Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tip of the day: *Blushed*

There will always be times where you'll be in a hurry to do your eye make-up.
But you still wanted to look fresh and ready to face the world.
One secret for me? Is to put on blushes!
Different blush placements will have different effects.
Here's the best way I've done to illustrate some ways to apply your blush!

For Softening Effect
(for oval face, young individuals who doesn't need much make-up)

How: Place blush on the apples of the cheeks.
Effect: To accentuate a fresh looking face

For Slimming Effect
(for round faces)

How: Placing the blush vertically in a narrow line down the center of each cheek
Effect: Will make your face looks slimmer

For Lifting Effect
(anyone who wants to accentuate good cheekbones, give the impression of having them, or to just give the face a lift!)

How: Apply blush high on the cheekbone near the eyes.
Effect: *whistles* Sexy cheekbones baby!

For Widening Effect
(for long narrow face)

How: do all the blush placements more horizontally
Effect: Reduced face length

For Sharpening Effect
(for round faces, or anyone who wants a sharp appearance)

How: Do not apply too low. Apply just on the underside of the bone.
Effect: When blended, this blush placement create a very sharp sophisticated look

Are you a blush addict?
I am starting to be...
Are you into pinks? peaches? browns? or bronzed look?
Share your thoughts!


  1. these are good tips! I'll definitely keep these in mind :) thanks!

  2. Some great tips Nikki! I never used to wear much blush, up until last year when I *really* got into my makeup XD

  3. lol i think all of them except for the first one apply to me -_____-

  4. thanks for the tips nikki! years ago when i wasnt used to wearing eyemakeup, i really pile on blush hehehe...and now since i tend to really have loud eyemakeup, i use blush sparingly. i am more into pinks, i cant seem to pull off peaches.

  5. ooohh! very helpful tips indeed!

    i usually just put all over my cheeks. hahaha. i didn't know there were techniques until now.

    i alternate pinks, peaches and bronze.. :)

  6. This is very helpful! I didn't wear blush till recently... as I was told by mua that my face looked too sallow. :/

  7. thanks for the tip, Nikki :-)

  8. These are really good tips! :) I so want to look like Song Hye Gyo, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman. :P

  9. omg thanks for the tips! now i know how to "blush" better =D lol

    the shipping is sooo expensive. i must agree about that with you lol I would have bought the palette a week ago, but once i saw the shippign rates, it turned me off lol but then i saw so many beautiful looks people did with them... and i had to get it! lol

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention. Come on over I'll cook for you. ;)

  11. Anne, you're very much welcome! with your face shape, You can go with any style of blush application!

    NicNic, hey I am still thinking about your MAC blush! :( :( :( And that would be perfect to do all the tips I've wrote here!

    Lily, yeah, I do believe not everyone can pull off the sweet cheeks look! (the first photo) Why not give it a try though? Who knows? It may be surprisingly cute for you! :)

    Jheng! I KNOW! Blushes are meant to be piled years back!!! I have never wore any make up in the past so thank God, I didn't have any boo boos then! Oh, I remembered my BOO BOO days..THICK bangs! lol

    Sab, me too! I love using all types of colors!!! But I find pink complement me the best! Have you realized which color complements your skin tone the best?

    Liz, really?? MUA would tell you directly that your face looks sallow??? I can't really tell coz I still don't know how you look like :(

    Liz(t)erati, you're very much welcome! How are you feeling today? better?

    Alyssa, I would LOVE to look like Song Hye Gyo (she's my ultimate female crush)!!!! I love her face! So pretty and kind!

    Erica, I know! I got turned off with the shipping rate, it's 2x more expensive than the product itself, that is just INSANE!!!! But I understood pretty well your weak moments! :P

    Oh Yeah Alyssa, I just want to let you know that you guys are unfair!! Inviting me to eat but it will cost me "eating at a high end restaurant 20x" just to get there! :(

  12. You don't?! I have pictures of myself in my album....

    Yeah, a few muas told me that to my face... I think it's cuz I'm quite fair (I'm a MAC C2/NC20) and here, girls go for that bronzed/fake bake look....

  13. Hmm I Have to check on your album then. Maybe the facebook? Sorry I am really an amateur in your blog, I know you've done tutorial on how to checkout your blog but I get to be times..hahahah

    You are definitely fair, for MAC NC20/C2

  14. No worries, FB has some pictures, but if you click on 'Album', which is on the right column of my blog, it'll take you to the pictures. And then you can just click through the various albums. (I've included the link here for your convenience.)

  15. LOL, I can't help but laughed at those pink round dots...AHAH...leave it to Nikki to create those!! Nice tips btw.

  16. Hi Nikki! Great tips! I always enjoy reading your blog especially your very practical tips. Keep up the good work! =) I added you to my links, hope you dont mind. ;)

  17. i prefer pinkish and peach color blusher, apricot looks nice too. and i love my blusher on the apple of my cheeks! (although i don't have a slim face, nor am i very young. LOL )

  18. There's too many celebrities I want to look like. I wish I could exchange my face for theirs... heh~ Maybe change my life for theirs. :P

  19. great tips nikki! :) now i know how to make the slimming effect! :) hehehe!

