Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "The Sky and the Rose"

Good day everyone! Here's another look your dear askmewhats is trying to pull off. I've used pinks, browns and blues!

Here we go!

Lipstick used is PURE red topped with liquid concealer to lighten the color

Products Used ---

  • Mac NC35 **
  • P&J Powder foundation no. 30
  • Thevi Matte Pink (as blush)

  • P&J Eyebrow pencil no. 2
  • NYX Concealer in a jar medium (as base) **
  • NYX Junbo Pencil in yougurt crease area
  • Mac Sushi Flower all over lids
  • Milani Chocolate brown for outer corner (thanks to my dear Malaysian friend for this)
  • Ulta Turquoise
  • Fashion21 eye pencil in Lagoon **

  • In2It red lipstick (topped with concealer from ELF)

Have a wonderful smiley day my dear readers!
Thought for the day : "Once you start, you just can't stop!" <-- I am referring to make-up LOL

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  1. Beautiful!!! It's not too much yet it's enough. Great job.

    And I'm such a dork. I actually "smiled" back. LOL!

  2. hahhaha!

    i smiled back too!


  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! As always!! :)

  4. This look reminds me of Fire Starter look! I like it :D So, are you going to get Elianto stuff? or still trying not to buy any cosmetics for while? :)

  5. How special I feel because you're smiling only at me... haha j/k :P

    I'm so impressed you're dedicated on putting makeup everyday. I'm having trouble right now because it's hot... lol~ :P

  6. yeah it is so impressive that you can pull off all colors so well! i think i need to dust off my eyeshadows and start practicing :(

  7. i like how you did a color under your crease and another above your crease! i do that sometimes too lol

  8. Hi Nikki! thanks for dropping by my blog! hey i never knew pink and blue go so well together! i'll give it a try too!

    i'll do a comparision of the too faced shadow insurance, UDPP and baby pink milky base very soon! :) check back my blog sometime soon!

  9. B! Thanks, I would love to be just "In between" glad you liked it! Thanks for smiling back and NO, you're not a dork for doing that! I felt so loved!

    Sab, smiled and *hugged* you

    Jennbee, thanks girl!

    Nabi, yes it looks like firestarter look but totally different products used except I think the blue liner which made it similar! No li'l sis, I ain't going to buy more e/s for now! I am looking into more blushes for now! :P FOR NOW....for now....yes..for now...

    Alyssa, ohhh I know what you mean if it's super hot! You don't don't want to put on any make-up at all! You're referring to a person who lived in a tropical country all her the heat is NOTHING! LOL Well I do get irritated during the summer, but now, it's rainy season down here!

    Prettybeautiful, I would love to see you practice your look, I'm sure i'll be getting a whole new tip from you!

    Erica, I know! I Love doing that! Nice of you to figure that out! It has to do with my eye shape that's why I'm doing it that way.

    Stephy, thanks so much for that! I have read so much comparisons about the 2, but I would love to hear more opinions from different individuals and see who will win on this!

  10. Wow, i'm really lovin' the colour on your lips here! I'm always striving to achieve that shade with a lipstick. Are the colours in your pictures pretty true to life?

  11. Oh.... waaaaaw! I love this! I'm actually thinking of my graduation make up for tomorrow and I am now considering this :) Thanks for sharing sis :)... I'm wearing all black... A Vivienne Westwood black long sleeve shirt, Black Gucci shoes ;) and the rest from Next ha ha ha!. Designer and High Street fashion in one outfit! Why am I telling you this? Exactly ha ha ha! Sorry, sis, I'm just trying to cheer myself up as I've got a mad day ahead of me :( Muah!

  12. HAHA. You're silly doll...I'm smiling back at ya too!!!

    Nice look! Your eyeshadow always look so soft and delicate.

  13. Psychoexgirlfriend, yes it is true in real life! :) My hubby loved that color too and I guess it really works for me with bright red lippy topped with concealer. I just used the ELF liquid concealer.

    Gracie, aww tahnks dear, congratulations in advance for your graduation, I'm sure you'll look fabulous!

    Ebeautyblog, thanks for smiling back!!!! Oooohhh soft and delicate..I LIKE THAT!!! So..I'm first??? <-- Ms. Universe 2008!!! (move over Ms. Venezuela) LOL

  14. the smile made my day!

    really! haha!

    hug back!

  15. Girl! The smile made your day? Wait 'til I hug you for real! You're going to marry me! I can feel it! Ohhhhhhhh :P

  16. OOOHhh can't wait for that!! haha. In fact, I'm going to dream about that right now. HAHA. I'm going to zzzzzz...ttyl sissy!

  17. That's a lovely combination of colours! Babes, you're simply gorgeous, you know that? If I were a bloke, I'd so go for you ;)

  18. You look beautiful! I loev the combo and that shade of lipstick looks great on you

  19. ebeautyblog --- :P

    Tine, hubby went -- "Oh, a woman is hitting on you now?" hahaha That is so sweet of you!!!! If you're a bloke, I'll be thinking 3x as you've got a blog all about cosmetics and beauty stuffs! LOL

    Gio, thanks girl!!! I love the lipstick too, I love lipstick color like that but at times, I find it a bit hassle to touch up and add on the concealer just to get that shade again! lol

  20. very pretty. =) love the color combo you used.

  21. me likey likey this combo. its nice how the blue doesn't pop except when you close your eyes so it surprises. :) i'm sure you got a lot of raves on this one at work.

    and yes, once you pop, you can't stop! :) i'm referring to a lot of things! wink! wink!

  22. This is is pretty and soft, i love how you blend the 2 colors together!!

  23. hi nikki! you pulled off the look perfectly! i might just COPY this look one of these days! :D haha

    hey, are you chinese?

  24. Tracy, thanks. I love the colors too! SO I always reach out those colors for combinations that would make me happy!

    Shen, I think there really are some days blues look good on me, but some days it doesn' is just weird! It really depends on how my eyes look like on that day! :)

    NicNic, thanks, Would you try that kind of look?

    Irene, thank you! And sure, go do your version and I'm sure you'll pull it really well, would be even better than mine!!!
    To answer your question, yes I am :)

  25. nice combo sis! MAC Sushi looks nice too! but it is a bit tame for my taste haha!


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