let you have a peek inside of mine too....which is all tampons...HAHAH jk

  3. thanks for sharing! you MAC makeup bag looks really sleek! i think you're pretty minimal with makeup compared to mine o_O i carry too much!

    my makeup bag has lots of lip glosses, lipsticks, mascaras and eye liners xD i carry many too many things, but i get a bigger choice in what to use. my makeup bag is from Paperchase - it suppose to be a pencil case haha!

  4. wow! thanks for sharing nikki! i might just do this myself. :) we have the same art deco lip gloss! yay!

  5. so pro looking make up bag. hehe guess what? I carry tweezer with me too! but in another mesh bag :D

  6. OMG after seeing everyone's bag, I'm almost embarrassed to show mine LOL

  7. You carry more stuff than I do! I only carry a retractable brush, powder, and lipgloss. I don't even have a bag... lol~ I just dump it in. Does that mean I'm more lazier than you?... lol~ :P

    You mention that I don't use brown much. Actually that's the only color I use... lol~ I just post other colors, because I thought brown is boring... hehe~ :P

  8. Wow! That was a quick response... lol~ :P I only wear pinks and browns. I get bored at times though... hehe~ :P I don't think I've seen you with brown eyeshadows. Most of the browns I've seen you with is more on the orange side. Have you tried brown on the gold side? :D

  9. Tracy, LOL I try to use a small make up bag, so I won't be tempted to stash more! :)

    ebeautyblog, come on! Show me the tampons! LOL different sizes and shapes and colors? Bring 'em on! hehehe Actually it's not all the P&J to die for items, lol it's safety kept in my make up stash at home! :P

    NicNic, I usually change the lippie and blush color based on what I had on the morning :) But I always tend to bring minimal stuffs, just for retouch! So if there's going to be a big Make up function or makeover..UH OH, I'm dead! lol

    Sab, I know! I was happy you bought it! Coz mine -- I'm luvin!

    parisb, come on!! Show us yours, nothing to be embarrassed about coz I'm sure they're all good for you!

    Alyssa, hmm..not really lazy..but messy? hahahah JOKING ASIDE!!!!

  10. Prettybeautiful, yeah I love it that it doesn't get dirty easily too :P And yeah, tweezers are uber important for me! My eyebrows sprouts EVERYWHERE! Like they have a mind of its own!

  11. wow di mo man fave yung paul&joe noh? hehehe,very cute yung packaging nila kaso namamahalan ako! hahaha :D

  12. wow, you have a safety kept for your makeup? geezzzzz...this girl...actiing like you've never seen a tampon before. And yes, my lashes are so long and beautiful right now...I'm sensing jealousy!! ehehehe

  13. I can't wait to see brown on you! :)

  14. I didn't say you were. Hmmm....I guess it's real now since you're quickly depending yourself...ppl said those who are quickly react to comments are the one who.......LOL :p

  15. I remember, I have good memory btw. it was an incomplete sentence. I had every intention of saying: I'm sensing jealousy from everywhere. See, it wasn't directed to u :P

  16. Heya Nikki, thanks for doing the tag! And I must say, I LOVE the makeup bag. It's so chic! And you even have a pair of tweezers in your bag. That's good actually, and it doesn't even just have to be for your brows. Who knows when you might need it for something else, like dropping something into somewhere where it's difficult for your fingers to go through, eh?

    Oh and the mirror? Purdy! Should have gotten myself one when I was in Japan. Stupid me for being arrogant and don't want to seem touristy and buy touristy stuff. Gah.

  17. hi nikki, i just realized that i dont have you in my blogroll! *shocked!*


    love everything! i carry more than that! hahaha *ashamed*

  18. Miemiemie, di naman ! hahaha Medyo fave lang! :P Yeah, it's quite expensive, but I ONLY buy if it's on sale :)

    ebeautyblog, :P Love you still

    Alyssa, I'll give it a try , thanks :)

    Tine, thanks for tagging me, I love talking about make-up , that includes my "mini" make up stash in my everyday bag :) True, I love tweezers, so versatile!

    Irene, I'm sure you carry more! LOL I bet a lot of beauty bloggers carry more than I do :D

  19. I spy lots of Paul&Joe! Lucky you, I wish we had that brand here in the US...

  20. I love this kind of post and i'd like to share "What's in my make up bag" too.
    Checking your favourites, i'm used to apply several couches of Khiel's Lip balm cause i've got dry lips too, actually i bought Mac Tendertone lip balm pleasant and lightly scented with a yummy flavour of kiwi-strawberry, but isn't hydrating as Kiel's.

  21. Thanks for sharing your makeup bag!

  22. Thanks for sharing. You carry more stuff than I do! I see lots of Pual&Joe, you must really like thi products. I wish they were easier to get here.

  23. i've never heard of paul and joe it an international brand? i dont even want to go into my purse right now, it's a mess, lol

  24. I like that makepbag? when did mac come out with that? super cute...i'm too lazy to carry a makeup bag..hehe

  25. Audrie, I know how you feel, a lot of products in the US that are not here in PI, I do wish so much as well for them to be available here!

    Alice, I am loving Kiehls, I know it's love/hate to some people but I LOVE it, it does it's job moisturizing my super dry lips! :)

    Jaime, my pleasure, do you have a lot of stuffs in your make up bag?

    Gio, hahaha everyone knows I'm a die hard fan of P&J!! :) And yes, their products work so well for me. I carry a lot of stuffs? I do? hehehe I thought I carry only a few!

    Renren, yes Paul & Joe is an international brand. It is a French brand (started out with apparel) then ventured to cosmetics and skincare, but the cosmetic one was formulated in Japan :) hahaha history lesson there eh?

    Mary, the make-up bag was with me for years now..I think my Aunt got it from Canada :) so it's a gift, I don't see them here as well!

  26. ooo thanks for sharing! i always loved looking in people's makeup bag/bag in general haha
    maybe i'll share now too ;)

  27. love it! i will definitely update my soon.. (wink! wink!)


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