  20. i love these blush tips! i'll have to try them out sometime! anyways, i'm always down for pink blushes and bronzers! =)

  21. Liz, thanks for sharing, I've checked them out, not all coz I'm in the office :) I'll continue as soon as I have the chance

    eBeautyblog, well that's all I can think of to make it more "visual" Lol..

    Marianne, thanks girl! I linked you back too

    Prettybeautiful, me too, I usually do the ones on the apples of my cheeks, Felt so feminine with it..but I've got a round face, so I hope it doesn't make it more round!

    Alyssa, I KNOW!!! But she's like my ultimate favorite face. Who would you exchange your face for?? Just 1!

    Shen, thanks....I'm sure you don't need to do any slimming effect :) You don't need it!

  22. Mirian, thanks for the visit and the comment :) I'm glad you love the blush tips! :) I love blushes too!!! So this will definitely be helpful for blush whores out there :D

  23. Change my face and I need to chose one... eek~ That's a tough one! :P Hrmmm~ Kim Tae Hee except not for her teeth... lol~ :X

    I can't sleep! :( I've been rolling in my bed for an hour now. I just gave up trying. :P

  24. Thanks for the tips!

    I think that Blush is the most important part of makeup, especially in mornings, when I look really pale lol. If I were only able to choose one makeup item for my everyday look, that would be my blusher :) weird, but true :P

    And ahh, I love pinkish peach blushers.

    btw, I don't think method 2 works for my big round face..

  25. Alyssa, I searched for her photo and WOW !!! She is pretty! And yes, I believe I watched a Korean movie with her as a starring role. SHe's super pretty! A lot of Korean Pretties out there!!!! Why can't you sleep?? What are you thinking? Or is someone thinking about you?

    Chian li, true, I would say not every method would work well on all types of faces. I would sometimes do a lot of contouring for round faces. BTW, I checked on your photo, you don't have BIG round face!!! what are you talking about???? Lol

  26. instead of those should feature all of us beauty bloggers and put pink dots on our cheeks!!!!!! me want pink dots!!! HAHHAHAA

  27. the photos looks funny!
    but great tips!

  28. Very useful tips, thanks Nikki. I haven't uses blushes for years, but now I love them, esp the pink ones!

  29. Cinthia: LOL~ So true I want pink dots as well. :P

    Kim Tae Hee is natural just like Song Hye Gyo. From what I heard, both haven't had surgeries. Unfortunately, most Korean celebrities have had. :X If I want to be sexy, it has to be Lee Hyori.

  30. I have no idea why I can't sleep... lol~ The sad part is I woke up at 6:30 a.m... eek~ I only slept 3 hours? O_o

  31. wooow!! sis nikki, very helpful tip for blush addict like me :)merci!

  32. What a wonderfully informative post! I'll have to link you when I do my next "Brown & Blushin'" post. Great job, sis!

  33. Great advice! I have a long and oval face, but never thought about applying blush horizontally.

  34. Great tips sis Nikki! Very very useful indeed! I do wear blusher all the time. I'd like to collect them in different shades for my skin tone and sometimes just because I fancy them ha ha ha! I've actually found a great blusher brush... do you know what that was? Jemma Kidd blusher brush! It really is great for swirling on cheek bone and apple of my cheeks. They're not expensive either... For a set of 6 brushes plus a pink holder cost me £20 few months ago :)

  35. eBeautyblog, you would want that right? Well, YOu will be my first "guinea pig" lol

    Little prince, sorry I can't help but drawing dots to their faces just to send out my "point" out there! LOL

    Gio, *high five* on the pink blush loving!!! I am loving pinks too!

    Alyssa, I am like a man when it comes to Korean Actresses, I love their skin, their faces! So lovely! ANd you're right, sexy too! So sorry about you sleeping only 3 hours, that ain't good! :(

    Dianatan, ohhh you got your birthday gifts!! WOOHOOO!!! I'm sure you are playing with it like RIGHT NOW!!!! I'm glad the blush tips are helpful!!! ANy more tips from a blush whore like you? LOL

    B, that's so sweet of you! Thanks girl! I"m glad you enjoyed it!

    Fabu-less, oooh oval faces are like the best shaped face as you can just do anything you want with make up!!! Even sunglasses! and hairstyle! Lucky girl!

    Gracie, wow, Jemma Kidd, I never honestly seen that in my entire life! If you said it's good, I trust you!!!!

  36. I'm a major blush addict. I have so many to last me many lifetimes over, yet I still buy more and more. I used to be into pinks, but now more into peaches.

    About the sharpening effect, gotta be careful with that one, 'cos too much can make one look like she's got war paint on :p

  37. Tine, thanks for the additional tip! You are right, less is always MORE :) But, if you are into war paint is indeed useful eh?

  38. ahah I wouldnt post up photos of me with big face on my blog will i? :P

    it's all about angle and makeup haha.

    thanks anyway!

  39. downward blush strokes!!!! :) thanks for the tip!

  40. Chian Li, are good in knowing your angle then!

    Vi Anne, you're welcome dear!

  41. Great tips, Nikki! I haven't really read about blush placement before, so I'm glad you brought it up!


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